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Roxi And Makena Has The Munchies! 'PC'    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 865.30 MB     Format: MP4

Makena and Roxi wants to have some fun today, so they have a bowl of goldies and a cage of crick men that they get to play with! Makena goes first jumping up on the glass table placing a crick man down and making him squirt under her stocking sole while Roxi watches the action! She does a couple and then gets curious on what they taste like! Makena is hungry, so she places a crick in her mouth twirling him around on her tongue and then suddenly makes him POP and QUIRT inside, hes so crunchy and tasty! Then Roxi does her victims making them crunch under her stocking soles and then she gets to taste him! The girls are very curious, and wants to try out the goldies! Watch and see what these hotties do to small victims and has fun tormenting them all! 'PC'

$ 17.25


Naughty Makayla Is In Full Control!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 1567.79 MB     Format: MP4

Sexy Makayla has shrunk her boss at her desk and has tapped him down tight to the table, naked with only his tiny blankie covering his tiny penis. Makayla needs a damn raise and is going to pleasure her boss to get that extra dollar! She first tells him how powerful she can be, and how large her fingers and hands are compared to his little body! She pokes around on him but wants to see whats under his blankie! She uncovers him and is shocked to find his tiny penis hard as a rock already! Makayla first decides to stroke his tiny cock with her huge fingers and then gives him a tit job! She going to get that raise yet? Makayla threatens him and gives him a little more by sucking and licking his tiny cock with her big wet mouth! Shes in control now and theirs nothing he can do except for give her the raise and cum in her mouth! MP4-VR 360

$ 9.50


Asian Whimp Against Giants!     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 1590.45 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Marissa is in the office today dealing with one of there tiny foreign exchange students. He is in a school of all giant white girls, hes been getting bullied for being so small and weak. He is very lucky to still be alive! But they both decide to scare the living shit out of him for fun! They show him all different ways of being crushed! They start by showing his tiny self there big giant hands and how quick it could be to flatten him! But it would be to easy so then they place him on there seats and decide to smother him with there giant ass! They both tease and taunt him even placing him in there big mouths telling him it could be easy to swallow him in one tiny gulp! Marissa and Makayla both want something more, they place him on the floor hovering there sandaled feet over top of him, theirs no chance of escaping there big white girl bare feet but instead there both thinking on keeping him to make him become there own personal foot slave for as long as he lives! MP4-VR 360

$ 9.50


Candice Sock Slave!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 2039.01 MB     Format: MP4

Candice and her friend just got back from the gym. Candice shrinks him down because she knows he has a giantess fetish and knows how much love you have for sweaty feet! Shes been wearing the same socks for two weeks now, so they stink terribly which makes it better for him! She orders him to sniff hard and that he will stay this size forever because shes always wanted a sock slave! She gives him instruction to jerk his tiny c**k to her sweaty stinky feet! He even licks the toe jam out from in between her toes for a small dessert! While she eats her protein bar she picks him up placing him on it as he gets closer to her big wet mouth! He has been her best friend for years and always wanted to see how he taste! After he cums a big load in her mouth, Candice wants to keep him safe and secure so she places him in her sweaty socks where he will be safe forever! MP4-VR 360

$ 12.75


Naughty Little Secret!     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 1499.26 MB     Format: MP4

Jill comes home from a long workout and shes tired and sweaty everywhere! But little does she know her step son has shrunken himself down to micro size, he has a secret foot fetish and knows his step mom is all sweaty especially her big feet! He is shrunk and is standing in the spot where she generally takes her shoes off! She starts calling out for him but theirs no response. She decides to take off her stinky shoes and cant believe how soaked her thin socks are from all the sweat! Little does she know shes hovering her foot sweat over top of him! But hes in heaven they stink so good! He starts jerking his tiny c**k, as she slowly pulls off her socks exposing her big bare sweaty feet! Until suddenly Jill looks down and spots him, hes busted! Jill starts to encourage him and tells him its okay to jerk his tiny c**k off to his step mommy sweaty big bare feet! She plays around with putting him inside her mouth with her snack telling him he would be the perfect topping! She knows he could blow any second and she tells him its okay if he cums inside his step mommy's mouth, it will be there dirty little secret! MP4-VR 360

$ 9.25


Tiny Spy Gets Caught!     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 1857.30 MB     Format: MP4

Candice and her boyfriend Jack is hanging out in there bedroom today pondering on what there plans are later on tonight! He is wanting to treat her out to a special date night! As they talk and chat about the plans little do they both know theirs a tiny spy on the floor that Candice almost steps on with her socked foot! When she feels something under her foot she picks it up realizing its Frankie! They both laugh about how small he is and wondering how the hell he got like that! They both decide to play a little with him, they make out with, kissing his tiny face and lips! They love to torment and tease tiny people like him! After awhile, Candice realizes he has a tiny boner and wants more! She takes down his tiny pants and starts giving him head sucking his tiny c**k until he blows a small load in her mouth! But Candice wants more and so does tiny Frankie! He wants to be squished and smothered under a**! Candice decides to follow his dreams and she tease him with it squishing him to death under her ass as she giggles and laughs! MP4-VR 360

$ 11.25


Candice Has A Very Devoted Fan!!!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 506.63 MB     Format: MP4

Candice has a number 1 fan and not just your average number 1 fan either!!!! This is a 100% fully devoted number 1 fan!!! I mean he even found a way to shrink and send himself to Candice so he can do what he has always dreamed of and that's to beg Candice to swallow him so he can end up in her stomach to be digested!!!! When Candice opened the package and seen her tiny devoted number 1 fan her face lit up and she told him to come to her!!! Candice then starts being really seductive talking soft and sexy picking her tiny little fan up and bringing him up to her mouth and giving him a kiss!! Candice starts to hear a little squeak finally she figures out what he is saying! Her tiny little fan is begging her to eat him so he can be digested in Candice's stomach!!!!! Candice isn't ready to give him what he wants just yet!! So she continues kissing his tiny little body while licking him and even putting him in her mouth rolling him around her tongue and letting him soak in her saliva inside her mouth for a little while before making his fantasy come true and he is digesting inside her belly!!

$ 10.25


Giant Jackie And Tiny Town!     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 4363.27 MB     Format: MP4

Giant Jackie walks into the tiny city of small town homes and tiny cars and people. Shes in no mood today to deal with pathetic small people and there homes. Giant Jackie gives no crap about them, she wants to play and crush every thing in her path with her big bare feet! Watch her torment them and slowly crush there homes one by one! They will be nothing left in this tiny city especially having giant Jackie come through and destroy it all! MP4-VR 360

$ 15.50


Tiny Minority Co Worker!     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 1530.54 MB     Format: MP4

Jill has three employee's which are Cora and Makayla and a tiny minority, Makayla and Cora are getting promoted today! But someone is defiantly not getting promoted which is the tiny minority. He is to weak and tiny and pathetic to equal with the giant white powerful women like them! So the only promotion he is getting is to become a foot bitch and a personal slave! They could do anything to him they could crush him quick with there giant hands! But they decide to torture him putting there sandaled feet in his tiny face! Until they realize he actually likes it and is getting a hard on! They remove there sandals and now rub and stick there bare stinky feet in his face, and maybe join his other tiny minority friends in the pits of there stomachs! MP4-VR 360

$ 9.25


Jackie's Play Toy!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 721.83 MB     Format: MP4

Jackie comes in to work, and discovers one of her co workers at her desk, he has been shrunk down because of a work accident and he is looking for help. The doctor told him to not jerk off because if he does he will stay this size. She starts to tell him how powerful and giant she is compared to him, she can do whatever she pleases with him. She starts by rubbing her giant fingers over his nice hard c**k under his jeans, she cant believe he is incredibly hard! Jackie then pulls out his c**k and starts jerking him, telling him shes going to milk him really good. She wants him to stay this size forever he is just so handsome and tiny! Jackie then un tapes him and places him on the ground, jerking his c**k with her giant toes, making him cum over and over again! Picking him up and letting him blow in her wet mouth, Jackie is going to take him home, and he will forever be her play toy!

$ 14.25


Daddy Left His Bait Out! 'PC'    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 804.97 MB     Format: MP4

Saige and Makayla come home from school and they enter the kitchen and are hit with the most stinkiest smell ever! They look over and realize daddy has left his fishing bait out in the kitchen were they cook! They are disgusted, he has cricks, goldies, and roach men all laid out in the open! Mom would be pissed also, so the girls decide to come up with a cool idea! They decides to crush all his bait with there shoes on and then decide to do it bare just to see how it feels! They start out with roach men first, watching them POP and SPLAT under there shoes, following with goldies! Then they turn it up a notch taking off there sweaty shoes and have fun making a mess on the kitchen floor! Even biting his baits heads off! Daddy might be upset with them but at least the kitchen will smell better! 'PC'

$ 14.75


Krystals Experiment!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 2894.45 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is a popular cheerleader, and she has a very nerdy partner that she wants to use for her science project. They are deciding to do a shrink serum ray that he will shrink very small so Krystal can start her experiment, he agrees. She wants to get a good grade. He has always had a crush on her especially her feet. She has nice smelly treats for him! Krystal first slips off her sneakers and shoves her stinky socked feet in his tiny face since he likes very much! She then starts eating a small snack placing him in her mouth while she crunches away not around him though! She loves to torture and tease him! She also decides to call her friend over where she can enjoy the excitement as well! But Krystal decides to put him in her stinky sweaty sock sliding her bare feet inside with him! Shes pretty sure her experiment worked and her grades will come up! MP4-VR 360

$ 14.50


Massive Soles Can End You!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 899.69 MB     Format: MP4

Brynn is sick of her step daddy's shit! He wakes up shrunken down to the size of a small ant, with Brynn's stinky feet over top of him! She is tired of him making fun of her because she has smelly feet, now hes powerless and she is in full control over him! She slips off her sandals dropping them to the floor making the stench fill up in the room, now its time for fun and torture! She rubs her stinky sweaty feet all over his tiny face, picks him up threatening to swallow him whole and let him suffer in the pits of her stomach, but Brynn decides otherwise, she wants to just torture him with her big smelly bare feet, almost suffocating him! MP4-VR 360

$ 7.50


Mom Is Away Im Partying!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 987.77 MB     Format: MP4

Stella's mom is away on vacation and shes left with her step dad. He is shrunk down and now Stella is in complete control! She wants to give her step daddy a little torture since he is so strict! She first picks him up threatening to swallow him whole and alive since shes a giant and giants control everything! But instead of doing all that she decides to tease him with her big bare feet! He will let her have this party or else he will be squished under her bare sole! MP4-VR 360

$ 8.25


Bubby Left His Pathetic Toys Out!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1446.94 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Cora walk into bubby's room and he has left all his tiny cars out laying around. They both think of a great idea there sick of this little shit anyways, so they start destroying his little toys crushing them all with there big bare feet! They both love hearing the crunch and pop of his stupid tiny cars, until suddenly they hear tiny screams coming from a far! They start looking and searching for the sound until he is spotted on Cora's stinky flip flops. They are both shocked and cant believe he has been watching them the whole time, hes very upset from watching his sisters destroys his toys, but they don't give a shit! They start humiliating him crushing his toys in front of him until suddenly they realize hes getting turned on by it! The sisters decides to turn it up a notch, and start making his toys a toe spreader while he watches from below, then they pick him up making him watch them play with there p***ys while smelling each others stinky feet! Makayla and Cora show no mercy for him and have fun destroying his shit!

$ 20.50


Anything For Extra Credit!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 2263.04 MB     Format: MP4

Rebel has a student that has signed up for an experiment for extra credit. He has agreed to be shrunk down and observed by his teacher Rebel. He suddenly wakes up at her desk with her looking down at him shes excited that he has finally woke up. Shes glad it has worked and is glad that is was a success. She starts examining her hands compared to his little body and how much bigger she is then him! She then picks him up bringing him close to her face, he screams with terror telling her to give him space! Rebel laughs, she wants to get a closer look! She starts slowly undressing him, telling him she can do whatever she wants, shes big and powerful! Plus he needs that extra credit, right? She then proceeds to give him some kisses, kissing his wet tears off his tiny face! Realizing he is getting a tiny boner, Rebel tells him not to fight it, while she starts stroking his tiny cock in between her giant fingers. She has complete control over him! She would love for a tiny slave to worship her big bare feet, as she places him on the ground to do so! Rebel has fun with her tiny shrunk student as Rebel takes advantage of him! MP4-VR 360

$ 14.25


Stepdad Says No Party!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 949.62 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is pissed off at her step dad, he has new rules of no party's at the house while mom is away. Candice is going to show him, she has shrunk him as tiny as a small bug. She's amazed at how tiny he is and how well he can be eaten up! Candice teases him bringing him close to her mouth putting him inside for a little while. The she tells him that would be to easy, so she wants to torture him a little with her big bare feet! She places him on the floor hovering her toes over top of him! Threatening to squish him and her and mom will not miss him! She then proceeds to call her friends over because there having this party with or without his consent! MP4-VR 360

$ 6.25


Makena Makes You A Stain!     View Sample
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 1030.17 MB     Format: MP4

Makena is sick and tired of her step daddy, her mom is out of town and she wants to party! He is shrunk down to the size of a itty bitty ant, and Makena tortures and teases her step dad, she is so powerful compared to him! So she can do whatever she pleases with him! She first brings him closer to her mouth threatening to eat him up. She loves hearing his tiny squeaks of terror! After awhile of teasing she decides to play with him using her bare feet for torture, she can squish him under her bare soles so quick making him a step daddy stain on her sole! Watch Makena put him through terror using her feet to scare his little self, or better yet riding of his pathetic life so she can have her party! MP4-VR 360

$ 7.50


Sisters Use There Sexy Bodies To Watch Them Squirt! 'PC'    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 910.62 MB     Format: MP4

Makena and Makayla both are hot bitches that love nothing more than to tease and crush there worthless victims! They have a cage full of dirty crick men that they jerk off there little c**** before ending there miserable life! They end it with either there ass, p****s, even burning them with there cigarettes, and smothering them in between there breasts! There freaks and love to play with there dirty bastards making them cum every time! 'PC'

$ 15.25


Cali Spots The Neighbor!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 926.47 MB     Format: MP4

Cali comes into her neighbors house looking for him and he's no where to be found or theirs no response until suddenly she looks down and spots him on the carpet, but he is super tiny! Cali is shocked and starts to worry on what has happened to him! She starts to marvelize his size, and inspecting him closely hoping to see if she can fix him! She holds him close to her lips and mouth and wonders how easy it would be to swallow him up whole, but she has a better idea. She places him on the ground and decides to do some research all awhile she dangles her bare soles and toes over top of him. Threatening him in a way of crushing his tiny body without know one knowing what happened to him! She then stands up towering over him showing how big she is compared to him. She threatens to bring her soles down on him at any moment, she enjoys his tiny squeaks of pain when she applies pressure. Now he will just become a tiny stain on the bottom of her sole! MP4-VR 360

$ 6.99