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Realtor Makayla Checks On Security System!     View Sample
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 900.17 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla goes to one of her homes that she's been trying to sell for quite some time now, her boss has sent her to check the property out because the security system keeps malfunctioning! She is completely unaware this house has been shrinking other realtors and buyers for weeks now, theirs something wrong going in inside. Makayla walks in and starts walking around not knowing she is stepping on the tiny people and crushing them with her heels! After checking the front room she takes off her heels and walks around bare foot, checking the dining room, not knowing there sticking to the bottom of her sweaty soles! Makayla is completely unaware whats happening from below. As she continues on through the house she continues to crush all the tiny people and there remains are stuck to her soles! After Makayla does the whole rundown she wonders whats going on! Theirs no smell, all doors are locked, she has no idea why it keeps malfunctioning! She has crushed all the tiny people that's been shrunk inside the home and even takes a couple of them home with her after she leaves not knowing they are crushed in between her toes and on the bottom of her sweaty soles!
$ 15.25