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Nichole's Dance Class Session!    
Length: 28.00 minutes     Size: 1301.70 MB     Format: MP4
Nichole has a dance class that is about to begin! Suddenly a flash appears and everyone in the class has shrunk down to the size of ants! Nichole is running late like usual! Nichole finally arrives in the kitchen in her flip flops and ready to dance but see's no body! Nichole is completely unaware that they all have been shrunk! Nichole doesn't realize there trying to get her attention from below. Some of the classmates start exploring her gigantic flip flops. Nichole just starts dancing and prancing around anyway stepping on some of the classmates! Some survived as Nichole sits down on the couch propping her feet up some climb the couch and inspect her soles closely! Watch and see if Nichole finds out whats going on, or does she think there just bugs she has to rid of!
$ 19.50