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Cali's Prison Execution!!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 708.06 MB     Format: MP4
Cali is SUPER Excited about today because it's a very special day. Cali waits for this day all year long, its her absolute FAVORITE day!!!! It's execution day!!!!!!!! Cali gets to give all these inmates what they deserve especially with the charges these inmates have!!! She LOVES this day so much because she gets to put these inmates to death... Execution stye! But.... Not just any normal execution but by Cali's Foot Execution!!!!! Cali doesn't waist anytime getting started she grabs her first inmate!!! This inmate is a drug dealer who sells to high school kids and one of the kids overdosed so Cali really resents him so she doesn't waist anytime crushing him to death under her shoe!!!!! Her next victim is a rapist. Cali is disgusted by this inmates charges. She sticks this inmate under her sweaty heel and slowly crushes him to his death putting all her pressure down on the piece of shit!!!!! Cali goes on picking out each inmate one by one crushing them to the death they deserve!!!! When Cali is finally finished with her last inmate she giggles while letting you know that she LOVES execution Day and its her FAVORITE Day!
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