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VV2909 Hot Girls Jamm Comp 65mins
Candice Micro Pet: Her tiny pet couldn't be any smaller! But he finds his way outside to Candice's flip flops! He climbs in and he's so small, Candice can barely feel her tiny little pet! She picks him up and makes sure he's ready for her soles! She lets him back down and he climbs all over her giantess body! (POV) (Extreme CloseUp) Mandy Jamms Ant Men 'PC': Our spicy little ginger girl Mandy has baited her tiny transformed ant men to come out. Once they start to appear, Mandy grabs them with her long fingers and sticks them under her very long, natural fingernails and squishes them to pieces. She lets them crawl around on her feet before crushing them to meet their demise! Very hot!! 'PC' Cherish and Mia Body Jamm Tinies 'PC': Cherish and Mia are giving their a fan favorite special treat! To excite him, they pull out the tinies, one by one, and crushing the tinies against each others' body parts! What a nice combination of foreign heels these girls have on; gladiator sandals and mary janes! 'PC' Jenna J Mant Crush 'PC': Jenna J loves when the Mants come out to worship her giant size 11's! They admire her cherry red colored toe nails as they crawl across them. She laughs and plays with them under her long fingers and examines a few of them very closely! 'PC'

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Crush and Torture Comp.'PC' 40Mins Feet! Dirty, Big, Soft and Sexy 58Mins Mants, Worms, and cricks get jammed comp. 'PC' 52Mins
V001 gts1 30minV006 Giantess 30minV007 claymen gts 30min
V008 Gts Dough Men 36minV009 car crush 30minV010 gts policman 30min
V011 Shrunken down and tortured 30minV012 Easter bunny crush 30minV013 Terri in the City 30min
V014 veggie crush 'PC' 22minV015 Little Bo 45minV017 Dirty soles dangle 30min
V018 Dirty soles 30minV019 picnic crush 30minV020 tiny spy 30min
V023 foot friends 30minV024 Crush tiny men 45min 'PC'V025 grape crush 45min
V026 Gts Terri plays with college men 30minV027 Caught GTS 30minV027a Salt and Pepper 30min
V028 flipflops 30minV047 Paybacks are a B 31minV048 Tied and Sucked 30min
V049 Dead crunchy leaves 'PC' 30minV050 Sole For Ya 30minV051 Trampled 30min
V053 Slaveman 60minV056 Small and Tiny 34minV058 GTS tinyman crush 'PC' 33min
V059 Tiny Worship 30minV060 Tickle Me Pink 70minV061 Lick My Dirty Feet 30min
V062 SemiDirty 30minV063 Terri GTS POV stockings and heels 30minV064 Terri and Kat Toe Wrestling 26min
V065 Terri & Kat Tickle/Toe Suck 30minV066 Sole Show for Jon 30minV068 Shrunken Man 30min
V069 Bad Repairman 32minV072 Terri GTS 30minV073 Kat Fight 2 32min
V074 Kat Fight 30minV075 Jenni's Feet 30minV076 Doughman Crush 30min