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Krystals Tiny Project!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 2184.24 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal comes walking in carrying a clip board and looks down not expecting you to be so small! She lets you sit on the floor, and she dangles in her heels while she goes over everything. She tells you thats shes here today to get over your giant fetish! She needs to correct his attraction, he likes to be crushed under a giant woman's foot! Krystal starts into action, and picks him up placing him on the couch and sitting on him with her perfect round ass! After awhile of ass torture, she then proceeds to place him on the floor squishing him under her bare toes! It should be working by now! She's trying to squish the fetish out of him! She then decides to put on her see through sandals and squish him under those! Until suddenly she hears a tiny crack! She see's a tiny erection, but she continues to squish the fetish out of him! MP4-VR 360
$ 14.25