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Hali unaware heel Crush 'PC'    
Length: 27.00 minutes     Size: 598.74 MB     Format: WMV

Hali is so excited she got a new pair of Jessica Simpson Heels. She is ready to go out, she calls and talks to her friend while waiting on her to come over. Hali stands and talks on the phone to her friend, and she starts to notice that she has this great feeling under her soles inside of her new heels. She lifts her heel Unaware she is crushing and jamming Goldie's and worm men.(Hidef)'PC'

$ 17.50


Giant Asian teacher tiny detention     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 374.80 MB     Format: WMV

Sheena has shrank her tiny, unruly student and forces him to look at his books for the entire detention period. She walks over him, trembling the floor with every step. She asks if she's scaring him? This is his punishment! She gets down to see if he's really looking at his books, and she decides to take off her sandals and makes a wall around him with her giant feet! She better not see this student in detention again, or next time it will be much worse! (some POV) (in HiDef)

$ 14.50


Hali loves finger jamming her little pets     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 353.90 MB     Format: WMV

Hali's finally back home from being gone awhile and she is so happy to be back home with all her tiny friends. She takes one out and can't help but to kiss her cute pet before squashing it in between her fingers! Hali loves to tease her pets with her sexy body before killing them off. She even places them in between her sexy tits and squashes them. Hali is having a blast feeling there tiny body's crush in her fingers and under her shoe. Hali begins to have so much fun she decides to turn on some music and dance around with them before letting them drop to the floor were she burns them with her cig. When Hali's finished she grabs her remaining friends and begins dancing around on all the ones she just killed with a big smile on her face.

$ 13.99


Kookie Unaware babysitter shrunk    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 493.71 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie is walking around the house cleaning and picking up things before the little brats parents get home. This kid has tore everything he could imagine up. She is so busy talking on the phone she has no clue that he has shrunken himself. Shes been on her feet all day so she decides to take a break and finish up her conversation with her friend. While kookie is sitting on the couch the little brat jumps up on the couch and crawls to her leg, he explores her giant feet. The little brat almost falls off because kookie is flexing her toes. kookie then notices she kicked something, then goes over to see what it is. Kookie looks down and realizes it's the little brat she is babysitting. Kookie then makes him watch her feet and follow her around. Kookie decides to tease and crush the little brat, she stops so hard he passes out. Kookie then lays in front of him and waits for him to wake up, once he comes to she starts making fun of his size, and how she can make him do anything she wants him to do. Kookie tells the little brat that she is blaming him for the broken TV and she needs to find a place to hide him since hes so tiny, She tells him she is going to hide him in her mouth. He must be careful so kookie doesn't accidentally swallow him.

$ 14.99


Holiday and Emma Crush Wormen    
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 313.16 MB     Format: WMV

Holiday and Emma loves the feeling of wormen under their beautiful soles! Holiday's size ten feet have no mercy as she jamms their tiny bodies under her massive feet! Stripper bitch Emma giggles as she grinds them under her sweaty feet! The girls get off on the feeling of the wormen! (HiDef)

$ 12.99


Joleens Tiny Man Pt.1    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 234.18 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen invites her guy friend over so they can go out. She waits for him to show up, then quickly lets him know they aren't going anywhere. Instead she has planned to shrink and step on him. She slowly shrinks him and walks toward him. The now tiny man tries to run before Joleen steps on him. Joleen steps in front of him and raises her heel, she then asks the tiny man whats wrong little guy cant move? She tells the tiny man the shrink ray has side effects, when he gets turned on he cant move. Joleen starts teasing and turning him on, so she knows he cant go anywhere. Joleen gives up a little and lets him run to trap him in a corner. Now that Joleen has him trapped she can play with him under her big sexy toes.(Hidef)

$ 8.99


Joleens Tiny Man Pt.2     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 224.57 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen is teasing her tiny man by towering over him, she tells him she will step on him and he wont be able to move if she raises her heel. Joleen shows no mercy, she keeps raising her heel and pinning the tiny man down under her huge soles. Joleen occasionally raises her heel to look at the tiny man, he looks back up at her and she tells him it is so easy stepping on you. The tiny man starts yelling and Joleen tells him no one is going to help him, so he can scream all he wants. The tiny man tries to run, but Joleen seduces him by taking off her bikini and stepping in front of him. She knows he cant resist her hot body. she picks him up and takes him to the couch, she wants to make sure he isnt going anywhere. (Hidef)

$ 8.99


Joleens Tiny Man Pt.3    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 236.02 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen teases and teases by sliding her feet toward the tiny man, then pulling them back. Joleen tells him if she can get past her toes, she make will make him big again. But if the tiny man cant get past Joleen's big sexy feet, she will step on him. Joleen teases him telling him he cant get away, and she is going to step on him and their isn't a thing he can do. She keeps asking the tiny man if he is scared, she can see the fear in his face. Joleen knows her feet are to hot for him to leave, she has no worries about him going anywhere!(Hidef)

$ 8.99


Sheena giantess crush 'PC'    
Length: 33.00 minutes     Size: 722.05 MB     Format: WMV

Sheena has been turned into a giantess, she is so big that now everyone looks like tiny bugs. Sheena hates bugs and tiny people but loves to squash them and show how powerful she is! She loves to torture the little people with her flats as others watch. Sheena sometimes sits down crosses her legs and squishes the tiny people under her giant fingers. Then Sheena gets up and walks over top of them using all her body weight. Sheena even stands over them with her hands on her hips looking down on them saying how she is about to lower her massive shoe down on them and squash them like a bug! Hi Def 'PC'

$ 25.99


Kookie unaware tiny family     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 250.54 MB     Format: WMV

Kookie comes home to find nobody's there, unknown to her everyone has been shrunk! She sees a note telling her to do her chores so she puts her head phones in and gets to work. She sweeps the floor not knowing her mom is right beside her feet. Her mom try's to scream but Kookie can't hear her over the music and ends up stepping on her! Kookie gets the dust pan to sweep the dirt up and thinks she squished a bug still not knowing it's her mom. Kookie then decides to take a little break, she goes to sit down not knowing her little brother is on the chair. His tiny helpless body is know use to Kookie's big ass as she plops right down on him. Kookie starts eating her cereal not knowing her dad had falling in there. He try's to yell at her but with know use because of her music. He try's his best to get out one last yell for help before she scoops him up and puts him right in her mouth. Still not knowing what she has done she decides to take a nap since nobody's home yet.

$ 10.25


Steph has a major bug problem! (PC)     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 319.19 MB     Format: WMV

Steph comes home from work in her flats and discovers she has a massive bug problem and she must squish them to get rid of them. Step runs over and uses the bottom of her white flats to get it! She crushes a few then thinks that is all so she goes gets a drink then discovers that wasn't it! Steph then takes her sweaty flats off and decides to just crush them with her bare feet. When Steph steps on them she raises her heel showing her beautiful high arches as there tiny bones crush under the balls of her sexy feet! (PC) (HiDef)

$ 12.75


Horny Joleen Flirts With Son's Friend (Sounds Included)     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 352.51 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen's son is gone and one of his friends knock on the door. She's horny and think Juan is too cute so she tells him to come on in and sit down. She tells him he wont be home for another two hours and that they have the house all to themselves! She rubs her foot on Juan's leg and near his cock and she can tell he's super nervous! Juan pushes her foot away and she gets super offended. She stands and Juan begins to shrink! She gave him an option and he picked the wrong one. She tells him she's now going to smash him into the carpet like a little bug! Juan screams and tries to run but it does no good! She stops him with her massive feet and raises them above his head. She laughs and teases with her massive foot! She holds it above his head and brings it down slowly on his body. She can feel his tiny bones crunching under her soles and she loves it! She grinds Juan's tiny body into the carpet and he slowly dies under the big feet of Joleen! (HiDef) (Sounds Included)

$ 14.99


Selena Catches and Shrinks Burglar Juan     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 380.08 MB     Format: WMV

Selena is upstairs in her room when she hears someone downstairs rummaging through her house! She runs downstairs and sees Juan, the neighborhood Mexican thief in her house! She runs up to him and he grabs her and throws her down. He throws Selena in a chair and ties herb up! He continues to go through her stuff and she screams through her gag! Juan laughs at her and than begins to shrink! Selena spits her gag out and starts to laugh! She has shrunk Juan down to the size of a tiny toy! She unties herself and chases Juan around the living room! He's not fast enough to get away from her big feet! Selena tells him she's going to smash his tiny body into the carpet and he begins to screams! She lifts her huge foot over Juan and brings them down slowly1 She laughs at how terrified he is! She teases him and tells him he can leave if he can get out the door but slams it in his face! She brings her foot down on top of him and grinds him into the carpet! He's nothing but a nasty mexican stain now! (HiDef)

$ 14.99


Joleen Gives Into Her Tiny Hubbys Fantasy     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 687.34 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen's Boyfriend has a giantess fetish and she 100% supports him. She decided when she got home from work, she would indulge in his fantasy. Joleen thinks its sexy when he wants to play games. Joleen's Boyfriend excitingly waits for her to come home, she starts to feel funny and is confused. He has shrunken he is confused and scared about what has happened. When Joleen gets home she looks for him and cant find him. She walks into the kitchen to get a drink, and notices him under her foot when she starts rubbing her foot on the carpet. Joleen picks him up and takes him in the living room for some fun. She rubs him under her big giant soles and in between her stocking feet. Joleen is a little aggressive and stomps on him, she talks to him and let him know she is very turned on by him playing this game. She massages her sore feet with him and makes him smell her stinky stockings. Joleen even stands of her boyfriend putting all of her weight on him. She is so happy he got really into the giantess fantasy!(Hidef)

$ 16.99


Joleen Unaware Birthday Surprise    
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 155.48 MB     Format: WMV

Joleen shows up for her friends birthday party, she comes in and cant find anybody! she looks around then decides to sit down and wait for people, after a little while she grows impatient. She is hungry so she decides to get herself some cake, she cuts it and puts it in a bowl and starts eating it. Little does Joleen know her friend has been accidentally shrunken and she cant see, or hear his tiny screams. He crawls up her leg all the way up her body, and gets on her bowl. Joleen picks up the bowl and he falls in, the bowl is to tall and he cant jump out. Joleen continues to eat her cake, not noticing her little tiny friend running around trying to get away from her fork. She eats every single bite of her cake, she chews and swallows the cake and is unaware she has swallowed her tiny friend. Hes floating in her stomach and she has no clue!(Hidef)

$ 5.99


Mary Needs a Tiny Scratcher     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 460.51 MB     Format: WMV

Mary's boyfriend has been shrunk down to the size of a four inch tall toy! He's hiding from Mary because she's so big and she doesn't want to get smashed! She searches for him and finally finds him! They were supposed to be going out but he's too small to do much of anything! She decides he would make a great foot scratcher! She picks him up and sticks him inside her pantyhose and slips them on! She tells him he will now be her little foot scratcher and go with her everywhere! She slips on her heels and walks out the door to her car. She pushes the gas with him inside her heel! He screams but it does no good! She gets back to the house and sits at her desk. She just doesn't think he's doing a good enough job! She reaches down and grabs him and shrinks him even smaller! Now he's the perfect size to get between her stinky toes! (HiDef)

$ 15.50


Mary's Boyfriend Has Her Jam Unaware    
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 572.97 MB     Format: WMV

Mary walks around her kitchen in her sexy white mules, talking on the phone. Her boyfriend loves watching her jamm crickmen, goldies and wormen! He sneaks in as she's talking on the phone and slips them under her heel! She brings her foot down and jamms them into the sole of her mules! (HiDef)

$ 15.99


Jill Gives Her Son His Wish    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 301.20 MB     Format: WMV

Jill is waiting for her son to get home, he walks in and she tells him she has something to talk about with him. She makes him sit down and tells him she found alot of fantasies and stories written by him. Jill wants to know why the stories are about her shrinking him , and having him worship her feet as a full time job. Jill's son starts to back up and try to leave, she tells him not to worry. She tells him she's not mad and she is intrigued by all his stories. Jill wants to make his dream come true, no matter what it takes. She gets off the bed to give him a kiss and he starts shrinking! She tells him not to be scared and she wants him to be close. She shows him her stomach and has him kiss it. She gets a little more dominate attitude, she puts her hands on her hips and looks at him with an evil look. She tries to crush him then tells him he will become her servant, and he doesn't deserve life. She makes him worship her big sexy soles, and clean every speck of dirt on them. Jill lets him know he better do a good job or else their will be consequences. Jill isn't happy with his worshiping skills, she flicks him off and calls him a disappointment and a bug. He tries to run away but she isn't letting him go anywhere. Jill shrinks her son even more and makes him live the rest of his life in toe jam! (Hidef)

$ 11.50


Selena Crushes The Nerds Toy     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 203.38 MB     Format: WMV

Selena's Boyfriend is a nerd and she is sick of it! He has been collecting and geeking out about sci-fi toys. Selena is tired of seeing his shit lay around the office. Seeing all his pointless toys just tortures her . Selena has a great idea to get rid of his stupid toys, she films a special video message just for him. Selena hopes he will get the message that, she hates all of his stupid shit. Selena has everything set up and picks up one of his most valuable toys, she talks shit to her boyfriend about how much she hates the stupid toys, she then rips open the package and starts playing with the ray gun. She blast the stupid gun at the camera. She mocks the toy then tells him how much of a waste it is. She then throws it down on the floor and stomps on it with her bare feet, she scratches his most prized toy by twisting it on the floor. Selena still isn't over her rage about the childish toy, she throws on her best pair of heels and starts stomping and crushing until it's in a million little pieces, she then ends the message by picking up all the little pieces and throwing them in the trash. Maybe her boyfriend will get the message and leave his worthless, childish hobby behind him!(Hidef)

$ 9.99


Shaylee Talks And Finger Jamm's 'PC'    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 348.08 MB     Format: WMV

Shaylee Gets all dolled up for the day in her cute dress and cork sandals. She gets all ready and goes downstairs to the kitchen, she finds her sunglasses and puts them on her head. She takes her phone to call her friend, she goes outside, and brings a cage of tinies back in the kitchen. While talking with her friend she pulls out the tinies, and starts to jamm them between her fingers! One of the tinies bites her and she isn't happy at all, she tortures the tinies even more while she continues talking to her friend. She walks around and crushes the tinies with her big heels, she wants to make sure she tortures them as much as possible. Shaylee continues to crush and jamm her victims while talking on the phone, she is enjoying this so much. Wouldn't you like to be Shaylee's next victim? (Hidef)'PC'

$ 12.99