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Danni Crush Therapy 'PC'    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1382.64 MB     Format: MP4
Danni is ready for a little crush therapy. She is sitting barefoot with her feet propped up. She has some lucky crick men in a bag ready to be squished! She starts off by crushing a few with her fingers loving the way the guts feel in the plastic bag. Than she gets up on the glass table and squishes the cricks in the bag using her big toe and the heel and ball of her foot. After crushing in the plastic bag she moves to the kitchen and does some barefoot crushing. She crushes all kinds of crick men using her bare feet letting there remaining stick to her beautiful soles. When she has had enough she sits down crossing her ankles showing off all her victims that are stuck to the bottoms of her feet. 'PC'
$ 21.75