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Tiny Toy Gets Put To Work!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 954.35 MB     Format: MP4
Kenzie comes home to baby sit her little brother and they was also suppose to go out for lunch today, thats there every week thing they both do. Kenzie calls out for him but theirs no response. She searches around but looks like shes home alone! Kenzie decides to sit down on the couch and relax, little does she know he is shrunk to the size of a small ant and cant barely see him with the naked eye. He is trying his hardest to get her attention by climbing up on her flip flops, but Kenzie feels something and she keeps knocking it off. Until suddenly she decides to pick it up, she starts to in spect it and realizes its just a small toy and her feet are itchy anyways so she decides to use it for her own personal toy scratcher! Kenzie don't realize shes using her tiny shrunken little bro to scratch her feet and cant hear his screams for help! Kenzie decides to keep her little found toy for the future when she has an itch! Now shes on her way to find out where her little brother has gone, little does she know he's under her big toe in her flip flops!
$ 16.99