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CEO Foot Sandwich And Shitty Co Workers! 'PC'    
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 1013.27 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla just arrived home and is carrying a cage full of crick victims that was her co workers and is dangling her crick boss from a string! Makayla has a full day of torture, since they all like to treat her like shit! She first has her boss tied up and she tortures him first, he never liked Makayla taking a smoke break, she lights up a cig and blows her smoke right into his small crick face! She then decides to hang him from one of her bare toes where he can watch what she does to his rude employee's he has hired! Makayla then starts on her co workers! Taking them all to the glass table, squishing them under her bare foot letting her boss watch every victim get crushed under her soles and toes! Then Makayla turns to her boss, watch what Makayla has in store for him and her co workers, she gets every pay back she deserves! 'PC'
$ 16.50