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Hali Roleplays Evil Giantess With Shrunken Boyfriend
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 277.19 MB    View Sample
Hali walks downstairs calling out for her boyfriend. They ave a date tonight and he is no where to be seen. After searching around the house she becomes flustered and plops down on the futon. Little does she know he has been shrunken down and is right under her giant bare ass! For some reason, the futon doesn't feel as comfortable as it usually does. Something keeps poking at her ass and she keeps bouncing up and down on it trying to figure out why it's so uncomfortable. Grinding her ass and kneading it right on top of her boyfriend, she texts him but gets no reply. Finally, she stands up and looks down to find what she thinks is a tiny toy man that her boyfriend left out. Thinking it's nothing but a stupid toy, Hali confesses to the tiny figure that she has always wanted to role play the role of an evil giantess that eats tiny men! Actually, as she peers down at it with her giant eyes and holds it between her giant sky scraping finger nails, she wishes the toy was real and that it was her pathetic stupid boyfriend. First, she lightly licks all over the tiny figure thinking it tastes so delicious. Toying with it, she sucks on it enjoying the tasty juices she sucks out of it. Finally, she raises it high above her giant open mouth and drops it right on her wet hot tongue. Swallowing it, she can't believe how delicious it tastes. Rubbing her belly, she thinks to herself that she could really get use to this giantess stuff, still having no idea she just swallowed her tiny shrunken boyfriend!
  $ 10.25  Add to Cart

Destiny Annihilates Struggling Crick Men 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 339.19 MB
Destiny is all dressed up in her black tight fitting dress paired with her tall black boots. She's all ready to go with her purse hanging from her shoulder. After shutting the front door, she notices a cage filled with tiny crick men. She has no idea where they came from or who they belong to but they look like too much fun to pass up. Picking them up one by one, she humiliates them and talks to them before crushing them. Squeezing it between her giant fingers, she watches as it's insides squirt out like a pimple. Asking if it's scared, she then places it on her palm and brings her other palm down hard on it's shaking body, exploding it between them. As she picks up another one she shows off her sexy body before flattening it on her thighs like a sheet of paper. Finally, she lights up a cig and blows a thick white curtain of smoke right in it's face before using the fiery hot head of it to cook her victims insides! Looking down at her mess, she laughs cruelly and shows all her still living crick men their friends lifeless bodies on the ground before crushing them and letting them join them! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 12.25  Add to Cart

Riley And Boyfriend Have Same Secret Crush Fetish 'PC'
Length: 32.00 min,     Size: 694.06 MB
Riley is standing in the kitchen wearing her favorite sexy bikini, blue mules, and hair in a side pigtail to show off her beautiful face. She dials up her sister, Sable while she raises up her rough heels, showing off all the flattened pillmen she has crushed prior. Explaining to her sister a huge problem that she has, she knows no one would understand better because having a crush fetish runs in the family and both her and er sister have it tens times worse than anyone. However, the problem is that she doesn't want to tell her new boyfriend because she is afraid he will think she is dangerous and leave her. While getting advice about what to do from Sable, her boyfriend sneaks into the kitchen by her feet and begins sticking some of his favorite pets beneath her heels! Every time Riley raises up her heel, he slides a crick man, goldie, or beetle man beneath them! He sits back and watches in amazement as she slowly brings her cracked heels down on top their tiny bodies, flattening all of them like a sheet of paper. Seeing all the victims stick to her soles like glue, and watching their lifeless bodies pile on top of one another gets hi so turned on. Riley is getting turned on to as she feels their struggling bodies go motionless beneath her soles but she ha no idea what's going on! They both love the cracking sound they make right when her heel comes in contact with their hard bodies. Finally, she turns around and looks down at her boyfriend! Being extremely happy that he also has a crush fetish, Riley expresses to him that nothing would turn her on more than if he took her from behind while she stands hard on top of her dead victims! Lifting up both heels to show off her accomplishment, she rubs her crotch and offers him to fuck her until he cums! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 19.99  Add to Cart

Tyler Crushes Victims While Pretending To Let Them Escape 'PC'
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 278.99 MB
Tyler has transformed a large quantity of people into tiny little crick men and can't wait to get her hands on their tiny squirming bodies. Tyler is cruel and evil but to her victims, she pretends to be their savior and to help them escape. As she snatches one out of the cage, she acts sympathetic and is very soft and gentle with them, at first. Soon after, she starts ripping off their legs and then apologizes to them, telling them she doesn't know how that happened. Then, she tosses them on the floor, and slowly brings her black heel on top of their tiny bodies, to put them out of their misery. Sometimes, she tosses a crick man on the floor, lets it crawl to get help, then "accidentally" crushes half of it's body. Since it's already half crushed and in pain, she must has to finish the job completely. Obviously, she is jamming her victims deliberately, but tries to keep it a secret by fake apologizing and acting extremely sympathetic throughout. Tyler absolutely gets a thrill out of raising her heel high into the air, hovering over her fleeing victims and then bringing it down slowly over their tiny squirming bodies! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Mika Unaware Tiny Perv Boss At Heels
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 326.13 MB    View Sample
Mika is at the office dressed in her cute tight fitting dressed paired with her black pointy heels. She gets a call from a co worker asking if she has seen their boss today. She replies that she hasn't seen him all day long and goes to explain how is such a perv and is always trying to look up her skirt. Little does she know, her boss has been shrunken down to the size of a bug and is at her feet trying to get her attention. Slipping her foot out of her heel, she crushes her shoe beneath them, right next to her tiny boss. She grabs the tiny man with her bare toes and scrunches him in them, showing off all her wrinkles. She scratches her soles on the carpet unaware that her tiny boss right under her giant soles. Finally, she feels something beneath her feet and picks it up, holding near her giant face. Looking like a tiny toy to her, she figures someone must have left it behind but thinks it is very odd that the tiny figure looks exactly like her missing boss! Almost wishing it was him, she places the tiny toy back on the floor at her feet. Using the toy to massage her feet, she places it between her soles like a sole sandwich and plays with it right under her giant wrinkly soles! Finally, she gets a call from the same co worker asking if she had ever seen their boss. Mika tells her know and grabs the toe with her toes and drops it right into her high heel. She slides her foot back into it, and dips it in and out still unaware that her tiny boss is inside!
  $ 12.25  Add to Cart

Invisible Man Enjoys The Crickmen Cru Show 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 460.75 MB
Hali has just got off work at her job that hates so much. The people she works with are jerks and she wishes she could crush every one of them like a bug! Also, Hali has been wearing her black flats all day long and her feet are sweaty, stinky, and slightly dirty. As she raises up her heels, she notices that some tiny crickmen have gotten caught beneath her heels and they are flat as a pancake now! Realizing that they are co workers that she despises so much, she laughs because it's their own fault they entered into her shoes! To get more comfortable, Hali slides her sweaty bare soles into her fuzzy pink slippers and heads upstairs to get ready to go out for the night. Standing in front of her mirror, Jack, the invisible man sees and amazing opportunity to make Hali crush more crickmen completely unaware. As she puts on her makeup, she casually raises her heels up out of her slippers and the invisible man slowly slides tiny crickmen beneath her heels and watches as she slowly brings her heel back down, crushing them flat. Hali has no idea she is jamming tinies beneath her feet but for some reason her slippers are feeling extra comfy today. She slips into her white knee high stockings and slips her slippers back on. Tinies can still be seen pressed to her heel under her nylons. Still unaware that she is flattening tinies like pancakes, Hali continues getting ready. Finally Hali goes back downstairs and slips back into her flats glad that the tinies are still inside. Hali knows of Jack's secret as an invisible man and that he has a secret crush fetish. Lucky for him, by the time she returns home tonight, they will all be disintegrated and only their juices will remain! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 17.25  Add to Cart

Chloe shrinks lazy farm worker (POV)
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 270.59 MB    View Sample
Chloe's been out working bare foot on the farm all day by herself, she hired some help but he's no where to be found. After Chloe's done she heads inside and finds her help sitting down playing on his phone. She chews him out and tells him how pathetic his is and that if he wants to still work for her he's going to have to prove himself! Chloe props her filthy dirty bare feet upon the table and tells him he can start by rubbing them since he made her do all the work today. He begins rubbing and she tells him to stick his tongue out and clean all the dirt off for her. He does such a horrible job and Chloe tells him he's just as useless as the bugs on her floor, then she gets the bright idea to turn him into a bug and see if he can do a better job. Chloe shrinks him with her shrink ray, once he's completely shrunk she teases him and chases him for a bit to show him who's boss. She then picks him up with her toes and sits back down, she tells him to continue licking and if he doesn't do a good job she'll squeeze him in between her toes as hard as she can. Unfortunately he's still doing a shitty job and Chloe gets pissed. She pulls out her shrink ray once again and shrinks him to the size of a piece of dirt! She picks him up and places him under her toenail and tells him that this his where he belongs and this is all he's good for and from now on he's going to live under her toenail forever! (POV)
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Always Ask Grandma Sally Permission First
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 461.97 MB    View Sample
Grandma Sally is sound asleep in her room. Her bare feet are exposed and hanging off the side of the bed. Her nephew, Juan, sneaks into her room and gets as close as he can to her naked soles. He takes in long hard whiffs of his grandma's sleeping feet. Finally, Sally wakes up and realizes what's going on. She knows how much her grandson loves to sniff her feet but she reminds him that she has told him several times in the past to always ask permission before coming into her room or to do anything matter of fact. Instead of getting mad and fussing at him, she offers him up on the bed beside her sweaty stinky feet. She allows him to continue his foot smelling now that she is awake. Suddenly, he confesses that he feels a little strange. Grandma Sally cruelly laughs out loud and says to him he should always ask permission before doing anything. Gilf Sally has made Juan shrink down to the size of a bug to teach him a lesson. She rubs him into the bed with her giant mature soles. Placing him on the floor, she watches as he tries to flee but her giant foot always slaps down right in front of his path. Her foot raises high into the air and she teases him with it saying she could easily crush his tiny body. Rubbing over him with her giant sole and toes, she plants it into his head that little boys are always suppose to ask permission from their elders. One last time, Sally raises her sole high into the air, and brings it down hard onto her grandson, jamming his entire body, and splashing his remains all over the bottom of her sole!
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

Ms Katnik Entertains Tiny Student In Detention
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 372.97 MB    View Sample
Ms. Katnik is tired of having the same boy in detention, consecutive weeks in a row now. Before he gets in trouble, he makes sure he ill be the only one in detention so he can have Katnik's feet all the himself! He gets himself in trouble on purpose just so his teacher will shrink him down to the size of a bug and stand in front of him with her giant high heel feet. Katnik threatens and teases him with them by standing on either side of him, threatening to crush him in one step. Taking her heels off, she warns him that one wrong move and her giant sole and toe could end up on top of his puny body, ending his existence entirely. Never once minding to do his homework, the poor tiny student can't take his eyes off his teachers extremely large feet! Katnik is tired of threatening and warning him and decides to take him home with her to give him a one on one teacher student lesson! Placing his tiny body between her toes, Ms. Katnik slides her feet back into her heels and walks out the door hoping he will stay firmly in place until they arrive home!
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Riley Has Fun With Mant Friends 'PC'
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 282.01 MB
Riley has just come back from a long hot day at the lake. She looks sexy in her bikini with her hair done and barefoot. Once she arrives home, she notices little mant friends huddled together in her kitchen. What fun she could have with them today! Immediately she peers down at them and starts playing with them. Her long fingernails easily scoot them across the floor and helps her keep them close together. As cute as she thinks they are, she can't have tiny mants invading her kitchen. Using her long nails, she picks one up and squeezes it, rolling it between her fingers until it's a tiny dark ball. She lets it fall to the floor and waits for one to crawl near her giant bare foot. Once one is stupid enough to cross her path, she uses the ball of her foot and her big toe to slam them hard into the ground. Mangling their tiny bodies with her big toe, she raises it off the floor to gaze at their remains on her soles. Sometimes she presses the ball of her foot down on top their tiny bodies, raising her heel up so her foot looks perfectly posed. When she's finished, the tiny mants are all still huddled together but now are lifeless and torn into shreds! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 11.25  Add to Cart

Saige Crushes Someones Fishing Bait 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 337.99 MB
Saige is at home, waiting on her ride to get there. While she waits on the porch, she notices someone has left their fishing bait outside. Peeking into the cage, the tiny crick men look so darn cute to her, there's no way she pass up a chance to play with them up close and personal. Grabbing one tiny crick man between her fingers, she gives them a tour of her entire sexy body before crushing it between her index finger and thumb. She loves how they look so pathetic right before she ending their lives and letting them fall lifelessly to the ground. Getting creative, Saige places a tiny hopper right on top of her black knee high boot, presses her finger down and watches as it explodes like a pimple. Lighting up a cig, she uses the burning head of it to burn the tiny crick mans body. She loves the way it struggles and twitches right before she jams it's heated body again between her giant fingers, letting it's guts and remains fall on the ground beneath her. She flattens one after the other like a pancake between her fingers until her ride finally arrives! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 13.25  Add to Cart

Mommy Cant Find Missing Son
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 278.67 MB    View Sample
Bobbi has been out mowing the lawn all day. She walks in the house wearing her hot cowboy boots along with her short overalls and old ball cap. She yells upstairs for her son Daniel to come downstairs. He has left all his toys outside and she demands that he pick them up at once. Little does his mother know, he has accidentally shrunk himself and he is on the floor screaming for her help. His mom never notices him and after removing her old boots, her tiny son gets right in her walking path. Her giant foot comes directly in contact with him, causing him to stick right to her soiled sweaty sole! Taking a seat on the couch, Bobbi relaxes and props her naked soles right up in front of her. Hali, her daughter comes downstairs to leave for the night. When her mom asks if she has seen her brother, she replies that she hasn't seen him in a while. After a while, she looks down on her foot and notices one of her son's tiny toys stuck to her sole. She leaves it there thinking it will just wash off in the shower. With still no sign of her missing son, she decides to call up some of the neighbors to see if any of them have seen him out anywhere. No luck. Bobbi sits back with her feet still up, pondering on where in the world he could be. While pondering, she presses her soles together, rubbing them and her tiny son into all her sweat, dirt , and grim from the day's work!
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Saige Talks On Phone Unaware Disposing Of Mants 'PC'
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 402.61 MB
Saige is at home n her comfy clothes, barefoot. She's on the phone with a girlfriend that she hasn't seen in a while. As they chit chat, she paces around her kitchen, unaware of the tiny mants that are everywhere. She finally notices one crawling around looking for crumbs, picks it up, and holds it to her giant face trying to figure out what it is. She pops it like a tiny zit and let's it fall to the floor with a disgusted look. Then, she keeps pacing around, unaware that she is still flattening their bodies with her naked soles. Her giant feet mangle their tiny bodies, leaving them struggling for their lives. Sometimes, she walks right by them, barely missing them. When she does spot one every once in a while, she raises her foot high into the air only to bring it back down like an earthquake on their scrambling bodies. Saige stops to pause for a minute, lifting up the ball of her foot to show off all the tiny creatures legs and half torn bodies stuck to the bottom of her sweaty toes and soles. 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 14.75  Add to Cart

Sassy Massacring Mants Unaware 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 456.15 MB
Sassy is has so much to do to get ready for her party tonight. She wants to make everything nice and clean to impress all her guests. Starting in the kitchen, she paces around in her pink flip flops as she looks around to see what needs to be done first. She glances down to the floor and spots something dark and tiny. Reaching down with her fingers, she picks the figure up and holds it to her face. A disgusting little mant! How in the world does she have these disgusting things in her kitchen? Quickly squishing it between her giant fingers, she casually lets it fall to the floor. Sassy keeps pacing around, talking to herself and looking for things that need to be cleaned. As she walks, she goes unaware that there are more than one mant in her kitchen. She walks around, sometimes barely missing them but usually steps right on their tiny body, trampling them and then walking away, letting them struggle for their lives. Sometimes, she stands right on top of them with one foot, pausing for a moment to think. Never noticing a single one, she continues massacring. Slowly, she walks and steps on them one by one, sometimes tapping her foot impatiently while she;s parked directly on one. Occasionally, she uses her bare feet to mangle their bodies, and then slips her flip flops back on to finish the job. Finally, notices a single mant on the floor, thinking this is only the second one she has seen so far. Sassy soon realizes she must call an exterminator immediately. 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 17.75  Add to Cart

Tiny Man Catches Ride In Hostess Heidis Shoe
Length: 23.00 min,     Size: 501.60 MB    View Sample
Ms. Heidi has just entered into her classroom to welcome her students back from a long field trip at the science museum. All day long, she has been wearing her brand new black pointy high heels and her feet are absolutely killing her. As she begins to speak to her class, another teacher in the building interrupts her class to let her know she has to stay after school to help host a tiny peoples convention. Heidi hates herself for wearing her new heels as she greets tiny people and shows them to their seats. As she marks their names off her list, she casually slips her nylon foot out of her shoe and rubs it vigorously with her hands. She crushes the tops of them with her toes , flexing them before sliding them back in.Little does she know, while she is stretching her foot, a tiny man that has a foot fetish has snuck inside her heel. Once she is finally hoe, she kicks off her heels and plops down on the couch. With her feet now propped out in front of her, she stretches and relaxes them with the tiny man right in front of her, entertaining himself with her sore tired feet!
  $ 16.99  Add to Cart

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