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Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1145.28 MB     Format: MP4
Marissa and Addison has had waaaayyyyy too much fun together!!! Marissa and Addison has kids the same age and they both graduated today so they had them a little graduation party!! I think they had more fun than their kids did!!! Marissa and Addison left their husbands at the house together because they dont like to have fun like they do!!!! Marissa and Addison come home and you can definitely tell they have had a little too much fun!! These two are tipsy as hell when they come into the house they dont see their husbands anywhere. Addison makes the comment that she thinks she drank too much and Marissa agrees and says she did too!!! The girls walk into the living room thinking their husbands would be there watching tv or something but they dont see them! They dont know it yet but their husbands have been shrunk into tiny men!!!! Marisa and Addison walk around the house looking for their husbands but no sign of them anywhere!! What they dont know is they are walking around looking for their husbands when they are right under their feet! Like literally!!! While walking around looking for them the girls change shoes, clean the kitchen, and continue to search when all along they are steppin on walking on and over and crushing their now tiny husbands they even crush their..... Oh wait i dont want to ruin the surprise!! Watch full Video to see what surprise Marissa and Addison have for you!!!
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