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Your My Bug Now!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 752.52 MB     Format: MP4
Candice returns home after checking on Davis, which is her friend. He has caught the shrinking virus, and Candice is worried. Little does she know that he is stuck to the bottoms of her sole! She has smothered him for quite sometime since he was inside her sweaty flat! He jumps out of her sweaty flat and try's to take a run for it, BUT she stands up and she squishes him back onto her sweaty wrinkly sole! She sits down and crosses her ankles while he is stuck as she reads a magazine. She then sandwiches him in between her other foot. Suddenly he falls off the couch and he try's to make a run for it! That's when Candice notices him! She thinks he is a bug, and she loves squishing bugs! She tells the "bug" that he's hers now! Candice decides to take a walk with him but he is now stuck to her sweaty wrinkly sole!
$ 14.50