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Kookie Has a Tiny Man in a Car     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 477.33 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie has invited over a guy to drink with her and he has no clue what she has in store for him! He comes in and she fixes him a drink and starts flirting! He starts to feel funny but keeps on sipping on his drink. He has slowly begun to shrink! He's shrunk down to microsize and Kookie laughs at him! She teases him about being so small and tells him he better run! He looks around and sees a small car and hops inside! Kookie laughs and picks up the little car with him inside! She rubs the tiny car all over her body and moans with pleasure! She sticks the car in her bra and when she pulls it out, the car is even tinier! Kookie teases and taps on the car and asks the little man if he's scared! She puts the car in her panties and than pulls it out and it's even smaller than before! (HiDef)

$ 18.50


Emma and Josie Lesbian Crush    
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 497.80 MB     Format: WMV

Emma is having a masquerade party and has invited her friend, Josie, over to party with her! Emma has a cage of "tinies" for them to crush as their entertainment for the night! They take the "tinies" out of the cage and rub them on each others bodies. They have a crush on each other and it's turning them on to be all over their bodies! They crush them with their fingers and throw them down to the floor! (HiDef)

$ 15.50


Kookie takes care of her shrunken brother     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 280.72 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie's on the phone with her mother telling her every things going to be fine while she watches her brother. She goes to sit down and sits right on his head! Being sarcastic she tells him she's sorry then continues to talk to her mom. She gets off the phone and begins talking to her tiny brother Chris, telling him that he's only going to get smaller and that there going to have lots of fun together and if her mom ask she's going to tell her she can't find him so she can have her way with him. The next day she comes out in her cute bathing suite and walks over to his tiny house and begins tapping on it. She pulls him out and takes him over to the couch and tells him she can do whatever she wants with him, she sticks her tongue out and licks his tiny body. He hates this but Kookie doesn't care. She tells him she has just the place for him and pulls her bra down and sticks him right on her nipple! She leaves him in there and gets a call from her mom, she tells her she hasn't found her brother yet but to remember he's always close to there hearts as she squeezes her tit where he's at. Kookie gets off the phone and continues to torture her little brother telling him all she can do to him. She then puts him on the couch and gets up to turn on the t.v before going and sitting right on him! Kookie lets out a fart right on his face and laughs saying she shouldn't have ate all the Mexican food and ask how it smells. She then picks him up and tells him exactly whats going to happen. She's going to eat him and let him run down her belly before finally shitting him out! She puts him in her mouth and finishes him off!

$ 11.99


Hali Underglass Jam 'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 257.93 MB     Format: WMV

Hali stands on the table to finish off her students, she even jams them with a toothpick so they cant move and she slowly puts her toes and ball of her foot all over them, she gives them the middle finger. Hali is so annoyed with them she acts like a cruel bitch! she finishes off all her students and then relaxes with her jammy soles!(Hidef)'PC'

$ 10.50


Hali Student Toewrestling Jam 'PC'     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 241.02 MB     Format: WMV

Hali sits down and gets more revenge on her students, she decides to jam them between her sexy red toes. she takes more photos and she even lights a cigarette and blows some smoke in her students faces! Hali has had enough!(Hidef)'PC'

$ 10.50


Hali Gets Revenge on Her Students'PC'     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 262.35 MB     Format: WMV

Hali comes home and she is upset with her students, she removes her shoes and makes her students smell her feet, She jams a couple of the students to show the others how pathetic their lives will be. she starts torturing the tiny students she tapes a couple students and takes a photo of them, she then jams them with her foot! she takes photos of them jammed on her feet, She humiliates them more by showing off her dirty jammy soles! Hali gets the revenge she has been waiting for!(Hidef)'PC'

$ 11.50


Hali Finds Shrunken Friends    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 240.27 MB     Format: WMV

Hali comes back after her jog, she is on the phone talking to another friend. She tells her friend that all of her other friends ditched her, she cant find them at the house. Hali takes off her stinky jogging shoes to relieve her itchy feet. she starts rubbing them on the carpet and feels something like rocks under her feet, she looks down and sees all six of her friends. Hali is astonished, she has no clue what happened to them while she was gone, but is glad she went jogging so it didn't happen to her. Since her friends are to tiny to get away she continues to rub her feet all over them to relieve her itching, she gets enjoyment out of it and feels sorry that her feet are really stinky.(Hidef)

$ 10.50


Emma Micro views     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 666.89 MB     Format: WMV

Emma is at home and she is letting you get views of her sexy body and great feet, you are a tiny person and you follow her all through her house, she takes her flip flops on and off and lets you see her perfect toes, and arches!(Hidef)

$ 15.50


Kookie Tortures Tiny Chinese Couple     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 358.76 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie comes home to find a tiny Chinese couple has broke into her house and shes absolutely pissed! Kookie hates other races, especially Chinese! She knows exactly what she's going to do with the tiny fuckers! She laughs and calls them names as she sticks them in putty and makes them lick her massive feet! She gets out her super glue and glues them to her soles and makes them worship her! Because she's white and that makes her superior! When the girl bites her foot, Kookie stomps her head in front of her botfiend and laughs! She tells him that from now on he will be kept as her slave to worship and cum on her feet forever! (HiDef)

$ 13.99


Kookie's Tiny Boyfriend Pt.1    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 221.41 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie has her boyfriend in a tiny cage she tells him shes going to step on him and she shakes him out onto the floor, Kookie's boyfriend trys to run but she slams her toes down in front of him telling him, hes not going anywhere. Kookie teases her boyfriend telling him hes helpless and she will step on him, Kookie lets him know it will be so easy to step on him, She laughs because he cant even get away.(Hidef)

$ 8.99


Kookie's Tiny Boyfriend Pt.2    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 226.48 MB     Format: WMV

kookie has her boyfriend on the table raising her heel telling him she will step on him by raising her heel, Kookie steps down slowly on her tiny boyfriend, she continues to step on him over and over again.(Hidef)

$ 8.99


Kookie's Tiny Boyfriend Pt.3     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 248.24 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie takes her boyfriend to the count and puts him at her feet she tells him,i am going to give you a chance to run before i step on you. Kookie teases and slides her feet toward her tiny boyfriend, kookie tease her boyfriend and asks if he is scared, she lets him know he cant get away from her, kookie leans over her tiny boyfriend to tease him more saying she will step on him, in the end she puts him back in his tiny cage and says she will step on him another day.(Hidef)

$ 8.99


Zoe and Emma unaware step on family and eats them     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 228.06 MB     Format: WMV

Zoe and her friend Emma come home from school, they are so excited to finally have there sleepover. They're both giddy and laughing as they steal one of Zoe's parents beers. They didn't expect the family to be gone already, Zoe yells around the house for her mom, dad and her brother Steve. What they don't know is they accidentally got shrunken down and are scattered threw out the house. When the beautiful lady's get to the living room they one of the family members gets stepped on right away. The girls turn on some music and begin dancing around when Zoe notices some foot on the table, she picks up a chip and unknown to her, her dad is on it! She places the chip and her dad in her mouth and chows them up and swallows them. They continue on and end up stepping on someone else with there dancing feet! Zoe and Emma decide to take a break, as they sit on the couch Zoe notices something in the floor. Thinking its a bug, she walks over and stomps on it hard! Emma spots another one and decides to eat it! She puts it in her mouth then takes a swig of beer to wash it down. The girls laugh then continue on with there party. (SoundEffects)

$ 9.50


Kendra crushes tiny cars and houses with her giant feet    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 221.39 MB     Format: WMV

Kendra is a evil giantess who is out to destroy everyone who has wrongly turned her into a giant! She goes from town to town searching for the people who did this, also destroying every person, car and house in her path! know one can escape her giant size 11 soles! (Crush Styrofoam houses, Tiny car and Mico people)

$ 7.99


Sosa Crushes Intruders With Her Giant Feet    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 331.29 MB     Format: WMV

Sosa comes home to find to thief's in her house, she yells at them but they tie her up! suddenly the thief's shrink to 1 inch tall. The thief's turn around to see a giant girl unbinding rope and she's yelling "you tiny men better run and hide, i am going to step on you with my giant bare feet slowly" she gets completely unbinded and stands up to approach the tiny men, Sosa towered over them looking down and laughing. The tiny thief's beg her for forgiveness, Sosa laughs and tells them " you will die under my gigantic feet. Sosa stepped on them very slow, she killed him. one of Sosa's thief's tried to get away but she wasn't going to let that happen, she picked him up and looks at him explaining she would enjoy squishing him under her foot like a bug. Sosa put him down and began stepping and squishing him under her feet. (Hidef) (SoundEffects)

$ 13.50


Chloe finds tiny boyfriend and makes him her pet     View Sample
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 424.54 MB     Format: WMV

Chloe's walking around cleaning her house when she notices her tiny boyfriend in the floor. She knows he loves her feet so she tells him to fallow her around as she picks things up. When she's done she orders him to stay down at her feet as she lays down and talks down to him for being so small. Chloe then tells him to come to her, were she laughs at him and tells him his fate is in her hands and she can crush him if he don't show her more attention. She then gets up and shows him how easy it would be to end his life by picking her giant foot up and putting on top of his tiny body. As she's about to crush him she gets the idea to keep him around as her new pet. She pulls out a little cage and makes him crawl in. Chloe then taps on the cage and laughs at her pet because there's nothing he can do to stop her!

$ 14.99


Kookie Eats Her Tiny Foot Slaves     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 309.46 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie has her foot slaves all lined up in front of her, she encourages them to jerk off and cum so she can lick it all off of them, she also wants them to lick and smell her feet, she loves that they aren't shy. Kookie's first to slaves cant hold out any longer and cum, she holds her word and eats them and enjoys the way they taste. Kookie's last slave holds out and she forces him to a life where he will be a foot and pussy worshiper to all her girls and all their friends! (Hidef)

$ 11.50


Giantess Tyler And Her Tiny Man     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 680.69 MB     Format: WMV

Tyler comes home from work after a long day, she walks through the kitchen wondering where he is, he is unaware that her boyfriend has shrunk himself and is trying to get her attention. Tyler walks through the living room almost stepping on her tiny boyfriend, Tyler cant hear his shouts and cry's. Tyler takes more steps and actually steps on her tiny boyfriend. She feels something under her foot and thinks its just a pebble, She looks under her foot curious as to what she stepped on.Tyler then sees that its her boyfriend. Tyler then takes her tiny man and plays with him. Tyler puts him on the carpet and plays with him, towers over him, teases and taught him, and acts like she is going to squish him like a bug. Tyler rubs her foot all over the tiny man, her boyfriend is really enjoying his tiny man fantasy right now!(Hidef)

$ 19.50


Tyler Jamms Tiny Foot Worshipper    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 301.21 MB     Format: WMV

Tyler's foot slave has came over to her house to worship her feet and she's in a super bitchy mood today! She's sitting at her table with her feet propped up in his face and immediately starts barking commands! She tells him to lick and suck all over feet as if she was the Goddess of his planet! He dos what he's told and she yells at him to not miss any of her toe jam! She stands up and tells him she thinks he'll do a better job under her feet and gives him the kiss of shrink! She laughs as he begins shrinking down to the size of a tiny ant! Tyler starts teasing him and calling him a pathetic little ant! She says she doesn't tolerate ants in her house and he must be gotten rid of! She starts stomping after him as he runs in fear from Tyler's giant feet! Tyler bends down and blows him another kiss and shrinks him even smaller! She picks him up and places him in a mountain of toe jam and laughs at him! She tells him he'll never escape her toes! That he'll live there forever as her tiny slave, working away at the mountain of toe jam! (POV) (HiDef)

$ 10.99


Bitch Tyler Crushes Tinies Under glass'PC'    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 249.06 MB     Format: WMV

Tyler crushes tinies Under glass to get revenge on students, she even gets a toothpick and pins tinies and rolls them under her feet, Tyler is bitchy and takes no shit from the tinies shes had enough!(Hidef)

$ 12.99