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Domme Puts TinyMan To Work Or Else!     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 429.26 MB     Format: MP4

Jade has some torture to do, she has a tiny man that's been a bad little boy. So she decides to shrink him down a little smaller. She then starts to scare him a little smacking her whip against her legs and soles, telling to him to start licking her big feet. He starts to listen immediately even looking closely to her wrinkles and arches. He becomes a little naughty not wanting to listen to her, so she brings him up closer to her beautiful face, gives him a big lick before placing him in her wet mouth, what else does Jade do if this naughty tiny man don't listen?

$ 10.99


Roxi Takes Out Unwanted Guests!    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 1,780.52 MB     Format: MP4

These tiny unwanted guests has invaded Roxi's home. She refuses to let any get away since she has been dealing with them all day, she knows their cant be many left but knows theirs still some hiding and running out. She takes off her flip flops hoping they will start to come out more, but even her bare feet smashes them down into the ground. MP4-VR

$ 11.75


Hungry For Tiny Men!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 478.25 MB     Format: MP4

Cali is holding five tiny men pervs in her hand, wondering what she can do with them. First she wants to measure her hands compared to them. Looks like her hand is a lot bigger than they are, so she brings them up to her face, talking to them about how tasty they look. She takes one by one and decides to put them in her mouth, making sure they get very wet with her saliva before swallowing them whole. All awhile the others watch and wait for there turn to swim in her mouth before going to her stomach!

$ 9.99


Foot Slave Gets A Big Taste Of Feet!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 2,288.72 MB     Format: MP4

Sue heard about this tiny man that loves sucking the dirt off and in between her toes. She absolutely loves this idea as she treats him like a little foot slave. Putting him in her stocking and ordering him to get every spec of dirt. Being harsh and smashing him down into the ground! MP4-VR

$ 14.50


Useless Micro's Get Swallowed By Holiday!    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 485.79 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday has eight micro tiny perv men, that wants to get up close and personal to her hot, wet mouth! She starts measuring them with a ruler compared to her giant hands. After the measuring she brings one by one close up to her mouth and lips, licking on them, and swishes him in her mouth with her saliva, until she swallows him whole! Now she has seven more pervs to taste, watch Holiday get a tasty treat!

$ 11.99


Candice Makes Victims Chances Of Survival Slim When She Plucks Off All Their Limbs! 'PC'    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 480.19 MB     Format: MP4

Watch Candice crush and smash all her crick men victims today while showing no remorse for any of them! She plants her heel right on top their fleeing bodies perfectly, dropping them literally, DEAD in their tracks! Watch her slowly pluck off all their limbs, severely wounding them, before creatively finishing them off with her cute black heels! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 14.99


Tiny Snack For Candice's Stomach!    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 555.42 MB     Format: MP4

Candice has a tiny man that paid her to shrink him down, once she did she comes in and see's him tiny as ever and picks him up. She has her lunch waiting on her but also wants a foot massage, and he is going to give it to her. While she sits him on the table, she starts eating in front of him, with her soles right in front of him, gulping down her food and burping! She decides to bring him closer to her mouth and starts kissing on him and licking him just to see what he taste like! Wonder how he would taste and digest in her stomach?

$ 11.99


Hali Is Extremely Happy The Tiny Ni**ers Will Never Get Bigger!    
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 977.84 MB     Format: MP4

Hali is definitely sure the world is coming to a better place now that there's been a worldwide epidemic that's only affecting ni**ers! Something is making them all super tiny! Now sexy beautiful white girls like Hali can trample throughout all their ni**er towns freely, demolishing as many as she can and keeping the rest as her tiny slaves! She makes the nasty ni**ers her tiny filthy slaves and force them to pamper her giant white feet! She can't wait until her and all her white girlfriends go on a trip together where they plan on destroying as many tiny ni**ers as their big white feet will allow them!

$ 16.25


Your Fishing Bait Is Gone! "PC"    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 459.40 MB     Format: MP4

Candi comes home and her boyfriend has yet again forgot to take his fishing bait out of the kitchen. She calls him up to complain and that she doesn't care if he plans on going fishing. She wants it gone it because their nasty and it stinks up the kitchen so bad. So Candi decides to take care of the problem herself. She takes all the bait outside and gets rid of them the only way she knows how. She gets all the Crick-man, Gold-man, and Craw-man out and destroys every single one of them. No more bait left sweetie. "PC"

$ 10.99


Clean Candi's Dirty Soles!    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 542.53 MB     Format: MP4

Candi is relaxing on her front porch, when she see's a stranger walking down the sidewalk, she wants someone to play with, so she gets her shrinking device out, and shrinks him down slowly! She just wants someone to clean her dirty country soles! She picks him up and brings him inside, she tells him she wants him to serve her feet, and places him in between her toes, he squirms of course, but she forces him to do her dirty work! She has tons of fun with him, even taping him to her sandal and places her foot on top of him, they going to be really good friends, and know one is going to miss him!

$ 10.50


Micro Men Platter Delight!    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 479.84 MB     Format: MP4

Havanna is hungry and all she has to eat is tiny men, which they want to feel Havanna's wet tongue anyways! She first measures them to see if they will fill her up, there so tiny compared to her hand, and tongue. She can only imagine what they taste like, so she gives it a try and falls in love, she cant wait to send them swimming in her belly! What a great delightful fulfilling dessert!

$ 11.25


Ex Fish Men Get a Piece Of Candice A Different Way! 'PC'    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 635.51 MB     Format: MP4

Candice has a sweet treat for her husband, he has a bad crush fetish, and she wants to give him a little something that will make him super horny. She has always had her husbands friends always hitting on her, and she has a made a special trip to buy some spell potion to turn these perverts into slimy, wet fish men! He is really excited and cant wait to watch a gruesome show with her soles! Watch Candice make the pervs guts squirt and pop with her ass, under her bare heel and even her knee! Super hot and a wet mess! 'PC'

$ 15.75


Candice Paints Her Feet And Stockings Toes With Pill Man Guts! 'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 524.74 MB     Format: MP4

Candice loves showing off her brightly painted red toenails inside her sheer stockings and she LOVES using them to crush all her helpless little victims! She loves torturing, and slowly crushing, twisting, and grinding her pill man pests into oblivion and showing them all what the bottoms of her feet and toes look like! They better take a good look because it's the last thing they're ever going to see! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 10.50


CrawMen Flattened By BareSoles! 'PC'    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 581.38 MB     Format: MP4

Hot Candice has caught craw men on her fishing trip today, and decided to not use them for bait, she wants to keep them for herself! Candice has a bad fetish, crushing scared little craw men with her bare soles! She makes a nasty stinky mess, with them! Watch Candice apply pressure to them with her big toe, and her bare heels watching their guts ooze out of their worthless crunchy bodies! 'PC'

$ 14.75


Hali And Riley Eliminate Ex Boyfriends Pets! 'PC'    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 923.62 MB     Format: MP4

Hali and Riley are both excited to destroy and demolish all of Hali's ex boyfriends little pets! They know just how devastated he's going to be coming home to lifeless crushed crick men pets and they can't wait to get the crushing party started! They decide to only use their heels as their weapon of destruction and even torturing their victims with their burning hot cigarettes, the crick men still find themselves flattened beneath the girls shoes! However they can think of to kill off their victims with their heels, these sexy cruel girls are willing to try! 'PC'(Hidef)

$ 15.50


Young Giant Wants More!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 550.67 MB     Format: MP4

Giant Addy had so much fun destroying everything small surrounded her, she wants so much more! She talks about how much of a blast it was, while you get close ups of her bare soles, even eyeing some tiny houses she's left before crunching them to shreds with her heavy leg! Even get close ups of her toe nails, and her giant hot body! If you have a small town watch your back, giant Addy wants more destruction!

$ 13.75


Jocks Get Swallowed Like Cocks! 'PC'    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 593.91 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla comes in from work, she see's a small tube lying on the floor, looks like its the captain of the football team. She's been a college teacher all her life and is tired of all the preps and jocks in her classroom, thinking they are better than one another. So she picks him up and even shows him his team in a glass of water, all turned into tiny guppies! Makayla has a big surprise for them today, and she is starving! But first lets tease each one of them, by holding him up to her hot mouth before swallowing him hole! Once the others seen her do this right before there eyes! They begin to squirm and get terrified! You have to watch to see what happens next! Makayla's belly is rumbling for their bodies! 'PC'

$ 13.50


Giant Addy Shows No Weakness!    
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 671.02 MB     Format: MP4

Addy stumbles upon another tiny city, with houses, and cars, that she loves to destroy any small thing! She don't understand why they think she's weak but she proves them wrong! Watch her slap, crunch,and stomp down on the whole town! Ripping it all to shreds and trash with her bare soles and fists! Even licking all over there tiny cars and sucking on them, making sure there soaking wet with her saliva! She's a cruel giant and don't show no remorse!

$ 14.50


Savy Goes Mad And Does Bad Things! 'PC'    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1,403.02 MB     Format: MP4

Savy is about to lose her mind being stuck inside her house, until she walks into her kitchen and see's what her snotty nose little brother has left! Looks like he left fish men out from his previous fishing trip. So Savy does what she does best! She absolutely loves watching her feet crush the life out of innocent helpless creatures! So she takes one by one out and starts her fun, squishing them under her heels and even inside her heels under her bare soles! She's making a slimy, sticky mess, but there guts feel so good under her soles! Even finishing the rest off under the glass table, enjoying her smoke break and maybe even putting her cig out on their remains! 'PC'

$ 22.50


Crickmen Gets A Gutty ThreeSome 360 Version! 'PC'    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 3,012.17 MB     Format: MP4

You get a bugs eye view, and closer up to the action of three hotties making a slimy, crunchy mess right in front of your eyes! 'PC' MP4-VR

$ 15.25