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Clips Linked with Video: VV4566 Clingy Brothers and Shrinking Boyfriends 56Mins

Belles Clingy Boyfriend
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 219.99 MB    View Sample
Belle is resting after straightening up the garage. She has her ex actually clinging to her sole for dear life. He always would follow her, stalk her and be with her 24/7. But she is in a new relationship and he isn't mad at all because what can he do as the size of an ant? She makes him clean her feet since he is already there. Crinkling her soles to make almost a step ladder for him to climb. Her dirty soles are gonna be a job for the tiny clingy boyfriend.
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Holiday Bro Catches The Shrinking Virus
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 478.08 MB    View Sample
Holiday has come home to find out her brother has Caught the shrinking virus... She can't believe it. When She walks in she looks for her brother, she knows all about his foot fetish so every time she comes home she lets her little bro lick her feet! Holiday lets her brother get to work on her feet while she falls asleep and takes a little nap! While holiday is sleeping her little brother tickles her and she accidentally kicks him off and He falls to the floor... Before he could get out of the way Holiday wakes up and her foot slamms right on top of him. Holiday accidentally Crushes her brother!!!! Holiday slowly picks her foot up and panics frantically he is jammed flat to her foot.. As Bad as Holiday feels she knew his biggest dream was to be Stuck to her soles... She puts on her flip flop and gets back to work, this time she is just taking him with her!
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Paige Performs Boyfriends Ultimate Fantasy
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 647.92 MB    View Sample
Paige arrives home after work and immediately calls out for her husband. However, she gets no reply and wonders why he's not home because they had big plans today! He has been begging her for months to role play his giantess girlfriend while he plays her tiny boyfriend and she would do anything he wanted her to. Little does she know, right before she got home, he accidentally shrunk down to a tiny size and is now running around on the floor trying to get her attention. Finally, Paige steps on his tiny body and assumes it's a tiny toy her boyfriend left out for them to use in their role play. After a while, she begins to wonder what it would feel like beneath her stocking feet and sticks him right between them, rolling him around between her soles. she uses her foot to rub every part of his tiny body taunting and teasing him by wiggling her toes on his manhood getting into her role as a giantess. The tiny boyfriend is scared but enjoying every part of it at the same time especially when she starts to stomp and come more aggressive towards him. Then, she raises her foot high and stomps on top of him with all her might and grinds him with her stocking heel deep into the carpet. Paige plays her role so well that the tiny boyfriend can't help but to cum all over his girlfriends stockings toes and soles! Finally, she gives him a big kiss and licks his body with affection and informs him that she hopes that he loved it just as much as she did! In fact, for a minute she forgot she had been stomping on a toy and imagined it really was her tiny boyfriend!
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