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Krystal Shrinks And Crushes 'PC'    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 469.27 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal has shrunken her brother and his friends into tiny little pill bugs. She tells him if he gives her his bank info she won't crush him. after a few minutes he gives in and tells her his passwords. Once she confirms it she tells him as promised she won't crush him but she never promised to UN-shrink him. She hears a door open and whispers to them daddies home. She laughs and tells him he barley noticed you when you where big he won't notice you now. Krystal's dad comes in and she tells him she saw a bug on the floor earlier. He walks around unaware crushing but than notices one on the floor and crushes it . When the dad leaves Krystal comes back in and says there is now nothing left to recognize them. She laughs and walks away. 'PC'
$ 10.25