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Marissa's Failed Beach Day!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 939.85 MB     Format: MP4
Marissa is heading to the beach today for some relief, she is gathering up all her things for the day while her boyfriend and friend is getting there things ready as well. She goes over to her pairs of flip flops and she remembers this one pair that she has been wanting so bad. Last time she went out they were sold out and she wants to go look around today and see if they put anymore out in stock. She leaves to check but when she returns her boyfriend and friend is no where to be found, they have ditched her to go on to the beach! She's pissed now plus they didn't have her flip flops she wanted! Little does Marissa know her boyfriend and friend both have a foot fetish and they both have smelled Marissa's flip flops and her foot stink has shrunk them both down to the size of tiny ants! She has no idea and almost crushes them entering the house, Marissa continues to call out for them and there's no answer! She then decides to make a small snack, little does she know the tiny men has hitched a ride on her flip flops and in between her toes into the living room while she enjoys her snack! Marissa ends up kicking the tiny men off thinking there ants that came from her snack and she even makes a mess in the carpet with the tiny men in the middle of the mess to! Marissa now has to clean the mess up with a vacuum! She is so fed up with today its ridiculous! All awhile the tiny men have been jacking there tiny d***s to Marissa's bare size 10s! But she continues to see these two small ants! Marissa gets a closer look and realizes its her hubby!!! What does Marissa end up doing with him and his friend?!
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