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Bad Grades Equals Consequences!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1123.97 MB     Format: MP4
Kookie has a very special meeting today with Candice, which is Freddy's mom. Freddy has been a very bad student for awhile now, his grades are terribly bad! Freddy has stolen some pills from his teacher Kookie and it has managed to shrink him down extremely small! Candice arrives and accidentally steps on him but it doesn't hurt him. They both sit at the table as they chat about Freddy not knowing he is very small and shrunk right at there feet! Little do they know tiny Freddy is getting very horny smelling there stinky foot aroma! Kookie ends up slipping out of her heels and rubs her stocking feet on the floor, even knocking him over and using him as a foot scratching tool! Candice goes to the bathroom real quick and he ends up getting placed inside his moms heels! Candice comes back slipping her heels back on while her tiny son is trapped inside! Candice has no idea hes inside, but tiny Freddy is loving this! He ends up cumming inside the heels with his mommy's bare feet on top of his tiny body! Do Kookie and his mom Candice catch him or do they have no clue on whats going on?!
$ 16.50