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Toejac.net Custom Video Order

New models: Gigi

and Bobbi Back!

Returning Models:  Skyler, Ashley, Emma and Katnik

Email me: elfjac@yahoo.com

Our models are scheduled weekly/bi-monthly/monthly. To submit a request for a custom video, click on the models name and input your fantasy/script and time length desired. Orders for $1 per minute will be immediately rejected !! Keep in mind that when you request 2 models- the price will double, 3 models- the price will triple, etc. We take pride in our fast turn-around time and the more generous your offer, the quicker the video will be filmed !! As always, all videos must be paid for in advance of filming.


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Sexy Savanna is back for more foot fun. More mature and hotter than before! She still wants to have her size 9.5 feet worshiped by women and men. Wonderful wrinkly soles and high arches. She can talk great in all types of videos!
No Schedule set
Angie is Candi's sister. A little wild herself with wonderful long toes for some nice toe spreading. Enjoys teasing men with her size 8.5 feet and smokes.
No Schedule set
Cute southern babe who loves to flirt on camera doing custom videos. See clips on toejac.net and amaturefetish.com Size 7.5 shoe, hot smoker and is a good talker in your fantasy video. Will do nudity.
No Schedule set
Cute country girl with size 8-9 feet. Loves to do all sorts of videos and tease with her Pretty feet and natural beauty.
No Schedule set
Very cute country girl with size 8 tender feet. She loves doing videos and having foot fun!! You'll love her accent!! She smokes.
No Schedule set
Great southern foot model with size 10 feet! Hot, sexy soles! Loves teasing men and women with her feet!! Does topless for the right price.
No Schedule set
Tyler a hot lady who loves to do custom videos and clips. Has been with SSF for a number of years. She can toe spread like no other! Size 6 curvy feet!
No Schedule set
Ava the working woman next door. Comes to have freaky fun with her size 9 feet. She loves the idea of men worshiping and adoring her long toes and wrinkly soles!
No Schedule set
A cutie with her hot body, sexy legs and feet Ready to fill your fantasies Wears a 6.5 shoe and will smoke for you!
No Schedule set
A natural foot goddess. She can point, flex and spread her size 9's. Sexy cute with a Southern accent to boot. She smokes for smoking fans.
No Schedule set
Now Pro model Skyler can hang with the best of them. She has the cutest soles & toes you've ever seen! Gorgeous face and sweet voice, you're going to love seeing her!! Cute wide size 8 feet!
No Schedule set
A great addition to our Models. Pretty Miss Holiday with size 10+ feet wants you to worship and pay respect to her peds!. She enjoys smoking and teasing you with her long toes and soles!
No Schedule set
Julip sweet woman who has like to tease with her wrinkly mature soles bare and in her well worn stockings! She like to have tired her feet rubbed and pampered!
No Schedule set
Katnik came over with Sheena and both had fun posing and putting their feet in the camera. A bonus is she wears a size 10-11 shoe!
No Schedule set
Jaycee brought over her friend Kendra and I couldn't believe how pretty her size 10 feet were! She wears a 10-11 shoe and she has really hot sexy feet and toes you will enjoy watching!
No Schedule set
Wow! A mature sexy woman with nice long toes and size 10 feet. She loves to tease and let you smell and worship her hot wrinkly soles!
No Schedule set
Jazmine loves to tease you with her big soles and hot chest. Her feet are 9.5's and can spread her toes very wide! She smokes and works in the office all day long making her feet sweaty in her tight flats!
No Schedule set
Sexy and mature woman with awesome toes and nicely shaped size 8 feet. Sally wants to know more and is curious about foot freaks. She needs to have her feet rubbed and worshiped everyday!
No Schedule set
Voluptuous lady who stopped by wanting to show off her sexy soles! She said she would love to have her size 8's rubbed, licked and worshipped by foot fans and slaves!
No Schedule set
Perfect Toes and soles. If you're into nice toenails pick her put them in your face for a good time. She loves her feet lickes and rubbed all day long! Size 8
No Schedule set
Candice brought over her hot friend with nice strong looking feet and bare heels. She enjoys wearing her flipflops all day long on her size 8's
No Schedule set
Came over in her wooden clog shoes and sweaty size 8 feet. Jane has nice curvey sexy feet, perfect toenails and fingernails with long toes. Jane told me she does a lot of walking and working in her barefeet and flipflops. Nice voice and smokes.
No Schedule set
Destiny came over today by herself to show us her wrinkly arches and wonderful toe point. She wears a size 8 and smokes good!
No Schedule set
Sweet sexy girl that's half Latina and American Indian who loves to have her sexy size 7 feet in front of your face. Enjoys to have her feet worshiped and rubbed by men or women.
Sexy hard body looking hot!
No Schedule set
Jill's hot friend Emma came over to flex her size 7 feet and point them in your face!. She does power Yoga in her spare time and will give you a Demo on the mat. She smokes and loves to have her feet licked and rubbed and will do the same to another girl's big sweaty soles if it turns her on!
No Schedule set
Pretty young lady who called us up wanting to show off her petite body and sexy feet. Loves to pose and will be a great addition to the site. has size 7.5 long feet and smokes.
No Schedule set
Ashley Mexican Asian chick, loves this stuff. 18 yrs old an and acts like a pro. Talks better than most 20 year olds we have. Size 7 cute feet, smokes and can spread them teen toes!
Let her show you waht she can do!
No Schedule set
Very pleasant sweet petite girl who came over looking for some extra work. She pulled off her sweaty shoes and behold! Perfect feet!! She smokes and would love to sucking other girls toes and get her sucked too! Size 5-6 shoe and smokes.
No Schedule set
Wonderful model BBW wears a size 12 shoe as I had to use Dream's old shoes she left to fit her. I had no other shoes to fit her wide huge stinky soles! Chrissy can talk real well if you want her to give you JOI
Try her out !
No Schedule set
HI I'm 20 Birthday on Nov 16th Love Music drawing, smoking. I love My feet to be rubbed and played with. It's really hot to have a hot girl or guy lick and suck my toes and lick my soles. My feet are an high arch size 6. I hope you ask me to do a video for you!
No Schedule set
Lovely blonde Belle with size 8 curvy feet! 27 years old stands 5'5, loves to have her tired feet rubbed after working on them all day long serving. She talks good in videos and loves to pose for the camera and smokes.
No Schedule set
Hey my name is Raven, I'm a 21 year old foot lovin girl. I love getting foot massages and my sweaty soles licked. I once sold my pantyhoes to a stranger who came up to me at work. Get to know me by watching my videos! I'm 5 foot 7 inches,I wear a size 8.5 (long toes) and my feet get sweaty standing all day at work!
No Schedule set
Sweet lady with a spunky attitude who can talk to you about your secret desires and fetishes. Size7 feet .She smokes and has Killer legs! Let Brooke make your dreams a reality!
No Schedule set
Very nice and sexy Puerto Rican woman came over to display her exotic feet and body. She is a size 6.5 can flex and spread her feet and soles wonderfully! She wants to put her working feet in your lap and have your rub and kiss them after working all day serving!
No Schedule set
Long legged country girl who can point and flex her Southern her size 8's in your face. Riley loves to walk barefoot and wear flipflops all through the Summer months!
Smokes good and can talk and tease!
No Schedule set
Holiday brought a long time Milf friend over with wonderful unique toes and size 8 feet soles! She always goes barefoot and in flip flops. She smokes for the smoker lovers. Enjoy!!
No Schedule set
Wow! Riley's sister came over wanting to get in on the leg action. She is 25, wears a 8.5 -9 shoe. Use to Dance and loves to flex her curvy feet and spread her toes right in your face! She smokes for those who love watching a women smoke. She reminds me of a younger Jill.
No Schedule set
Sweet lady originally from Germany who came with Saige to show of her mature soles and toes! She has size 6 wrinkly soles she wants to put in your face. Great actress and performed really good in a number of clips we shot! Smokes occasionally and speaks German.
No Schedule set
Wow what a Gilf! She lives near by and we asked her if she wanted to show off her size 9 pretty natural curvy feet. She was tickled that men would want to see older mature feet!! She is always barefoot or in flip flops hates wearing shoes but has a nice collection of heels. She is a great addition to the site enjoy her pics !
No Schedule set
Gigi is a girl who loves to lick feet step on your tiny body and rub her hard working waitress feet on your face!. Her feet are Size 7.5. She will have baby in January but would love to use her added weight to step on you and crush you flat under hour hard working feet. She needs a full time foot Licker! Any volunteers?
No Schedule set