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Boss Lady Leena Fires And Hides Evidence Of Shrunken Employee
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 311.15 MB    View Sample
Leena has called one of her long time employees into her office today to discuss something she has been noticing for quite some time now. For as long as he has been working for her, and as many hours as he works, he's not meeting his quota that he should be on any given day. She doesn't think anything will make him change his quota numbers so she has come up with the perfect solution! Holding her phone up right in his face, she forces him to stare at its bright light until he shrinks down to the size of a bug! He's now so tiny that giant Leena can't find him anywhere! She searches the room in her big black high heels until she finally spots him hiding in a corner. Using her giant fingers, she picks his tiny body up and brings him close to her giant face. She apologizes for his new tiny size but she just cant have any evidence of him ever being shrunk because this isn't the first time she has done this and she doesn't wan it to be her last. Slipping her big giant feet out of hr sweaty heels, she uses his tiny body as a scratcher between her itchy toes and makes him massage everywhere around her giant soles. Finally, she decides the perfect place to hide him but also know he won't be going anywhere is inside her shoe beneath her big giant sole! Once he's between the two of them, Leena goes back to work and wonders who the next employee she might have to fire will be or who will take his place and possibly be her next tiny victim!
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Laney Makes Tiny Man Her Foot Slave
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 468.01 MB    View Sample
Laney has been at the office all day working in her black pumps and white stockings. The tiny 4 inch man has been under her right foot all day long squirming trying to get free. Laney's feet itch so bad. Shes uses his little head to scratch around her smelly toes, sighing in relief. She tells the tiny man that on the way home, while shes driving shes going to take her shoes off and drive as hard as she can. Laney takes pleasure in causing him pain. When she gets home she takes her shoes back off and starts complaining about how itchy her feet are and how bad they stink. She gets on the phone with her girl friend and tells her all about the 4 inch man in her stocking and all about her day. They end up making plans to go out and do something. When she hangs the phone up, she tells the tiny man he is going to be her foot slave and stay in her stocking for the rest of the day. The little man would get a lot of work in on the gas petal cause she was driving everywhere. She tells him to stop squirming as she heads towards the door.
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Leena Shows Tiny Black Boy Whose Boss
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 459.86 MB    View Sample
Leena knew when she came in from work that her plan to shrink the little black servant boy worked. She decided that because he didn't want to do any of the farm work he could be shrunk down to massage her socked feet. She looks and looks for him, stepping on him a few times not even knowing it. When she finally finds him she tells hims he is going to learn something about work ethic by rubbing on her big size 12 feet. She rubs him between her feet and decides to make him her personal black foot slave. She puts him in her slipper and stomps around the house with him trapped under her big sweaty feet.
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