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Candice Catches Tiny Step Son!    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 781.78 MB     Format: MP4
I'm one inch tall at the floor, my step mom Candice arrives home wearing sexy black high heel sandals, She accidentally steps on me with her shoes. She is on the phone talking to a friend about my crazy fetish, telling her that I always steal her shoes and stocking to jerk off on them and that I'm always trying to smell and lick her feet when she is unaware of me. Meanwhile she remains in the same position standing on me. I was trying so hard to hold the pressure that she was putting on me with her shoe she was also tapping her foot on the floor all over my tiny body. She than tells her friend how sweaty and stinky her feet are from dancing all night, so she decided to take her shoes off, again she steps on me barefoot. She is still talking shit about me on the phone with her friend while I'm under her giant soles jerking off to the smelly aroma. Candice is still unaware that I'm under her foot as she is slowly moving it and tapping it on me wiggling her toes driving me absolutely wild. Eventually I can't resist anymore and i cum all over her foot. She feels something wet and raises her foot catching me. She starts yelling at me telling me if i want to be the size of a bug she is going to treat me like one. She starts stepping on me harder and harder each time. She moves to the glass table and angrily steps on me with the intentions to flatten me. I start begging for my step mom mercy. She finally stops and tells me my punishment is just starting, she glues me to her foot and puts her high heel sandals back on. She tells me I will be her personal insole for the rest of the week.
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