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Clips Linked with Video: VV4567 Exterminators Crush and Destroy 'PC' 49Mins

Hot SSF Exterminators Aren't Finished Just Yet 'PC'
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 334.52 MB
Now that the Hot Ssf exterminators think they are finished they all stand a chat in the kitchen about what club they plan to go to tonight!!! While they are talking about how much dancing they are going to do one of the girls catches a critter crawling and jamms it with her bare stocking foot! Suddenly tons of Unwanted pests are Over Flowing in the kitchen all the Hot Exterminators Jump Back In to Action Jamming stomping and Flattening! Just When they Thought They were done they have to get back to work again!'PC'
  $ 9.99  Order Now


Hot SSF Exterminators Barefoot Walkover
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 297.49 MB
The hot ladies of SSF exterminators Brynn, destiny, Saige, Riley and Makena have their work cut out for them. The ladies take turns walking across the sea of pests. Smashing them with the balls of their bare feet. Some of the pests try to get back at the ladies but they just smear their insides everywhere.
  $ 10.99  Order Now


Hot SSF Exterminators Choose How They Die'PC'
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 330.80 MB
The hot SSF exterminators are at it again... they have gathered more creepers and they get to choose how they die.. Brynn, destiny, Saige and Makena are prepared! They choose to Jam and destroy with their heels... They wanna hear crunching and popping and snapping to make sure the job is done! As they destroy you get to watch them use their highly arched feet in hot high heels! These hot Exterminators wont let anything get in the way of them doing the Job!(underglass crush)'PC'
  $ 9.00  Order Now


Hot SSF Exterminators Clear The House'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 599.11 MB
SSF's Hottest Exterminators have been called out to clear a house! All ladies come prepared and ready to take on whatever mysterious Creepers that have taken over the house! The ladies kick off their heels and get to work, they start jamming and flattening creepers under their panty hosed feet! while the Hot exterminators flatten you get under glass views of everything they are jamming and flattening! Once the exterminators know exactly what they are working with they kick it up a notch and peel off their pantyhose and start jamming, and flattening! These hot exterminators make sure they take care of the problem!'PC'
  $ 14.99  Order Now


Hot SSF Exterminators destroy in Socks 'PC'
Length: 7.00 min,     Size: 257.94 MB
The Hot SSF exterminators wont be happy until they Get all The Creepers From the House... The girls each take turns destroying the creepers they found in socks! While you watch them hard a work you get to see There oh so delicate but Harsh southern feet flattening everything they have come across... They flatten and Observe they want to be sure to get them all! (Underglass Crush) 'PC'
  $ 6.50  Order Now


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