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Clips Linked with Video: VV4256 Tiny Friends Comp. 66MIns

Angie and Anna show Up For The Party
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 252.47 MB
Angie and Anna Were invited to a dance party and when they show up nobody is their, So they think! They just came to dance and have a good time. They start the music and start dancing, they have been wanting to go out for a while. As Angie and Anna are dancing they notice stuff crunching under their feet, they continue to ignore it not realizing that everyone that showed up for the dance party had a little too much of what was being passed around and they all shrunk. nor Angie or Anna can hear the tinies scream as they are being crushed to death by their big soles. After a while Angie and Anna sit back and relax because their feet really hurt!(HIdeF)
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Never Sneak Into An Evil Giantess House
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 451.49 MB    View Sample
Gigi is an evil giantess that loves to torturer and crush tiny men. Today, she is relaxing on her giant couch and notices several tiny men that have intruded her home. She finds out that one is a reporter that has brought along several of his body guards to protect him if needed. Laughing evilly, Gigi goes for the first. The tiny reporter tells Gigi that they only came into her house to ask her questions about being so giant but Gigi isn't having it. Instead, she makes the tiny reporter watch as she slowly brings her giant sole down on top of his body guards, torturing them before stomping them into the ground easily. Being frightened and afraid, the tiny reporter tries to flee but is always stopped in his tracks by the giantess's huge toes and soles. Finally, with a giant wave goodbye, Gigi uses her giant foot one last time to crush the reporter and knead his tiny bones into the carpet! No one imposes on a giantess... especially a tiny man!
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Raven Reveals Her Tiny Fetish
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 457.36 MB    View Sample
Raven has invited her boyfriend over for date night. She encourages him to drink the glass of wine she has already poured prior to him getting there. Once its all gone, she reveals she dropped a shrinking pill in his drink because she has always ad a fetish for tiny men. She watches as he shrinks down to the size of a bug. She tells him not to be sad because she has also shrunk his car so he can always get places in the house. She demands him to get inside and once he does, she plays with him. She loves how tiny he is compared to her giant size 9 feet. She grabs the car with him still inside and runs it all over her body and limbs, acting like a child playing with their favorite hot wheels car. She puts him inside her giant wet mouth and gives him a free giant car wash. Once she's finished playing with her new tiny boyfriend, she drops him in between her breasts and tells him now they can go play in the bedroom. She's feeling awfully horny!
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Saige Unaware Toe Wrestles Tiny Boyfriend
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 281.21 MB    View Sample
Saige comes home hot and sweaty from a day at the beach. She takes a seat on the couch, flexing and slapping her flip flops. She wonders where her boyfriend, Jack, is and calls out his name several times with no reply. He was suppose to meet her at the beach but never showed up. She has no idea that her pathetic little boyfriend is actually the size of a but and is standing right in front of her feet! She flexes and toe spreads in her flops right in front of his face, coming very close to coming in contact with him. She slips out of her pale green flops and begins to rub her sweaty soles on the carpet. Unaware, she is also rubbing and kneading her boyfriend into the carpet, making his tiny body a sandwich between the two. She soon begins to feel something odd beneath her feet and reaches down to check it out. To her surprise, it's a tiny toy man that looks exactly like her boyfriend! He's even in his red swimming trunks! How odd. Saige giggles and says if it actually was her boyfriend she would be crushing him right now. She tosses the tiny toy back on the ground and continues wrestling it with her toes. She giggles to herself even more pretending that it is her boyfriend and demands the tiny toy figure to lick to sweat and filth from her hot wrinkly soles. She keeps pondering where in the world her cheating piece of shit boyfriend could be. He better not be at that neighbor bitches house getting his dick wet. On that thought, she scrunches up the little toy man with her toes that she has named "little Jack", and drops him into her flip flop. She slides her feet into them and walks away with the him beneath her sole telling him they are going to go find big Jack now.
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