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Birthday Boy Turns Into Ten Inch Sex Toy     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 250.32 MB     Format: WMV

Paige has just arrived at her boyfriends house for his birthday. Today, she has a very special birthday present just for him! Holding her phone right in front of his face, she informs him that she downloaded a new shrinking app especially for him! Smiling, she watches her birthday man shrink down to ten inches tall! Reaching down and wrapping his body around her entire hand, she confesses that he looks so much hotter and sexier this way compared to his normal size. Paige is curious to see how small is cock looks at it's new size and unbuttons his pants to whip it out. For the second part of his birthday surprise, she lubes up his tiny cock and begins stroking it with her giant fingers until he cums uncontrollably all over himself! Finally, she gives him a foot job and strokes his cock between her stinky toes and crushes his head beneath her free foot. For the second time, her boyfriend cums again and squirts his load all in between his giant girlfriends toes. Paige warns him that now no one will want him with the size he is now. He will HAVE to be hers forever now because no one will want him besides her!

$ 9.99


Shrinking Virus Infects Babysitters Little Boy     View Sample
Length: 27.00 minutes     Size: 586.55 MB     Format: WMV

Breezy has just arrived for her afternoon babysitting job. Expecting to find the little boy running wild in the living room or playing video games, Breezy finds nothing but an empty living room and a mess that he has made but never attempted to clean up. After calling out for him and searching for him several times with no reply, she decides he must be playing a game. Little does she know, the little boy caught the shrinking virus and has been on the floor trying to avoid her big bare feet while trying to get her attention at the same time. As Breezy paces around trying to look for him she steps on him several times, injuring his tiny body. Finally, she gives up and gets on her hands and knees to clean up all his mess. The tiny boy is close to her giant bare feet, admiring her giant round ass and silky smooth legs. Turning her direction towards him, Breezy mistakes his tiny body for a tiny toy and tosses him across the room. He's injured a bit but makes his way back to his giant babysitters feet and this time, Breezy mistakes him as a tiny disgusting bug and tries to eliminate and crush it with her giant feet! Trying to flee from his babysitters massive killers, the tiny boy makes his way onto the couch but runs into more bad luck when Breezy takes a rest and crushes him beneath her giant warm ass. This time Breezy takes a closer look and FINALLY realizes it's her missing boy! Instantly, she realizes he must have caught the shrinking virus that has been going around and apologizes to him for almost killing him by giving him a few short kisses and a little tongue action. She even presses him between her breasts to give him a little entertainment to show her sympathy. However, the boy is furious with her for almost ending his life and calls her a bitch! Instantly, her feelings are hurt and as punishment, Breezy sits on him with her giant ass and steps on him with her giant feet repeatedly until his body lays lifeless on the carpet. To hide the evidence, she drops him inside her wet mouth and swallows him whole. Now all that's left to do is shit out his remains and no one will ever know the truth about his death!

$ 18.25


Tiny Men Get Ate When Brynn Shows Up To Party Late     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 396.95 MB     Format: WMV

Brynn has just arrived at her boyfriends house after having to work late. She knows they're having a party but when she walks in, she sees the house is completely empty. Little does she know, her boyfriend and all his friends accidentally shrunk themselves right before she arrived and are now scattered all throughout the living room trying to get her attention! As she walks to the couch, she ends up stepping on a couple tinies that end up getting stuck to the bottom her UGG boots. As she takes a seat on the couch, she crushes another tiny beneath her giant bubbly ass! Unsure of where her boyfriend went, she takes off her boots and tries to call him while her socked feet play around grabbing a tiny to rub against and stomp on. With no luck of him answering, she notices a bowl of chips and dip but is unaware of the tinies trapped inside! Before chowing down, she takes off the outer layer of socks to cool down. After unawaringly eating a few tinies, she finally notices something inside the dip. Starting to lick the unknown item clean, she realizes it's her boyfriend! How in the world did he get so small? Surprised, she gives him a kiss and grabs a fuzzy sock, drops him inside and slips it back on her foot. As she does this, a tiny on the couch next to her gets knocked off and falls into one of her boots. After slipping on both boots, she shuffles her feet around to make sure her tiny man is in a comfortable position. She informs him that from now on, he's going to be her little sock slave!

$ 15.25


Carmen Plays With Tiny Captive Pt. 1    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 221.12 MB     Format: WMV

Carmen shrinks down her captive. She knows how turned on he is by feet, but the shrink ray has a few side effects. you ant move when your turned on. She is ready to have some fun with him. He did say she couldn't handle him even if he was 2 inch's tall. She wants to make him pay by squishing him like a bug at least that was her plan. Carmen is having to much fun tormenting him she decides to keep the fun going longer. She wiggles her toes in front of his tiny little body knowing he wont be able to move. She tells him to run or she is going too step on him. he tries but is frozen still he is helpless. The tiny captive is being punished for being turned on.

$ 8.99


Carmen Plays With Tiny Captive Pt.2     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 221.32 MB     Format: WMV

Carmen is ready to tease her tiny captive with her bare feet. She slowly removes her sexy black pumps. Carmen wiggles her toes in front of the tiny man teasing the hell out of him. Carmen poses one foot and than the other, raising her heel slowly and holding it there. The tiny captive is trapped, he can not move when he gets turned on by her sexy feet. She lets him run for a minute and than poses for him. She wants to squish him so bad but doesn't want all the fun to end. She gets turned on by all the power she holds over him. Watching his tiny little body be frozen is the best feeling that this young eighteen year old has ever felt.

$ 8.99


Carmen Plays With TIny Captive Pt.3     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 252.41 MB     Format: WMV

Carmen is having so much fun with her tiny little captive she wants to go for round three. She lets him out of his cage knowing, when she poses her feet he can move. Debating in her head weather or not she wants to keep him in a cage forever or if she wants to squish him like a little bug. She teases him over and over again by letting him run around. She chases him around the couch hovering her perfect young eighteen year old feet over top of him. The poor tiny captive doesn't have a chance her big sexy feet get him so worked up that he cant move.

$ 8.99


Angry Mom Compresses Tiny Teacher Into Mess In Her Giant Foot Press     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 248.82 MB     Format: WMV

Nadia invites her daughters teacher over to discuss why she still isn't giving her straight A's. Nadia informs her daughters teacher of the agreement they came up with a couple weeks ago. If she gave her daughter all straight A's on her report card, then Nadia would decorate the entire inside of her house for free. However, her teacher has broken her promise and therefore the contract is broken. Angry mother Nadia is extremely disappointed and warns her that she hates liars! After blocking her escape to leave, Nadia points a shrink ray right at her daughters teacher and smiles as she watches her shrink down to the size of a pathetic bug! Using her big giant wide set foot to block her path, Nadia stops the teacher dead in her tracks when she tries to escape. To demonstrate just what she does to people who disobey her, Nadia presses the tiny teacher tightly right between both her big bare soles right inside her foot press! She threatens to squeeze her to death and laughs evilly as he tries to struggle between her foot press. After she shrinks the tiny teacher to an even smaller size, she squeezes him between her soles even more tightly until she breaks all his bones and crushes his entire body into nothing more than slimy jam!

$ 9.99


Angry Giantess Holiday Searches For Her Tiny Sworn Enemy     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 452.35 MB     Format: WMV

Angry Giantess Holiday, has been rampaging through different towns in search of her sworn enemy Josh, who has done something horrible to her! Currently, she's right in the middle of massacring another town if they don't give up her sworn enemies hiding spot. In hopes to make them talk, Holiday uses her big sweaty toe to crush several tiny people at the same time. Her big giant sole is also perfect for crushing ten times more tinies and showing an example to all the other tinies that are left. It seems as if her threatening tactics aren't quite working so she drops a tiny inside her giant wet mouth and swallows him to put more fear into all the towns people. Holiday looks closely into random cars hoping to spot Josh hiding in the backseat or floorboard. Finally, she finds two of Josh's friends and nothing Holiday does to threaten them seems to make them talk. Instead of killing them off, she decides to shove them between the spaces of her giant toes so they can live in her sweat and toe jam until they can't stand it any more and give up their pathetic friends hiding spot once and for all!

$ 15.75


Mamma Leena Indulges In Tiny Sons Fantasy     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 386.95 MB     Format: WMV

Leena finally makes it home after a long day of working on the farm. As soon as she arrives, she yells for her son to come give her a foot rub. Over and over, Leena continues to scream for her son but never gets a reply back. Leena is completely unaware that her mischievous son has gotten into stuff and accidentally shrunk himself down to the size of a tiny bug! Pacing around the living room in her cozy brown boots, Leena comes very close to stepping on his tiny body several times. Giving up on her son ever answering her, Leena takes a seat on the couch and slips out of her boots, revealing her thick white tube socks. Hoping to get her attention, her tiny son jumps onto her white socks so he will stick out. However, she never notices him and slips into her warm pink slippers with him stick pressed to her sock! After a few minutes of relaxing Leena takes her slippers back off and rubs her socks together still never noticing she is crushing her tiny son between her big socked feet. Suddenly, she feels something poking her between her socks. Leaning over to pick it off, she finally recognizes that it's her son! Somehow, she always knew he had a fantasy about being tiny and around size 12 socks! Mamma Leena decides to indulge in his fantasy and sticks him back between her socks and starts rubbing him between them once again. Then, she throws him into her slipper and takes him to bed with her. Once Leena wakes up, she continues to indulge in his fantasy and tosses him into her pair of old work boots so he can be safe while at work with her. After slipping her sweaty socked feet into the boots, she heads off for another day at the farm again!

$ 15.25


Hali Cru All The Craw Men That She Despises 'PC'    
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 386.48 MB     Format: WMV

Hali walks into the kitchen where all her little "pets" are, wearing a belly shirt, super short mini skirt, and black sheer toe pantyhose. Smiling, she greets all the women that she despises in life that are now tiny craw men! Before using the ball of her stocking foot to flatten them like a pancake, Hali downgrades and reminds each and every one why she hates them and why they deserve to be lifeless beneath her foot. Once she pops their tiny bodies, she raises her stocking toes high in the air to check out all the damage she's done. Next, she moves to the glass table and we now see Hali's bare sole from beneath the glass crushing her victims until their guts ooze beneath her entire sole. To finish up, she moves back into the kitchen where she finishes off her MOST despised enemies using her sweaty bare soles and toes. When she's finished with her massacre, every single one of her despised victims, are laying lifeless and unrecognizable on the floor. 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 16.99


Cali Shrinks Ass Hole Cop     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 458.18 MB     Format: WMV

Cali has finally found the cop that gave her an unnecessary ticket and shrunk him to the size of a tiny bug! Once she arrives home, she pulls his tiny body out of her giant purse and downgrades him and his kind for always pulling people over to be a prick and writing tickets for no reason. Cali knows her feet are stinky and sweaty and will be the perfect torture for her tiny enemy. Using her giant stinky toes, she covers his entire body and even scrunches him between her toes so he can get every bit of toe jam from between them. After a few minutes, Cali decides to see just what a tiny cop tastes like. Dropping him in her mouth, she sucks out all his juices and even grinds him between her giant teeth. Eating him would be way too easy and not as fun as keeping him alive. Cali knows that all men love young asses and decides hers is the perfect spot to keep torturing her tiny cop! The idea of having a cop up her ass at all times though starts to disgust her so she goes along with the first plan she had which is swallowing him whole!

$ 16.25


Young Girls Cru Worm Men In Bikinis Pt 1'PC'    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 380.19 MB     Format: WMV

Hali and Raven slip into different pairs of sandals with good hard soles to do a little worm men crushing! They take turns walking back and forth over the tiny worm men and pop them like zits! Popping noises can be heard with every slow step and when they turn back around, they see how flat all their victims are as they lay lifeless on the glass. Their sandals all covered in a sticky mess but the girls keep adding to it as they continue splattering the worm mens slimy guts. Both girls look super sexy in their bikinis and neither one will stop until all the worm men are unrecognizable! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 13.99


Young Girls Cru Worm Men In Bikinis Pt 2'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 244.78 MB     Format: WMV

Hali and Raven are ready to get their bare feet covered in worm men juice and guts! Using their right foot, they slowly press directly on to the slimy pile of worm men and listen to them pop beneath their sweaty foot. Taking turns, they demolish each and every little worm man and look back over their shoulder to get a view of all the damage. Together, they use their rough thick heels to jam and knead the tiny men into goo! Then, they raise their heels to show off all their wrinkly shit stained soles! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 10.00


Tiny Boss Tossed Between Secretaries Feet     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 255.82 MB     Format: WMV

Secretaries Cali and Saige, are both on break at work. While sitting at the employee break table, they both dangle their high heels off their stocking toes and chit chat about ho their boss is such a perv! Little do they know, he is the size of a tiny bug and is on the carpet right between both their giant dangling high heel feet! Soon, the girls slide out of their heels and slowly begin rubbing their stocking soles all over their poor tiny boss. They assume he is a toy that some little kid must have left and they footsie with him beneath the table. Finally, they slip their stocking off and use their bare toes to playfully fight over the tiny toy. They scrunch him between their toes and sandwich his tiny body between both their soles! Right before their break ends, Saige decides to drop the toy inside her heel so she can feel it massage her sole until she gets home but promises to let Cali borrow him the next day!

$ 10.50


Shaylee Twists Grinds Stomps And Splats The Kidnappers 'PC'    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 664.71 MB     Format: WMV

Shaylee eliminated a group of kidnappers along time ago that attempted to break into her home. From that day on, she swore that if anyone ever tried doing it again, the same thing would happen to them! Apparently these pathetic dumb asses didn't listen and not only did they try kidnapping her, they also tried capturing some of her closest family members as well!. So just like before, she transformed them all into tiny crick men and plans to crush them all beneath her heels! Lucky for them, she has two par of shoes that are just right, on her sheer stocking feet, for splattering their guts! A pair of bright pink flats and then a pair of white open toe heels. To entertain herself and make her victims suffer, Shaylee uses many different methods to eliminate them all! After lighting up a cig, she uses the burning hot butt to singe and melt their skin and even uses her long bony fingers to pop them instantly! Both pairs of shoes are used the flatten the tiny cricks and when she's finished, she glances at the soles to see all the bloody messy remains of her pathetic dumb ass kidnappers! Next time surely no one will want to even THINK about trying to fuck with her ever again! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 19.99


Riley Makes Principal Watch Her Flatten Crick Students 'PC'    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 335.53 MB     Format: WMV

Riley walks in exhausted from a long day at school dealing with bratty students, grading papers, and wearing her hot sweaty stockings and flats. Right away, she slips out of her flats into her comfy soft slippers. Peering down, she smiles evilly at all her bratty students that she transformed into tiny crick men so that she could teach them a lesson when it comes to behaving. Pulling them out one by one with her long fingers, she downgrades each and every one for how disrespectful they are right before dropping their tiny bodies into her worn out slippers. Before crushing them, she uses her stocking toes to tease them and torture them. Then, she drops her giant stocking heel down smack dob on their body, popping them instantly like a zit! After several students, we see just many guts and remains are left on her heel. For special students, she peels down her stockings and drops them down to her bare feet still alive. Then, she makes them rub and massage her sore bare feet before turning them into crick man soup! Finally, she remembers the school principal she had shrunk down to two inches earlier that day. Looking down, she sees him standing, watching her eliminate all her students one by one! Do you want to play too Mr. Principal? Riley asks sweetly. After removing her panty hose, Riley rubs his entire body with her big, stinky, bare sole and gets his cock hard with her bare crick man stained toes! A nice big fat raise would be amazing after dealing with all these bratty students on a day to day basis she informs him while she gives him the ultimate toe job! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 11.99


Aunt Savannahs Sleeping Feet Are Nephews Favorite Treat     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 456.83 MB     Format: WMV

Savannah is lying on her stomach passed out sleeping on her bed. Her nephew sees this as the perfect opportunity to rape and molest his aunt's gorgeous sweaty feet. He has always had a foot fetish, wanted to be very tiny with a giant woman stepping on him, and has always loved his Aunt Savannah's feet more than anyone's he had ever seen! While attempting to sniff an worship her sleeping feet, Aunt Savannah soon wakes to find her nephew down at her feet with a scared look on his face. Instead of scolding him for having such a disgusting fetish, she offers him a private foot session with her! Standing up on the bed, she lowers her bare feet gently onto her nephews face and pinches his nose softly while making him sniff her sweaty soles as hard as he can. After a few minutes, Savannah begins laughing very evilly and watches as her nephew shrinks down to nothing more than a tiny bug! She explains to him that she already knew about his fetish for her feet and right before she went to sleep, she covered them both with a special shrinking potion lotion! Tossing his now very tiny body onto the floor, Savannah stands towering above her tiny nephew and uses her giant toes to step on him over and over again. in the middle of his torture, she also finds his tiny friend Victor and shrinks him as well so he can join in all the fun! Finally, she raises her foot high into the air and brings it down on top both their bodies over and over again until she finally stomps their bodies hard for the last time, killing two tiny victims in one day!

$ 16.25


I Warned My Mother Not To Marry You     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 358.42 MB     Format: WMV

Hali walks into her room scrambling around to get her clothes ready for class later. Thinking she sees a bug in her panties, she rummages through them only to find what she thinks is a tiny toy. Finally, she realizes it's a real person but very very tiny and on top of that, it's her step dad! What a perv! Shrinking himself to be tiny so he could sneak and smell his young barely legal step daughters panties??! Hali WARNED her mother not to marry his pathetic ass and this proves she should have listened to her! Holding her tiny perv step dad in her long hands, she props him up on the bed while she studies for her test later that day. As she reads, she has no clue he is climbing and examining her entire body from head to toe. Finally, she catches him when he tries to sneak inside her bra for a quick peek. Hali catches him and downgrades him for being such a creep but then feels bad for him because he starts to cry. Deciding to give him one little peek, she inserts his tiny body into her bra and quickly pulls him back out and warns him never to tell anyone! Before leaving for class, she drops him inside her thong so she can keep an eye on him so he can swim in all her pus*y sweat while she's at volleyball practice later tonight!

$ 13.25


Angry Giant Women Destroy Tiny Cities     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 207.24 MB     Format: WMV

Angry giantess's Scarlett and Leena have both destroyed two different tiny cities in search of two separate men that have done them wrong. They both sit inside the tiny cities they have destroyed with their giant bare feet sitting straight up, looking at the aftermath of all the damage they have done. Cars torn apart, houses ripped open, and tiny people splattered to the ground. Both Scarlett and Leena warn the two men they are searching for to come out of hiding because they aren't going to stop destroying towns and cities until they find them once and for all and exact their revenge!

$ 8.99


Sexy Blondes Make The Worm Men Squirm Beneath Feet Pt 1 'PC'    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 360.94 MB     Format: WMV

Hali and Carmen are ready to have some fun with some tiny squirmy worm men cocks today! They both choose sandals with a good hard sole and get ready to squirt their victims guts all over them! Over and over, they imagine they are kneading and crushing a big hard cock as they step directly onto a pile full of worm men. They not only hear the sound of ONE worm mans body crunching beneath their soles but they can hear TONS of popping noises as they use all their weight to flatten their tiny victims. After a few steps, they show off their dirty, disgusting, slimy stained sandal soles and can't wait to get them even more dirty! We see great under view shots of the worm men's bodies flattening and crushing beneath both girls sandals and also get great views of both girls amazing sexy asses in their cute shorts and bikini! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 13.75