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Hali has a tiny pet 360 VR     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 932.22 MB     Format: MP4

Filmed in VR so get ready to feel real small as Beautiful Hali walks over you, stands in front of you, bends down to kiss your tiny body and threatens to step on you as you stand helpless on her huge floor! (VR 360)

$ 8.75


Giantess Lana Destroys City In Search Of Person Thats Itty Bitty     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 289.12 MB     Format: WMV

Lana has been rampaging through an entire city all day long in search of the man that ruined her life and made her this tall and big for all of eternity. Having no pity for anyone or anything, she has trampled cars, people, roads, etc. Anyone that tries to hide her enemy is treated with disrespect and ends up beneath her giant bare feet! Until she finds this son of a bitch, she will destroy one city after the other after the other until she exacts her revenge!

$ 10.00


Jala Plays Spacemen Squash     View Sample
Length: 35.00 minutes     Size: 768.00 MB     Format: WMV

Several tiny spacemen are waving a tiny white flag down at Jala's giant bare soles in hopes she will see this as a truce. After she has killed almost their entire crew, they know they stand no chance against the evil witch. All they want now is to go home and for Jala to help them but she has other plans! Spacemen Squash is her favorite game and they're not going anywhere except maybe under her big feet! Being a giantess has its perks and Jala uses this ability to crush the tiny men between several of her giant body parts! Her giant ass is perfect for flattening their tiny bodies and her giant palms are perfect for splattering their guts! Of course, her giant mouth is always fun to torture them with because half of them can't swim! Her giant feet are always the funnest to squash them with because she knows none of them are ever going home. Instead, they should get used to the fact that beneath her soles are going to be their new permanent home forever!

$ 19.75


Eva Burps On The Tiny Twerp     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 284.16 MB     Format: WMV

Eva finds her tiny boyfriend in her warm cozy shoes. Since he loves smelling her feet so much, she slides his tiny body up and down her soiled sweaty socks to let him swim in all her foot sweat! Then, she removes her stinky socks and places him right in front of her beautiful bare feet and forces him to worship every inch of them right before shoving him right between her toe jam infested toes! While he's giving them a good clean, Eva eats, drinks, rudely burps, and downgrades him a bout his tiny size especially compared to her gigantic feet! Next, she hovers his tiny body over her mouth until she finally drops him inside to get a good taste. While sliding him between her tongue and swirling him around in her giant mouth, she burps and laughs asking him if it smells good. Finally, she swallows him and burps one last time telling him to enjoy her stomach.....forever!

$ 10.00


Raven Eliminates 3 Inch Ex With Her Giant Feet Since He Loves To Cheat     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 446.08 MB     Format: WMV

Raven is pacing back and forth barefoot while talking to her girlfriend on the phone and complaining about her cheating ex boyfriend. As she walks, she steps on her tiny 3 inch ex every time she passes by having no idea he is on the floor. Finally, he manages to get away from his ex girlfriends giant feet and takes cover in one of her giant flip flop. However, his body gets trampled once again when Raven slips her feet back inside her flops and stands on his tiny body with all her weight still unaware of his presence. She walks around with him beneath her feet for a few minutes until she gets a call from him informing her that he is inside her flip flop and she is crushing him! Looking down, Raven finally notices him and laughs evilly asking him how her big size 9 feet feel on top his tiny helpless body! Still on the phone with him, Raven continues to pace around with him stuck beneath her foot, giving him all her weight. Finally,she takes him out of her flip flop and decides to crush him out! Repeatedly, she steps on him slowly and pauses for a few seconds so he never gets a break. Shortly after, she can feel his body finally giving out and his bones breaking beneath her foot. At least she will never have to worry about running into her cheating ex from now on!

$ 16.25


Riley Crush Cricks To Excite His Hard Dick 'PC'    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 337.12 MB     Format: WMV

Riley enters the kitchen and finds one of her fans jerking off his cock where many crick men have died over the years. Instantly, Riley realizes who he is and knows just how much he loves watching her crush tiny pathetic cricks. Using her long fingers, she grabs his hard cock and shows him a cage full of tiny little crick men waiting to be tortured and crushed! To excite him even more, Riley jerks off his cock while snatching cricks one after the other and popping them with her long fingers. Her wet tongue flicks, licks, and sucks on his cock to give him even more pleasure! When Riley takes a break from his cock, she stands up and flattens her victims on her pussy and on her round ass, letting them fall to the floor unaware if they are dead or still alive! Then, she goes back to jerking off her fans cock until he squirts all over her arms and hand! After congratulating him, Riley forces him to lie down in the floor where he can see up close views of all her dead crick man victims! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 12.99


Besties Crush And Smash All Exs That Have Treated Them Like Trash 'PC'    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 425.48 MB     Format: WMV

Bff's Jala and Saige are so excited they finally have all their ex boyfriends that have ever done them wrong trapped in a cage as tiny little crick men! Now, they will finally get to eliminate them all just like they have always wanted and no one will ever know! Each one they snatch, they downgrade and humiliate them right before tossing them on the floor and crushing them beneath their heels. It feels amazing to take out all their aggression and hate out on all their ex's by slamming them beneath their heels and then peering down at all the damage they've caused! They also their long fingers to pop and explode their guts instantly and then they let their lifeless bodies fall to the floor without final crush. Finally, they remove their heels so they can not only hear their victims pop beneath them but they can also FEEL their bodies flatten beneath their bare soles! Saige and Jala both have so much fun popping, crushing, jamming, and squishing all their ex's bodies, knowing they will never have to worry about them ever ever again! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 15.99


Breezys Tiny Boyfriend Has Something New To Worry About     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 252.22 MB     Format: WMV

Breezy's boyfriend comes home after work confessing to her that he has had a very stressful day and his overall anxiety level has been off the roof lately. To get his mind completely off work and stress, she decides he should solely focus on her for a while. Then, she gives him a big kiss and watches him shrink down to the size of a tiny bug while informing him that he's going to have a new problem to worry and stress about from now on! He won't even have time to worry about work instead, he's going to have to worry about her giant size 8 feet and worry about being squashed beneath them! On that note, Breezy's giant soles start chasing after her frightened little boyfriend and he finally forgets about all the stress that was bringing him down before! Suddenly, she loses sight of him because of his new tiny size and spends a while looking and searching everywhere for his whereabouts. Breezy eventually steps right on top of his tiny body, making him stick like glue to the bottom of her sweaty sole! When she finally realizes where he is, she is in love with how he feels pressed to the bottom of her sole and decides to keep him there! Now, all she has to do is call his work and inform them that he's sick and won't be coming in for a few days! Breezy smiles at all of the things she can do with him and all the places she can take her new bug sized boyfriend!

$ 9.99


Babysitter Chloe Eats Burps And Enjoys Her New Tiny Toy     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 269.40 MB     Format: WMV

Babysitter Chloe is running a little late to watch a little boy, Josh. When she arrives she sees something on the ground and realizes it's the little boy she is supposed to be watching! She teases him about his new tiny size and thinks he looks cute! However, that doesn't stop her from forcing him to worship her giant bare feet while she eats, drinks, and burps! Finally, she picks him up and uses him as a toothpick to get some leftover food out of her giant teeth. While he's in her mouth she burps on him just to be mean right before swallowing him whole and burping once more to show her satisfaction! Chloe then relaxes and comes up with a good believable story to tell his mom about why he's not there!

$ 10.50


Every Crick Man Dies From A Game Hali Designs 'PC'    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 420.07 MB     Format: WMV

Hali has invented a new game for her pet cricks that lets them choose their own way to die! Whatever circle they run to is the body part that Hali will crush them against! After explaining the rules, she snatches crick man after crick man and drops them in the middle of all six circles and waits to see which one they run to. Some cricks choose ass or breasts and Hali squishes them on her plump ass or between her big tits! When a crick chooses sex, Hali lands them right on her pussy and watches them ooze guts everywhere! Hali loves when she gets to toss them up in the air and explode them between her palms and feeling their guts pop between them. The last two circles are shoes and fingers. When a crick chooses shoes, Hali stomps them flat beneath her heels and when they choose fingers, she gets an up close view of their tiny bodies exploding as she uses all her might to pop them like a zit! To entertain herself, Hali bites two cricks in half so she can taste their tangy juices and lets them fall the floor without final crush! This game could be a SMASH hit for Hali! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 15.99


Tiny Spacemen Are Dead After Tying Giantess Jala To The Bed     View Sample
Length: 34.00 minutes     Size: 744.95 MB     Format: WMV

Jala wakes up to find herself tied down with thin strings by a bunch of tiny spacemen. They demand for her to give them the magic spell so they can return home to their planet or they will torture it out of her! The tiny men try to shock her while she's tied but the tiny pain only pisses Jala off even more and after killing off a few of the men, she eventually frees herself. Once free, she is on a mission to destroy all the spacemen and their spaceships making it to where they can never return home! Using her giant ass, she crushes several men into smithereens and even pops some inside her giant wet mouth, sucking out all their juices before swallowing them! Her giant bare feet come in handy when smashing their tiny bodies and grinding them into a million pieces but her fists do just as well! Jala hunts, finds, crushes, stomps, twists, and shit talks all the tiny spacemen until every single one is dead! Their tiny spaceship with the commander and crew is the only thing that's left to destroy and Jala has a few ideas of how to destroy them that are very entertaining!

$ 21.75


Cricks Get Crunched When Addison Tries To Eat Lunch 'PC'    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 267.80 MB     Format: WMV

Addison enters the break room to eat lunch. While deciding what to eat, she notices a crick man crawling around the floor! How gross! Using her black pointy high heel, she smashes it instantly! However, it's not just one in the break room it's many more! Addison concludes that they have a bug infestation and she needs to call an exterminator immediately! Every crick Addison sees until then, she crushes, splatters, and pops beneath the bottom of her heels. Eventually, she starts dipping her feet in and out of her heels and uses her bare feet to explode their guts! When Addison goes back to work at her desk, she calls her boss to inform him about the bug problem in the break room. Until they arrive, Addison continues working and dangles her heels until they fall off her spread toes and onto the floor. Once they fall, we see crick remains and their sticky juices stuck to the bottom of her soles! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 10.50


Evas Drunken Night Turns Into A Crick Man Fright 'PC'    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 259.06 MB     Format: WMV

Eva has just arrived home from a long night of partying. Entering her house, she stumbles inside and throws back another shot of vodka. Suddenly through her drunken blurred vision, she spots a crick man making his way across her kitchen floor! Immediately, Eva chases and stomps him down with her black pointy high heel. After spotting the first, Eva keeps spotting them over and over! Every time, she slams her heel right on their tiny bodies and flattens them like a sheet of paper! The next few she spots, she tortures by slipping them inside her heels and then sliding her foot on top of them! Finally, Eva slips her sore tired feet out of her heels and is ready to squish any other cricks she sees barefoot! Of course, she finds plenty and she uses her sweaty bare feet to explode their guts! Her soles are covered with crick juice and ooze and Eva can't believe how the tiny bastards have raided her kitchen. However, getting to chase and crush little bastard crick men while being this drunk is kind of fun for her! 'PC'(HiDef)

$ 10.50


Giantess Jane Shows No Pity And Destroys Entire City     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 180.23 MB     Format: WMV

Jane is searching for the pathetic man that made her into a giantess and ruined her life forever. However, she has destroyed an entire city and still hasn't found him anywhere! As she sits with her bare feet out in front of her, she peers down at all the ruins and damage she has caused in her search to find his hiding place. She has destroyed cars, houses, civilians, and even people that wouldn't give him up! Finally, she stands up and towers over a few leftover houses still standing. Using her big, bare, giant feet she crushes them and adds to her destruction. If not today, then tomorrow she will be on the hunt for him again and will not stop until she finds the little bastard!

$ 7.25


Tiny Bro Loves Sniffing Panties And Toes     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 817.21 MB     Format: WMV

(OLDIE )Hali shrunk her little bro a while back and ever since has shared him with all the other females in their family. They have all taken turns with him and squished him beneath their big bare feet! Today, she has invited her friend Holiday over to join in with the fun! Both girls get down on their hands and knees searching for Hali's hiding brother. They find him hidden beneath the couch and Hali coaxes him to come out by telling him how great Holiday's big feet are and how nice it might be to get squished by such beautiful feet! Holiday flaunts her feet and Hali joins in by relishing on the smell of her stinky feet! Eventually, he gives in to the urge and comes out of hiding only to have the two giantess's surround him. The girls force him to worship their soles AND bright pink panties by spreading their legs wide open! Hali wedges his tiny body into Holidays spread toes and worships her feet with him trapped inside. Then, Holiday teases Hali with her feet, rubbing them all over her body paying special attention to her sexy panties. Finally, Hali sucks him out of Holiday's toes and swallows him whole! Maybe when she shits him out, Holiday can finally experience the amazing feeling of crushing him beneath her big bare feet!

$ 16.50


Chloe Gets Joy Out Of Her Forever Tiny Toy     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 293.70 MB     Format: WMV

Chloe enters the room and finds her friend looking very depressed. He informs her that he wishes he had a different better life where he could be useful and always be loved by someone. An idea sparks in Chloe's mind and she bends down to give her friend a big wet kiss. Then, she smiles and watches as he shrinks down to the size of a tiny toy! Now, he can be her tiny foot slave toy and always be useful to her doing anything she asks of him! After forcing her new toy to worship and clean her dirty bare feet, he becomes very frightened of her giant soles and tries to flee. However, his new tiny size is no match for Chloe's giantess feet! They instantly stop him right in his path wherever he tries to go! Blowing him another kiss, Chloe watches her tiny toy shrink down to an even smaller microscopic size! Now, he is the perfect size to stick right between her giant toes! This will be his new home and he can live and feed off all her toe jam as her forever tiny toy! After all, he did want to be useful in a new different life!

$ 10.50


Riley Treads On Bread     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 252.27 MB     Format: WMV

Riley comes home after shopping all day and her feet are dirty and sticky from wearing her black worn out bamboo flip flops all day. While standing, she naturally shoe plays in them as she checks her phone. Her shoes have caused her heels to hurt so bad that she grabs two pieces of cool moist bread and slips them beneath each heel enjoying the extra squishy comfort! When she raises her heels back up out of her flops, we see a perfect imprint of her heels after standing hard on the bread. We even see the indention of her toes where she presses them down hard on the bread as well! She decides to save the pieces to make a sandwich for her boyfriend later on! No use wasting the bread when her boyfriends two favorite things happen to be sandwiches AND feet!

$ 8.75


Riley Answers Fans Questions Shoe Playing Pink Slippers     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 244.41 MB     Format: WMV

Riley is wearing a hot sexy dress with white nylon stockings and pink fuzzy slippers. While standing, she answers some fans questions while shoe playing in her well worn sweat stained slippers. The questions consist of many different things such as her feet, her shoes, foot worshiping, and even crushing! Riley gives honest, direct, and well explained responses to all questions while dipping in and out of her slippers and spreading her toes in her sweaty white nylons!

$ 7.99


Evas Tiny Bro Lands In Her Chip Bowl     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 187.83 MB     Format: WMV

Eva enters the kitchen calling out for her little brother. However, he doesn't reply back and is he is nowhere to be seen. Though she can't find him, Eva spots a delicious bowl of chips she assumes he left out for her. Hopping up on the kitchen counter barefoot, Eva grabs the bowl of chips and munches away. Little does she know, before she entered the kitchen, her little brother accidentally shrunk himself and fell into the chip bowl. Now, as she reaches into the bowl and grabs chip by chip, her tiny bro is frantically trying to stay out of her reach! Still wondering out loud where in the world her other could be, Eva reaches down and scoops up another chip along with her tiny bro! Something is very different about this chip, Eva thinks to herself. It almost looks burnt but it's still probably just as delicious! She tosses them both back and chews them up slowly, showing off her chewed up food mixed with her saliva! That chip was actually more delicious than all the rest! Eva expresses surprisingly as she picks at her teeth completely unaware that she just devoured her tiny brother!

$ 7.99


Hali and Riley 360 Jamm 'PC'     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 2000.00 MB     Format: MP4

Look up to the two giantesses as they squish helpless crickmen between fingers and on their beautiful bodies. They walk around and bend down giving you a 360 view of them as they continue to smoke and bite the helpless tinies! (MP4 VR)

$ 16.99