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Clips Linked with Video: VV4575 Tiny Tortures Comp. 55MIns

Babysitter Chloe Eats Burps And Enjoys Her New Tiny Toy
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 269.40 MB    View Sample
Babysitter Chloe is running a little late to watch a little boy, Josh. When she arrives she sees something on the ground and realizes it's the little boy she is supposed to be watching! She teases him about his new tiny size and thinks he looks cute! However, that doesn't stop her from forcing him to worship her giant bare feet while she eats, drinks, and burps! Finally, she picks him up and uses him as a toothpick to get some leftover food out of her giant teeth. While he's in her mouth she burps on him just to be mean right before swallowing him whole and burping once more to show her satisfaction! Chloe then relaxes and comes up with a good believable story to tell his mom about why he's not there!
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Breezys Tiny Boyfriend Has Something New To Worry About
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 252.22 MB    View Sample
Breezy's boyfriend comes home after work confessing to her that he has had a very stressful day and his overall anxiety level has been off the roof lately. To get his mind completely off work and stress, she decides he should solely focus on her for a while. Then, she gives him a big kiss and watches him shrink down to the size of a tiny bug while informing him that he's going to have a new problem to worry and stress about from now on! He won't even have time to worry about work instead, he's going to have to worry about her giant size 8 feet and worry about being squashed beneath them! On that note, Breezy's giant soles start chasing after her frightened little boyfriend and he finally forgets about all the stress that was bringing him down before! Suddenly, she loses sight of him because of his new tiny size and spends a while looking and searching everywhere for his whereabouts. Breezy eventually steps right on top of his tiny body, making him stick like glue to the bottom of her sweaty sole! When she finally realizes where he is, she is in love with how he feels pressed to the bottom of her sole and decides to keep him there! Now, all she has to do is call his work and inform them that he's sick and won't be coming in for a few days! Breezy smiles at all of the things she can do with him and all the places she can take her new bug sized boyfriend!
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Eva Burps On The Tiny Twerp
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 284.16 MB    View Sample
Eva finds her tiny boyfriend in her warm cozy shoes. Since he loves smelling her feet so much, she slides his tiny body up and down her soiled sweaty socks to let him swim in all her foot sweat! Then, she removes her stinky socks and places him right in front of her beautiful bare feet and forces him to worship every inch of them right before shoving him right between her toe jam infested toes! While he's giving them a good clean, Eva eats, drinks, rudely burps, and downgrades him a bout his tiny size especially compared to her gigantic feet! Next, she hovers his tiny body over her mouth until she finally drops him inside to get a good taste. While sliding him between her tongue and swirling him around in her giant mouth, she burps and laughs asking him if it smells good. Finally, she swallows him and burps one last time telling him to enjoy her stomach.....forever!
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Raven Eliminates 3 Inch Ex With Her Giant Feet Since He Loves To Cheat
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 446.08 MB    View Sample
Raven is pacing back and forth barefoot while talking to her girlfriend on the phone and complaining about her cheating ex boyfriend. As she walks, she steps on her tiny 3 inch ex every time she passes by having no idea he is on the floor. Finally, he manages to get away from his ex girlfriends giant feet and takes cover in one of her giant flip flop. However, his body gets trampled once again when Raven slips her feet back inside her flops and stands on his tiny body with all her weight still unaware of his presence. She walks around with him beneath her feet for a few minutes until she gets a call from him informing her that he is inside her flip flop and she is crushing him! Looking down, Raven finally notices him and laughs evilly asking him how her big size 9 feet feel on top his tiny helpless body! Still on the phone with him, Raven continues to pace around with him stuck beneath her foot, giving him all her weight. Finally,she takes him out of her flip flop and decides to crush him out! Repeatedly, she steps on him slowly and pauses for a few seconds so he never gets a break. Shortly after, she can feel his body finally giving out and his bones breaking beneath her foot. At least she will never have to worry about running into her cheating ex from now on!
  $ 16.25  Order Now


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