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Saige Takes Out Anger Stomping To Korn    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 448.26 MB     Format: MP4
Saige is sitting in the floor with a HUGE pile of dubi roaches between her sexy bare feet! She talks about how she has had a shitty ass day and needs to take some anger out all while the song Blind by Korn is playing in the background. She goes on to talk about how she needs to release this anger she has built up thats when the first drop in the song hits and saige stands up and starts rocking out to this song that really knows how to bring out her sadistic dominate side and she stomps this little fucks by jumping up and down with both feet coming down on all those little helpless creatures. when the second drop of the song hits saige switches it up and starts marching in place with flipping her hair around really releasing all her angry on the dubis. When the third and final drop hits saige switches it up again to a light walking in place just letting all the anger leave her body!!
$ 10.75