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Do You Really Want To Risk This!    
Length: 27.00 minutes     Size: 1243.82 MB     Format: MP4
A tiny man has flown over to the toejac studio to spend some time glued inside one of the models shoes. However the boss isn't there to pull it off so he has asked Makayla to take charge! Makayla has no idea which model is going to show up and actually excited to pull this off! Makayla is holding the man in her hand as she begins to chat with him about coming up with a crazy idea and really finds it hot! She tells him they are risks to this though. She admits that it could be weeks or months before she has a chance to rescue him and he could be trampled for the rest of his life! He still wants to follow through though taking a risk! Makayla try's offering her feet but he turns it down! She kisses him and wishes him good luck! Suddenly the model enters and its Kristen! They greet each other and make small talk as Kristen takes off her heels and props her stocking feet upon the table trapping tiny man under her sticking heel! Makayla is very uncomfortable at this point as they light up a cigarette and continue to talk. Suddenly Kristen gets a call and has to leave the room. Makayla hurry's up and checks on him finding out he is okay and still wants to take the risk! Makayla then proceeds to glue him inside Kristen's heel! But she has made a huge mistake! She has used the wrong glue, its permanent glue! She starts to freak out and now he is wanting to back out but now its to late! Kristen comes back and puts her heels on to show them to Makayla as Makayla is now very nervous and stressed! What will happen? Watch and see how this unfolds or will Makayla pull this completely off!!!
$ 20.25