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Makayla Puts All The Gunk On Tiny!     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 547.91 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla comes walking in after a long and hot sweaty run! Her little tiny man friend is waiting for her arrival, he trusts Makayla, and there good friends! Makayla wants to play around with him since he's tiny and bug size shes in the mood for some torture! She first places her dirty sneakers on top of him applying some pressure to him and shoving him into the carpet! After awhile of torture she takes off her sneakers and shows off her dirty filthy socks, smothering him in foot stench! He's just a small bug to her that belongs in the dirt anyways! Makayla then pulls off her dirty socks and places him in between her sweaty toes and makes him lick her sweat and rubs her other sweaty foot on top of him! Makayla loves to torture her little friend and makes him smell and lick her gunk!
$ 11.25