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Ava Destroys Old So Called Friends 'PC'    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 432.67 MB     Format: WMV

Ava is sick of watching her old friends be disrespectful to everyone and ruin their lives so she decides to take matters in her own hands... Ava shrinks and transforms All of them and has plays out her revenge! Ava grabs each one and tells them exactly why she dislikes them and then throws it to the ground before using her giant foot to pop and flatten their tiny bodies... while she Flattens one the others watch.... Ava wants her old buddies to fear for their lives! 'PC'

$ 11.50


Lenore Humiliates Tiny Foreigners!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 559.18 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore finds a group of tiny foreigners and keeps them trapped inside her and her husbands house. They are Latino, Asian, Arab, and black. She humiliates them racially while making them stay at her feet. Letting it be known they will be worshiping both her and her husbands feet. Teasing them with her mouth she tells them they will end up in her mouth while shes giving oral to her husband. Lenore calls her husband and tells her about the situation and decides to give one of the tiny foreigns to her friend so she can keep him as a slave. The rest stay under her feet until her husband gets home.

$ 12.99


Jill Loves Yummy Tiny Men!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 242.39 MB     Format: WMV

Jill has captured a bunch of tiny men and shes not letting them go. She eats some of them one by one and they sure are yummy to her. Until she gets full and uses her big powerful hand to crush the rest.

$ 8.25


Roxi And Nikkis Experiment!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 309.97 MB     Format: WMV

Roxi is doi8ng a science project and has made an app to shrink Nikkis boyfriend. They try it out and it works! Before they know it hes only about 10 inches tall. Some how just a shrinking experiment turned out to be a 3way with him and Nikki and Roxi's feet. He cant say he don't like it because he ends up nutting all over their feet. When Nikki goes out to her car to get her cigs, Roxi wants to do more! She shrinks him down again because she wants to see how he tastes. He tasted so good to her she cant help but to swallow.

$ 12.75


Cum On My Feet!     View Sample
Length: 39.00 minutes     Size: 838.31 MB     Format: WMV

Jill has came in to d a special request. Everyone knows that she has he best arch in her feet, and those wrinkly soles! So once she trys on all her different shoes to catch this tiny foot perv it works! She spots him and even tells him he can come on those big giant feet! Until she tricks him and returning him.

$ 20.25


Play In My Mouth!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 219.91 MB     Format: WMV

Sassy trash talks her ex while hes swishing around i n her mouth. Even while she is smoking since her ex didn't like her to smoke. He remembers when she use to swallow him, now shes going to crush him instead!

$ 8.99


Ericas Little Game!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 736.79 MB     Format: WMV

Erica has a game to play with her crick mens. She has drawn down 6 different ways to crush for her pleasure. She puts them in the middle and lets them run and choose how to go!

$ 14.99


Little Fuck!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 340.85 MB     Format: WMV

Roxi's son has caught the shrinking virus. She thinks hes just a waste of space now and completely worthless. There's nothing else left for him to do..except..rub his momma's foot. He's promised if he does a good job he can stay. But, he actually does horrible. Momma isn't having this! She gives him a chance to run for his life, but she stomps him every time. Finally, hen hes barley breathing she decides she is going to eat him and finish him off, to her surprise when she puts him in her mouth he cums!!! Little Fuck! She spits him out and finishes him with one last hard stomp!

$ 13.00


Hali And Her Ants! 'PC'     View Sample
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 251.46 MB     Format: WMV

Hali accidentally ran into some ants attacking a worm so why not stop and check it out?1 She teaches these damn ants a lesson and puts the worm out his misery! 'PC'

$ 9.00


3 Bad Girls! 'PC'     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 621.90 MB     Format: WMV

Roxi, Riley and Hali take turns using their sexy mouth before flattening them under their bare and stocking soles on glass! (Floor level barefoot underglass stocking feet) 'PC'

$ 12.99


Makena Stuffs Her Brother Under Her Skirts!     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 805.86 MB     Format: WMV

Makena takes one of her brother Paul's clones and sits on him. Making him go right up in her butt, telling him to sniff and lick it. She just bounces around and makes the clone stay in her butt until she decides to repeatedly stomp him out till hes not moving anymore. Then its the original Pauls turn!

$ 15.99


Roxi And Riley Gets Rid Of Their Exs! 'PC'     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 340.02 MB     Format: WMV

Roxi and Riley have a little trick up their sleeve. Everyone already know3s their nothing but trouble, but what they can actually do will surprise you! They can turn their exs until worthless little fish, since these fuck boys love pussy so much! They deep throat them one last time before their life ends! 'PC'

$ 9.00


Makena Naked Crush! 'PC'    
Length: 48.00 minutes     Size: 1,750.93 MB     Format: WMV

Makena, Butt naked. She starts in the kitchen with her little school skirt on slowly crushing all over her body. Then she gets completely naked to crush them real good all over herself! 'PC'

$ 19.99


Erica Stomps The Perv!     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 693.55 MB     Format: MP4

Erica is baby sitting and the boy is shrunk don to the size of a bug. Erica always caught him looking at her feet so now she gets to tower her giant feet over him like its nothing. She keeps waving her soles in his face telling him that at first she thought he was just a perv and maybe she should just eat him and get rid of him. Hes scared of her now. Erica changes her mind and thinks that stomping him under her soles would be much more funnier! MP4-VR

$ 7.50


Belles Nice Slow Crush! 'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 431.02 MB     Format: WMV

Belle gets on the glass table and slowly and easily crushs her cricks. Nice and slow! 'PC'

$ 9.25


Mother And Daughter Punish Little Brother!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 435.59 MB     Format: WMV

Ava and her daughter Phoebe punish her brother. He can't do shit for himself and their sick of it. They have taped him to the floor to teach him a lesson. Taking turn shoving their dirty socks in his face then going barefoot making him smell all the stink!

$ 15.99


Makenas Body Crush! 'PC'    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1,167.46 MB     Format: WMV

Makena has fun with her crick mans!! She uses her fingers to slowly crush them allllll over her body!! 'PC'

$ 19.99


Holiday Takes Care Of Her Convicts! 'PC'    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 249.81 MB     Format: WMV

Holiday is using the glass table to crush her annoying convicts. She takes the bad guys out, with her feet! She loves watching them run for their life and capturing them under her toes. This is what they get! 'PC'

$ 9.25


Erica Loves Them Tiny!     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 236.05 MB     Format: WMV

Erica wants him. She wants him tiny, really tiny. She has kidnapped her crush and used her shrinking power on him. Erica gives him instructions on how to take good care of her beautiful soft dirty soles. Her crush tries to escape but doesn't get far enough. She shrinks him even smaller. Erica loves them tiny and will keep him for forever!

$ 9.50


Hali Plays On Glass Table! 'PC'    
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 197.71 MB     Format: WMV

Hali decides to do some crushing on the glass table! She cant get enough and has to do more, more, MORE!! She loves having them under her soles! 'PC'

$ 8.50