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Bree Stomps Tiny Boyscout    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 170.34 MB     Format: WMV

When a tiny boyscout is walking around the forest, he finds a giant pair of shoes and loves the way they smell. Unaware of the evil giantess wandering around, the tiny boy climbs inside. Suddenly, a giant foot slides in the shoe on top of him. When the giantess gets home, she feels something in her shoe and is excited to find that a tiny boy has been under her huge sole this whole time. The poor little boyscout has no idea what he has gotten himself into. This evil giant picks him out of her shoe and lets him know that he is now her next victim. She steps on him slowly, teasing the puny boy before stomping on his tiny body. She stomps and teases until she gets bored with the boyscout. She then gives him one final hard stomp as he screams for mercy. (HiDef)

$ 15.25


Tyler Tiny Student Admirer     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 336.42 MB     Format: WMV

When her class leaves the room, Ms. Tyler kicks her shoes off to finally relax. When she feels something under her feet, this teacher is shocked to find that it is one of her students. Tommy has shrunk himself to be under her stockinged soles. The tiny student has been admiring her sexy feet all school year and just couldn't stand to be away from them any longer. Flattered by her tiny admirer, Ms. Tyler agrees to take the boy home with her for some fun. After losing the tiny student in her home, Tyler sits down to wait for him to show himself. Ms. Tyler freaks out to find that the puny boy is squished on the bottom of her sole. She must have accidentally stomped on him without knowing. Scared and pissed off, Tyler has no choice but to get rid of all evidence that the tiny boy was ever there. Tyler stomps the student's tiny body under her strong stockinged soles. She stomps hard and squishes his body with all her might until he is nothing but a lifeless tiny body under her soles. (HiDef)

$ 23.99


Kaya and Shya Stomp on Burglar POV    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 442.90 MB     Format: WMV

Kaya and Shya are dying to find somebody to stomp on! They are in the living room talking about all the fun times they have had stomping puny men under their strong feet when they hear something in their house. When they catch someone trying to break in, the two feisty ladies throw his ass on the ground and stomp all over his face. Kaya and Syha take turns sitting on his face and smothering him with their asses. This bad guy has no chance in getting away from their stomping feet. These powerful ladies love every minute of torturing his helpless ass! (HiDef) POV

$ 18.50


Shya and Kaya Stomp Lynn     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 231.38 MB     Format: WMV

Shya has Lynn tied up on the floor when her and Kaya come home. These girls are fed up with Lynn;s bullshit! Shya and Kaya stomp all over Lynn's face and shove their stocking toes in her mouth. These girls make the tied up slut lick all the sweat and dirt off of their feet. Both girls laugh as they torture the helpless tied up bitch with their feet in her face. (HiDef)

$ 9.99


Bree Takes Care of Foot Sniffing Nephew     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 274.16 MB     Format: WMV

Bree is home from a long day at work and she's taking a nap. Her nosy little nephew sneaks in and just wants those bare soles! He gets on her soles, but Bree wakes up to catch him! And the nosy brat went through her wallet?! She's going to let him sniff on her feet for a few minutes, but she's ready to have some real fun! She pulls out her magic bag of tricks and lets her nephew know that she's actually a witch! She shrinks him down and his moans of pleasure turn into screams for help! He tries to escape, but Bree has him trapped! She begins to slowly step on his tiny body before stomping him into the ground! (some POV) (sound effects) (in HiDef)

$ 15.25


Bree Unaware Tiny Son     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 225.95 MB     Format: WMV

Bree is laying in bed when she hears her son come home from school. She yells for him and hears no response. Little does she know, her naughty son has shrunk himself and is crawling up and down her giant body while she lays down. Completely unaware of the puny boy in bed playing between her toes, Bree knocks her tiny son off of her feet and into her shoe. Bree slides her big size 9s into her shoe, smothering the naughty little boy as she gets up to go look for him. She has no idea what she has just done! (HiDef)

$ 9.25


Kaya Stomps Her Date    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 196.80 MB     Format: WMV

Kaya is a powerful witch who has a special plan for her date. When he enters her house, he immediately starts to shrink. He screams and cries in fear until he finally finds his beautiful giantess. To his surprise, Kaya admits that she shrinks and tortures all of her dates. When the tiny man tries to run away, giant Kaya chases and stomps all over his tiny body. Nobody gets away from this powerful witch! (hiDef)

$ 14.50


Shya Tiny Boyfriend Under Glass    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 255.06 MB     Format: WMV

Shya thinks that Santa has sent her a little elf for Christmas. She gets pissed when she realizes that it is her lying cheating boyfriend! Shya has a great idea to punish the tiny piece of shit! She decides to crush his puny ass on glass! Shya stomps, squishes and smothers the tiny cheater under her soles and toes. (HiDef)

$ 10.99


Shya Dice Decides Fate of Naughty Boys 'PC'    
Length: 24.00 minutes     Size: 524.45 MB     Format: WMV

Santa has brought Shya a present! She gets to punish all the little boys who have made the naughty list this year. Instead of giving them a lump of coal, Shya gets to roll the dice to decide which kind of punishment these naughty little boys will recieve. 'PC' (HiDef)

$ 18.99


Skyler Unaware Babysitter VORE     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 167.34 MB     Format: WMV

Skyler is babysitting and cannot seem to find the little boy that she is watching. Little does she know, the boy has shrunk himself and is sitting at her feet admiring her giant body. The tiny boy crawls up her body from her toes all the way to her shoulder. When he accidentally falls into Skyler's bowl of cereal, his faint screams aren't loud enough to get her attention. Completely unaware of the tiny boy on her spoon, Skyler chews the little boy with her cereal and swallows his tiny body! VORE (HiDef)

$ 8.25


Shya naughty Elf of squish 'PC'    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 294.40 MB     Format: WMV

Shya punishes all the naughty boys who haven't been good before Christmas. They don't get a lump of coal they get the high heel of her heavy fingers! 'PC'

$ 12.99


Skyler and Maryann Turn Bitch Into a Shoe     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 250.14 MB     Format: WMV

Maryann has had it with their bitchy friend, Tracey. She invited her and Skyler along for a night out on the town, but Maryann has other ideas when Tracey arrives. Tracey comes in already talking smack and Maryann puts her plan in motion. She has the bitch look at a toy and as she stares into it, she starts to transform! She moans and yells, but Skyler and Maryann laugh above her as they pull Tracey up to reveal that she is a shoe! The girls take turns walking in her and dangling her, all the while Tracey moans and squeaks! The girls laugh as they put her on their feet and head out for a night on the town! (in HiDef)

$ 10.25


Maryann Unaware Eats Tiny Son in Cereal    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 164.25 MB     Format: WMV

Maryann yells for her son to come in the room, but she gets no response. Little does she know, her son has shrank himself and is in the room with her! He climbs up the table to see his Mom eating cereal. He climbs up her leg and up her body and into her hair. He falls right into the bowl of cereal and Mommy doesn't know he's in there! Guess what's in the next bit she takes? (in HiDef) (VORE)

$ 6.99


Poppy Eats Tiny Employee (Racial Humiliation    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 223.80 MB     Format: WMV

Poppy is the supervisor at the warehouse and today is the performance review. Poppy shrinks his black ass and insults him with many racial slurs, and fires him for being a slow and horrible worker! She tortures him, swishing his tiny black body around her mouth before swallowing him whole. (in HiDef) (Racial Humiliation)

$ 9.50


Poppy Eats Tiny Slave (Racial Humiliation)    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 227.98 MB     Format: WMV

Poppy is pissed to find out that she ate her niece! This tiny little woman slave has no idea what he has gotten herself into. Poppy Punishes her with her giant tongue. She teases her tiny body in her mouth before sending the bitch to her new home. Her stomach! Poppy swallows the puny witch whole and talks shit to the tiny slave in her stomach.

$ 9.50


Shya Tiny Student     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 219.09 MB     Format: WMV

Ms. Shya sends her students to recess and decides to give her sweaty feet a break from her black flats. While rubbing her stockinged soles together and on the carpet, Shya feels something squishy under her feet. To her surprise, it's Tommy, a student who shrunk himself to hide under her desk and be close to her sexy stockinged feet. Flattered by the sweet boy, Ms. Shya decides to let the student stay under her desk for the rest of class. Shya quickly hides the tiny boy in her shoe as the class returns from recess and decides to take him home with her after school. When they get to shya's house, the fun begins! Little tiny Tommy gets to live out his biggest fantasies under his sexy teacher's soles. After stomping and teasing the tiny boy, Shya cannot find him! Disgusted to find the boy squished to the bottom of her foot, Shya freaks out and decides her only choice is to hide all of the evidence!

$ 23.50


Kaya Stomps Shrunken Cheating Boyfriend     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 262.33 MB     Format: WMV

Kaya found her boyfriend cheating on her, and she is going to give a bit of payback! She's got him at home and he thinks he's about to get a great surprise! But Kaya shrank him and now she is going to stomp his tiny cheating cock to pieces! View from under the table and see his body smash into the floor. He hasn't completely crushed, so Kaya shrinks him down even smaller, laughs at him and finishes him off with her big toe! (in HiDef)

$ 11.25


Nevaeh Teacher Sore Feet Hosts Tiny Man Convention     View Sample
Length: 28.00 minutes     Size: 604.19 MB     Format: WMV

Nevaeh is teaching her class and standing on her poor sore feet. She rubs them as she continues the lesson, but she can't wait for a break. At the end of the day, she is ready to go home, but the Principal comes in to let Ms. Nevaeh know that it is her volunteer night for the Tiny Men Convention. She must be the hostess and standing on her feet for hours until the convention is over. Nevaeh is pissed, but she does as she's told and heads down to the Convention. As she stands, waiting for the guests, she begins rubbing her sore stockinged toes. She doesn't notice when they arrive and almost stomps down on their tiny bodies! She quickly apologizes and helps each one to their seat. Finally, the night is over and Nevaeh can head home. But she's unaware of one tiny man who found his way home with her inside her shoe! He climbs up her coffee table and watches as she rubs her poor stockinged feet! (some POV) (in HiDef)

$ 18.50


Kendra MealMen Massage in Scholls 'PC'    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 219.29 MB     Format: WMV

Kendra comes in and needs those big feet massaged. Her MealMen captive and places them under her big soles inside her Scholl sandals! They dig in deep to her wrinkles and feel so good on her dry bare soles! 'PC' (in HiDef)

$ 10.00


Francesca Rubberband Revenge     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 321.70 MB     Format: WMV

Francesca is a jeanie who has been taken advantage of by her master for the last time! After he talk shit about her cooking, Francesca decides it's time for a change. She shrinks her master down to a puny helpless size! This angry jeanie straps her tiny master to her giant soles with rubberbands and wears his little ass on her feet around the house. Stomping, teasing and torturing, Francesca shows this asshole what it feels like to be walked on! (HiDef)

$ 13.25