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Mommy Turns Into Alice From Wonderland!!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 748.06 MB     Format: MP4

My mommy Rebel found out that I am absolutely fixated on Alice in Wonderland and she doesn't know what to do with me and my weird fetish. So to see for herself she dresses up like Alice and she slowly starts showing me her outfit laughing at me saying how weird I am. Then she remembered how obsessed I was with Alice as a boy and how I loved watching Alice grow bigger and bigger. Oh gosh I just can't help it.... I've already started touching myself and she hasn't even started yet! Every move she makes is turning me on. Mommy Alice is amazed at how much power that dress has over me so she teases me slowly with it. og my gosh she just keeps arousing me more and more I start shrinking because I had to start jerking off. Mommy Alice tells me that she has a pervert for a son. A dirty little weirdo. Mommy Alice eventually picks me up and lays me on her apron because I'm taking to long too cum and she thinks I'm doing it on purpose so I can see her dressed like Alice for a bit longer. Once I'm laying on her apron she starts being nice to saying things like mommy loves being dressed like Alice for her lost child acting as if she was jacking off with her hand. Mommy Alice jerking off mirrors my own orgasm under her dress she gives me a moment to pull myself together then she asks me if it was worth it before crushing me under her high heel!!!

$ 14.25


Boss Shrinks Himself On Purpose!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 930.90 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla comes strolling through looking for the boss man, shes here to make some money today and as she hollers out theirs no response! She ponders where he could be he's never late! Makayla starts to inspect around and realizes how filthy the floors are, she thinks he's infested with bugs! When she gets a closer look she see's something moving around in the carpet, she kneels down and realizes its her boss! She plucks him up and asks why the hell is he tiny?! He's an inch tall! Makayla decides since she knows he has shrunk himself on purpose since she has caught him eye balling her feet, she going to give him some nourishment today! She pulls her sweaty stinky feet out from her filthy shoes and makes him eat her gunk from her in soles, and realizes he's getting hard! Makayla then places him in between her sweaty toes and drinks her foot sweat! Shes far from done with him, she needs his credit cards and even talks about taking over his business! Makayla decides to place him inside her shoe with her foot gunk and tells him to stay in between her toes where she wont accidentally crush him. She heads out and runs up his credit cards, and comes back a week later, the more he eats her gunk and foot sweat the smaller he becomes! Watch what Makayla does to her tiny little boss and makes a new forever home for him!

$ 15.50


New Year New Addison!!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1424.96 MB     Format: MP4

Addison is excited for the New Year! She has a new dress and heels that she got to wear to the New Years Party!!! Addison hurry's to get home so she can try on her new dress and heels for her husband and step children. When Addison walks through the house she doesn't see anyone anywhere. She yells yells and yells but her husband and kids don't answer. They are no where to be found! Addison starts getting upset because she was really excited about this!!! But........... Addison doesn't know but her husband and step-kids were accidentally shrunk down into tiny people!!!! She then walks into the living room where her two step-kids are and she nearly crushes them with her gigantic flip-flopped feet! The kids escape but one of them climbs aboard Addison's flip-flop. Addison now goes back to the kitchen and now she isnt just upset... Noe she is getting angry !!! Now im going to let your little minds wonder as you figure out if Addison ends up crushing her whole family or if she finds and realizes that her family has been shrunk!!! Buy full video to find out!!!

$ 26.75


Cherrie Traps Little Man!     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 2362.42 MB     Format: MP4

Cherrie has you trapped in the corner already with no chance of escaping! She's already barefooted and hopes your terrified! Cherrie wants to tease and taunt you with her giant bare soles and toes! She does not want you to cum to quick, she wants to play! Cherrie poses her toes right in front of you telling you she wants to squish you and feel your tiny body squirm under her big bare toes! She even brings out some dough men to demonstrate what will eventually happen to you! Cherrie poses over and over again and gets excited to finally squish you and make you pop and cum! MP4-VR 360

$ 14.25


Krystal Heel Crush 'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 496.69 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is standing at the kitchen counter barefoot. She is stepping on goldfish with her heels but is totally unaware. She flattens them till there is nothing left but a stain under her heel. 'PC'

$ 10.50


Riley Makes Them POP and CRUNCH! 'PC'    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 2831.99 MB     Format: MP4

Riley is dressed in her tight black leather pants and her sexy black bikini top, she has a bowl of goldies that she wants to destruct and destroy! She has her black heels on and wants to make them pop under them and even inside under her stocking heel! Riley starts making them all crunch and squirt just for her! She then starts to get a little hot and takes off her leather pants and makes you watch her ass making all her victims pop under her stocking heel! Watch her make a beautiful mess on the floor of graveyard of goldies! 3D 180 VR 'PC'

$ 12.50


Danni Gets Explored By Tiny Man    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 588.57 MB     Format: MP4

Danni is laying in the couch barefoot. The tiny man climbs up the couch and onto her feet. He explores every inch of her foot getting in between each and every toe. He even travels up her legs before going back down to play in between her toes in her toe jam.

$ 11.25


Cali Traps You In The Corner!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 3651.92 MB     Format: MP4

Cali comes sneaking in searching for you, shes in her bra and thong and strappy heels, and wants to lure you out and play with you! She walks around showing off her sexy toes since she knows you have a little fetish! Cali finally spots you and you try to run away and escape until Cali stops you right in your tiny tracks! She tells you to not be scared she just wants to play and tease! She first does some poses with her sexy feet teasing you hard telling you she could slowly squish you under her heels but don't want to yet, she doesn't want you to cum! Cali then slips off her heels and goes bare really showing you her sexy toes and feet! Knowing its turning you on and driving you crazy! Watch Cali tease and taunt you even bringing dough men out to demonstrate what will happen to you! MP4-VR 360

$ 15.75


Pink The Giant Landlord    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 540.64 MB     Format: MP4

Pink is an angry giantess landlord who has shrank a single father and his son for not paying his rent on time The video starts off with her walking into the house with hard sole flats. She approaches the shrunken father on the floor telling him that she knows hes confused and scared and that shes going to crush his son in front of him as pay back for not paying rent. She than tapes the son down to a piece of paper and spits and drools all over him , while pointing and down talking him calling him names like hopeless little bastard and other fucked up things and blames his father for his up coming death. She notices that he has stopped moving, she than stands up and crushes him with her giant soles. After she finishes the son off she crushes the dad.

$ 11.25


He Always Has Me Waiting!!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 722.62 MB     Format: MP4

Addison is standing in the kitchen looking out of the window waiting on her boyfriend to get home but of course like always he leaves Addison waiting!!!! But wait!!!!!! Sssshhhhhhhhhhhh I have a secret to tell you!!!! Addison's isn't really waiting on her boyfriend but yet she is!!! Addison's boyfriend has shrunken himself down to a tiny man so he can secretly place goldies under bare heels to crush for him!! He had to do this because Addison won't just do it for him and it's a fetish ofg his!!! So this is the perfect way for him to get the best of both worlds!!

$ 14.50


Krystal Tiny Step Bro    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 731.54 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is in a school girl outfit with knee high socks and pink panties. Krystal is my dominant tough loving older sister and I am her dumb brother. I walk into her bedroom where she is chilling on her bed ass up on her phone. She notices me and sighs, what is it i want this time. I always go to her for help as i can barley think with my boy brain. Im anxious and tell her the world is to difficult for me. She's not surprised, I'm just a dumb boy after all , but I'm her dumb boy so she wants to help. She tells me I'd be better off living in her skirt. I could stay hidden up her skirt and never have to do anything hard like thinking. Big sis can do all the thinking for me. She shows me the inside of her skirt, where I'd live, and tells me to come real close to her crotch to imagine what it would be like to live in her panties. She tells me to take big deep sniffs to get in all her smells. She tells me this will be my new home forever and my only job is to smell her crotch.

$ 14.25


Where The Fuck Are My Friends?    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 763.80 MB     Format: MP4

Cora is super excited and pumped for this season!! Today there is a game and one of her friends invited her out to watch the game with him and a few of his friends! Of course Cora can't turn down the invite so she puts her favorite teams shirt on to show her support and heads over to her friends! when she gets there she cant seem to find her friend and his friends anywhere which is weird because it's his house and they were already supposed to be there! Cora looks around and yells for them but no answer so she sits down to wait a few to see if they show up. What Cora doesn't know is that her friend and his friends are there at his house she just can't see them because they have all been shrunken down into tiny men!!!! Cora about crushed one of them when she walked over to sit down she just barley missed it he is right beside her huge shoe!!! Cora glances over and notices a piece of chocolate sitting on a plate on the table so she grabs it and eats it! You'll never believe this..... Cora ate one of her friends!!! He was sitting on top of the piece of chocolate but he is so tiny that she didn't notice him!!! Cora lays back on the couch and waits a little longer to see if her friends are going to show up or not so she takes off her shoes and socks!! One of the tiny friends crawl into her sock right before she puts them back on! She slides her socks right on and doesn't even realize that one of her tiny friends is inside her sock against her bare sole!!! Cora stands up and walks around a bit stepping on the last friend that was stuck to a piece of tape!! Finally Cora gets pissed because her friends are causing her to miss the beginning of the game so she puts her boots back on and leaves to go watch the game with some other friends!!

$ 14.25


Jill Helps With Science Experiment    
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 436.73 MB     Format: MP4

Jill is a science teacher and one of her students needs help with a project. He comes in and asks for her to be his test subject for him. She takes a sip of the liquid and soon start to grow. She goes through multiple stages of growth . At each stage she bullies him for using her for his pwn fetish experiment, but soon realizes this new size suits her and that she's essentially a goddess now. Consistent bullying of a single micro person.

$ 9.99


Brynn Flattens Them Goldies 'PC'    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 510.53 MB     Format: MP4

Brynn is in her school girl outfit and wearing her black socks with loafers. She flattens some goldies under her school girl loafers before removing them and getting up on the glass table. She lays down the goldies and slowly flattens each and every one of them under under black socked feet. 'PC'

$ 10.25


Jill's Tiny Dates! 'PC'    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 1958.29 MB     Format: MP4

Jill is dressed in her tight dress and black heels ready for her little crick dates, she has many to destroy under her heels. Jill first starts out by squishing each date under her strong black heels flattening them so good leaving a little crick stain. After awhile of that torture she decides to slip out of her heels and starts to crush one by one under her big stocking feet! Jill don't give a shit about any date and shows no mercy to each victim! MP4-VR 360 'PC'

$ 9.50


Cali and Makayla Play A Game 'PC'    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 759.51 MB     Format: MP4

Cali and Makayla are ready to play a game. This game involves crushing some little crick men! The goal of the game is to flatten them with there hands. Each girl takes turns throwing a cricket in the air and the other girl has to try and flatten it between there hands. The ones that get by get crushed using there fingers on the table even some on the floor!! 'PC'

$ 14.25


Candice Walks Over Worms 'PC'    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 931.91 MB     Format: MP4

Candice walks over worms. She is crushing unaware. She has on black flip flops and her toes are painted black. She walks back and fourth flattening each and every worm that is in her way. 'PC'

$ 17.25


Makayla Passes You Down To Danni!     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 950.93 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla is sick of her tiny man, so she decides to bring him over to Danni. She's sitting up relaxing and has her big bare feet propped up on the table. Makayla tells her all about you, and wants Danni to torment and torture you because she's sick of your shit. Makayla is disgusted and shoves your face right into Danni's big sweaty feet! You should feel very lucky, Danni is extremely hot and way out of your league! Makayla forces your face all into Danni's feet, and Makayla even tells her to spit on your face and give you some boogers and arm pit sweat! Danni cant believe how ugly you are and cant believe Makayla even packs you around! Danni completely tortures you and Makayla just wants to get rid of you! Watch Danni trash you out and Makayla laugh as Danni torments and taunts the shit out of you!

$ 15.50


Holiday's Tiny Man Friend!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 902.64 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday has a friend that has got a hold of a shrink ray that he is wanting to try out with her. He shrinks himself and waits for her arrival. Holiday is so excited she just got a pedicure done all for him. As Holiday calls out for him, little does she know hes standing in between her giant bare feet. As Holiday stomps on him deeper into the carpet and curling him in between her toes, Holiday finally realizes its him! He is stuck to her foot so she moves over to the couch with him, while stuck to the bottom of her sole. She at first thinks he's a bug until she gets a closer look. She picks him up examining him closely, and asks this is what he wanted so now shes going to show him what this shrink ray is all about! She uses him as a massage tool and loves the feeling of him squirming! Holiday cant hold back it feels amazing! Watch Holiday use this to her full advantage and cant resist squishing him!

$ 16.50


Candice Tourtures Tiny Chris    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 950.64 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is ready to dominate tiny Chris she rubs her ass all over his tiny body. She rubs hos body all over her sweaty feet in between her toes. She ends up shrinking him down even smaller and than spits on him before putting him in her shoe to make him suffer with the foot sweat for the rest of his puny little life.

$ 17.25