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Addison Meets With You Today!     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 781.22 MB     Format: MP4
Addison comes to your house, you have called her in. Addison has a client that has a big fetish for big feet! He loves to be smothered in big feet and stepped on BUT Addison likes to do it when you lay down and she also has a surprise up her sleeve as well! She starts to shrink you, now your little and you get the full experience on how big they really are! She teases you first with her black flats (pov) and eventually slips them off, revealing her stocking feet! She smothers you in her big foot aroma! Then she wants to make things interesting, she tells you to run and try to escape from her, she isn't going to hurt you she just wants to have some fun! Addison stomps down but misses you, you try and run to a corner and hide! Addison finds you, now what?! You cant play hide and seek with a giantess!
$ 15.25