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Kristen Has Sore Feet At Convention    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1406.01 MB     Format: MP4

Kristen is wearing her new black pumps and is not ready to be standing and walking all day working the tiny man convention. She greets the tiny people and takes them to there seat. Her feet are starting to kill her so she takes off the pumps and works bare foot. She rubs her feet on the tiny people trying to give her self some relief. There little bodies feel like a tiny foot massage on the bottom of he tired aching soles.

$ 19.75


The Tables Turn    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 917.48 MB     Format: MP4

Steve is Nichole's nephew and he has always thought he was better than her because he went to college. He has never had any respect for his aunt. Well the tables turn when Steve graduates college and gets life changing news. He has caught the incurable shrinking virus and is doomed to live his life as a shrunken person. Tiny people loose all there human rights and must have a legal owner. Nichole agrees to take over ownership of him and is ready to start giving him a taste of his own medicine. She keep him in her shoe while she works to make sure he is safe. When she gets home from work and removes her sweaty shoes and socks he is stuck to the bottom of her sole. She laughs and tells him to get use to it that this is his new life. From now on he will be nothing but a foot slave that worships and cleans that lint and toe jam between her toes.

$ 16.75


Alana Becomes A Giant For Her Son!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 457.75 MB     Format: MP4

Alana had read little stories that her son had written about how he wished she could be a huge giant and crush everyone. She made his wish come true, She gained a power that could make her grow into a super giant making everyone else look like little specs at her feet. Alana is very protective of her boy and doesn't like how her family treats him. She grows bigger and bigger and shows up at the reunion, with every step she takes its like a earthquake for all her tiny micro family. She teases them before stomping on them over and over again getting revenge for boy.

$ 9.75


Layla Uses Her Sweet Spot To Crush 'PC'    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 937.80 MB     Format: MP4

Layla starts off on the floor crushing a few craws barefoot before moving to the glass table. She crushes the craws barefoot using only her sweet spot. Layla than decides to put on some stockings and demolish some goldies. Layla loves crushing with her sweet spot bare and with stockings it makes her feet feel amazing. She loves the way the goldies remains stick to her stockings after she flattens them. 'PC'

$ 17.25


Mitzy Receives A Mysterious Packagae!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 727.26 MB     Format: MP4

Mitzy comes home after a long day at work and is completely exhausted. She is very confused because she got a package and cant remember ordering anything. Inside the package there is a small letter saying that she has been chosen to be a care taker of a victim of the incurable shrinking virus. As she opens it she cant believe her eyes when she recognizes the tiny man inside is her older brother!! He was the worst big brother imaginable and bullied her when they were young all her life! He always looked down on her. Now her ignorant bully brother is her legal property for the rest of his tiny life! She's so happy the government sent him to her and not there parents because now its payback time! Mitzy decides to take off her shoes and smother and smear his tiny face all over her stinky sweaty socks first! Making him sniff her shoes and socks. Ordering him to kiss, massage and lick them! She then takes off her socks and tapes him to the bottom of her sweaty bare foot! As she calls one of her best friends telling her all about him and telling her that they could share him together torturing him for the rest of his tiny pathetic life!

$ 14.25


Riley Beheads Crickmen 'PC'    
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 626.89 MB     Format: MP4

Riley is ready to have some fun with these crick men. She knows what a pleasure it is for them to be so close and personal with her natural nails. She takes each crick one by one and uses her nails to chop there heads off. She lines all the heads up on one side and all the bodies up on the other side. After she gets done beheading them she uses her finger to squish each head and to squish the guts out of each body. 'PC'

$ 13.50


Smelly Pests In My Kitchen! 'PC'    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 477.93 MB     Format: MP4

Kristen comes inside the kitchen and is blowed back by the smell thats inside her kitchen! She see's her husbands fishing bait on the counter and decides to call him! She goes off telling him to never put his bait in the kitchen ever again! Kristen decides to rid of them herself in her own special way! Kristen starts tossing them to the floor and crushing them with her thick sandals watching the crick juice pop hard under them! Kristen then removes her sandals and start to crush them flat under her bare sole, and toes! Kristen is having so much fun destroying his crick bait! 'PC'

$ 9.50


Kassi Crushes Goldies On Glass    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 511.54 MB     Format: MP4

Kassi is ready to demolish these goldies on the glass table. She sits down and rubs one up and down her soles teasing it before standing up and squishing it with her heel. She uses her heels to flatten there bodies. She raises her heels up to show the remains that are stuck before squishing another one. 'PC'

$ 10.25


Candice Crushes Whole Family    
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 346.01 MB     Format: MP4

Candice has a secret power that makes her grow big as a giant. She has always been a bully but very protective over her step son. She makes him watch as she starts growing bigger and bigger. Its time to go to the family reunion. She arrives and with every step she takes its like a earthquake for her tiny micro family. She towers over her whole family stomping next to them making them tremble. She steps on them over and over again waving her giant foot over them. Candice is ready to crush her whole family.

$ 8.25


Marissa's Student Got Terminated!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1446.13 MB     Format: MP4

Marissa enters her classroom delighted her class have all passed their exams last week and can not wait to tell the m when they come to class. She starts catching up on emails and preparing for class. One of her students have been inside her heel for about two weeks that she has no idea about! She suddenly receives an email from the principal about Andrew her student, that they have done the investigation and are confident that Andrew is not on the premises, it also mentions that they have terminated Andrews attendance and cut all ties with him which Marissa agrees with him and tells him he didn't attend his exams last week neither. Marissa welcomes her class and breaks the news to them about Andrew and he will not be joining the class, as Andrew silently listens inside her sweaty heel. Eventually Marissa lets the class go for a quick break. She gets an email from the principal confirming the shrinking device malfunctioned there for Andrew was not shrunk down on accident. Marissa feels extremely relieved. She decides to check her heels once more to make sure, as she looks very closely! She doesn't see anything as she continues teaching her class after there quick break. Marissa doesn't really know exactly what happened, does Marissa end up finding him, is he still inside her heel? (a lot of POV)

$ 18.50


Crush, Eat, Swallow, Crunch! 'PC'    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 805.01 MB     Format: MP4

Brynn and Makayla has just got back from the creek collecting craw men to use as fishing bait for later! Makayla has a better idea with them though! She decides to tell Brynn that instead of fishing they both can use them as stress relievers! They start pulling one by one out and start crushing them with there flip flops listening for that soothing crunch sound! After a select few they then decide to crush some more but barefooted this time looking at all there juices from under there soles! Makayla starts to get hungry and tells Brynn she would love to eat one to see what they taste like! Both girls decide to place the craw in between there mouth and rip him apart chewing up half he's ripped tiny body chewing on his meat and bones, swallowing his remains! The girls decide to move to the glass table using the same technique as before leaving the last one for there belly's! 'PC'

$ 15.50


Giantess Gets Her Body Explored!    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 572.66 MB     Format: MP4

You come walking in and meet Candice, suddenly she shrinks you down immediately! Now your nothing but a tiny speck as she lays you down on the couch with her! She then shoves her giant bare sweaty feet on your tiny face letting you smother in her sweat! She lets you smell them as well, and lets you hump her big sweaty bare soles! You get to explore her soles and toes as she enjoys letting you take in her sweat and big giant feet!

$ 12.50


Mitzy Loves To Stab And Burn Her Victims! 'PC'    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 915.34 MB     Format: MP4

Mitzy is excited to do some teasing and torturing today! She gets out two goldies and places them in her chair and sits on them to smother them out a little while she continues her tease on the table. She then pulls a goldie out of the bowl and places him down and starts jabbing the needle in his eyes, belly, and lungs. Mitzy loves watching them struggle and bleed. Mitzy then lights a candle and shoves a crick on the needle and starts frying him by the flame, she loves the sizzling sound and watches the crick fight to get away! After plenty of torture she then decides to get up and starts crushing there remains with her bare ass! 'PC'

$ 15.50


Kassi Crushes HornWorms On Glass 'PC'    
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 371.80 MB     Format: MP4

Kassi is ready to destroy some horn worms on the glass table. She loves the way it feels rolling it around under her barefoot. She plays with each one for a bit before squishing it flat. She uses only the ball and heel of her foot.

$ 8.75


Kassi Enjoys Her Tasty Goldies    
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 592.45 MB     Format: MP4

Kassi is ready to fill her belly up. She starts off eating her noodles and than for dessert she has 3 goldies. She is ready to slurp them down. She takes them one by one in her mouth and swallows them whole. After her belly is all the way full she lights up a cigarette. Smoking after eating is always the best warm feeling! 'PC'

$ 13.25


Meet Ashton And Her Ex Worthless Husband!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 453.88 MB     Format: MP4

New girl Ashton comes walking in and spots her now shrunken ex husband on the floor in the carpet. Ashton picks him up and tells him he is worthless now and a piece of shit! He wanted her to come over to get the rest of her things because there now divorcing! he has never been worth anything to her. Ashton thinks to herself since he is so tiny now that she is going to put him to good use! She then starts forcing his tiny face in between her stinky toes, making him clean them and get the toe jam and gunk out om in between! She then starts using his whole tiny body to caress her bare soles! Ashton is sick of this loser and decides since his tiny life is pathetic she decides to just swallow him whole and alive so he can enjoy her stomach acid!

$ 9.50


Kassi And Makayla Has A Perv Room Mate!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 2222.31 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Kassi come walking in there living room from a long and hot day at the gym! They sit down in the middle of the floor stretching and relaxing. Little do they know that there room mate has shrunk himself very small and is sniffing on one of there dirty slippers. He has a huge foot fetish. As the girls take off there shoes there tiny room mate gets a little closer as they reveal there colorful but very dirty and sweaty socks! Both girls are glad there room mate isn't there even though he is they just cant see him where he is super tiny! Makayla is curious and decides to bend down next to Kassi's dirty socks and starts to worship them! She then starts to slowly removes them showing her dirty soles, Makayla taste and worships them as well as Kassi giggles! Kassi then wants to taste Makayla's dirty socks and eventually her dirty bare soles! Suddenly Makayla looks down and see's there room mate shrunk and watching the hot action! They cant believe he is so tiny and wonders what has happened to him! The girls decide to pick him up and place him on the table as the girls prop there dirty feet up on the table in front of him! They both tease him to cum on there feet they know thats what he wants anyways! Makayla then drops him into one of her stinky sweaty socks and places him inside where he can get a better stinky smell! Kassi decides that she wants him, plus he cant go anywhere anyways as Kassi takes him with her to her room while he is inside her stinky socks with him inside of it!! MP4-VR 360

$ 14.25


Jayden Dangles Her Clogs With Perv In Her Bare Arch!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 728.97 MB     Format: MP4

Jayden is relaxing reading a women's magazine. She dangles her clogs while going through papers showing off her wrinkled Archy soles! She rubs her soles a couple of times, because there itching. She wonders if her tiny man is humping her wrinkles because they itch so bad! She spots him and tells him he must really like her Brazilian clogs. Tiny man is really enjoying himself. Jayden don't mind him at all, she lets him enjoy himself while she flips the pages through her magazine as she continues to dangle her clogs!

$ 13.75


Mitzy Flattens Crick Men With Ass! 'PC'    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 541.43 MB     Format: MP4

Mitzy is ready to destroy some Crick Men. She places a bunch out on the floor and uses her ass to squish them. She gives them a good view while wearing daisy dukes. She sits on each of them flattening them till they leave a wet stain on her blue jeans shorts. 'PC'

$ 11.25


Pooh Gets Rocked! 'PC'    
Length: 23.00 minutes     Size: 1031.69 MB     Format: MP4

Riley is in the kitchen wearing her new slippers and tan nylons. She just got off and her feet are dirty and sweaty. She also has stopped by the prison and decided to shrink eight lucky convicts into goldies and eight into pill bugs! She wants Candice to have fun with her later! Riley then grabs Mr.Pooh and talks dirty to him telling him he is going to have the time of his pathetic life because her and Candice need some foot love! Candice comes in wearing tan nylons and her new slippers and her feet are killing her! Candice see's Mr.Pooh and asks Riley what is he good for? Riley tells her that he loves to be crushed under hot women's feet! Candice takes that up and shoves him inside her slipper as she crushes his cock, Riley then brings out the convicts and they both start crushing them with there stinky nylons and slippers! After awhile Riley wants Mr.Pooh now, she shoves him under her stinky sweaty nylons squishing him with her toes! They then both start crushing more convicts! After there much needed fun, they answer some questions at the end for there fan! They both give Mr.Pooh a big kiss, and thank him for worshiping there feet while they crushed there convicts! 'PC'

$ 18.50