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Cali Catches Saige Trying To Crush Her Boyfriend!     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 748.36 MB     Format: MP4
Saige absolutely can't stand her sister Cali's boyfriend. She thinks that he is such an embarrassment to her and her family! Like why in the fuck would you want to be with a guy who's fantasy is to be shrunk into a tiny man? That's fucking weird!! Cali also told Saige that her boyfriend's biggest fantasy was to be shrunk and die under the foot of a Goddess. Saige couldn't take her sister being with this fucking creep any longer!!! So Saige decided that she was going to shrink Cali's boyfriend and leave him in their living room floor for her sister to step on and crush when she walks in!! When Cali finally gets home she walks around the living room on her phone trying to get ahold of her boyfriend who isnt answering the phone! Cali has no clue that her boyfriend is right there at the house he is just so tiny that she cant see him!! Cali's now tiny boyfriend trys to get away every time cali steps really close to him and he trys to get her attention but she cant hear or see him!! after a few Cali walks out of the room to go get ready cuz her and Saige are going out to eat! saige comes back excited to see Cali's tiny boyfriend crushed like a bug! But when she walks in the tiny fuck is still there breathing living and running around. So Saige says that she is just going to crush him herself! Right when Saige is about to put him out like a light Cali comes in and catches her!! Watch full video to find out what happens to Calis boyfriend!
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