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Halis Crush Blog Is A Hit! 'PC'
Length: 26.00 min,     Size: 951.02 MB
Since Hali's last crush blog was such a huge success, she commits to doing another one! Once again, Hali takes out her aggression on her juicy victims! She uses all the hatred, anger, and stress that's been building up for days now and releases it all through her high heel feet and then her bare stocking feet! Again, she explains just exactly how she likes to tease and torture her little pets first before exploding their guts beneath her soles! Please try this at home, she informs her viewers! 'PC'(HiDef)
  $ 17.25  Add to Cart

Cum For Candice!
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 2,321.16 MB    View Sample
Candice has horny tiny man cornered he cant escape anywhere! Candice has a few tricks up her sleeve, and knows he is crazy about her sexy feet! She tells him that she is going to taunt and tease him until he releases all over her soles! She has perfect toes to step all over him! Sexy Candice can see his tiny bulge getting harder and harder, She poses for him in different sexy ways even un dressing down in her sexy bikini and taking off her strappy heels so he can get a better look at her perfect toes and soles! Watch and find out if hes a quick nut or see how long he can last with Candice in front of him! MP4-VR
  $ 13.75  Add to Cart

Stuck On Sweaty Stinky Phoebe Big Soles!
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 621.37 MB    View Sample
Phoebe has a piece of shit boyfriend that has treated her like dirt for a very long time now. Well he has caught the shrinking virus and now is in phoebe's custody! Now she is his legal owner and can do whatever she wants to him! So from all the years of mental abuse from him shes stuck him to the bottom of her sole. Shes been at the gym all day and he has been smothered in her sweaty socks and shoes! So she decides to let them and him of course air out a little and let the pathetic bas*ard breathe. But she isn't done with him little does he know he will be like this for a very long time, but he totally deserves every bit of torture phoebe puts him through!
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

He Comes Out For Wrinkled Soles!
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 788.35 MB    View Sample
Jill has came to make a very important visit, she has a crazy horny tiny man that will not come out of hiding for nothing! Jill thinks no one is there at first but completely unaware he has already came out and is standing next to her clogged soles! Looking up at giant Jill and her big feet! She searches but nothing even calls on him but no response! So Jill does what she does best, she tells him if he is there that he can worship her big soles and wrinkles, even getting a nut on her bare soles! Suddenly Jill has a strange itch, little does she know he already slipped into her clogs, sniffing her big soles! When Jill inspects her clogs a little closer she thinks she found the speck of dirt that was irritating her! Come to find out, ITS HIM! The tiny man that's been bad and needs to go back to the crazy institute! Watch what Jill does to pervy men like him! Maybe even getting lodged in between her wrinkles!
  $ 16.99  Add to Cart

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