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Butterflies Get Released! 'PC'    
Length: 37.00 minutes     Size: 1730.12 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is so excited about her shipment today! She suppose to be getting butterfly's delivered, for her friend's wedding to be released after the ceremony!! As Makayla enters she see's the box and excitedly opens it BUT to her reveal its empty! Theirs no butterfly's in the box, there gone! Makayla is very upset! She starts to think what has happened to them, as she goes to call her boyfriend, Dr. Oliver to see if he knows anything, he doesn't answer her call! She starts to think a little more, and she thinks maybe he stole them from her to have one of his ex girlfriends to crush them for him since he has a strong fetish!! Makayla starts getting more upset and angry at the same time! Little does she know he is behind her but invisible to her, placing the butterfly's and other victims under her bare heel for her to crush them! As Makayla try's to continue to call him he starts piling them up over and over, making a gutty wet mess! Suddenly her heels are so piled up her bare heels start becoming black! Makayla has no clue! Suddenly she turns around and see's her hunny, Dr. Oliver kneeling down at her feet, Makayla is completely blown away! So pissed off at him but suddenly Makayla give in and tells him it actually felt good under her bare rough heels, and now she wants to give him a big surprise afterwards! Watch Makayla give Dr.Oliver a surprise after he made her crush her pet goldies and her friend's gift of butterfly's! 'PC'
$ 25.50