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Candice unaware of her missing co worker
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 463.31 MB    View Sample
Candice has come to her co workers house to pick up some notes he promised her. She searches for him everywhere but can't find him anywhere. Tired of looking for him, she unzips her brown boots, leaving her only her socks. She continues to walk around to search for her notes. Greg is shrunken down to the size of an ant and Candice has no idea. She comes close stepping on his tiny body several times but misses him by chance. She reaches for her phone to call Greg. He tells her he is as small as a toy and is stuck to a piece of tape. Candice is confused and thinks he is crazy. Her giant foot ends up stepping on Greg's tiny body and he gets stuck firmly to her socked foot. Candice gets off the phone because all of a sudden it gets too hard for her to hear him. She finds her notes and quickly puts her boots back on and walks out, with Greg still strapped in tightly beneath her sole. A while later, Candice enters her own home, takes off her boots, and props her feet up in front of her. Greg is still firmly pressed to her foot! She relaxes and flexes her socked feet. Eventually, she walks into the kitchen to get a snack. With every step, she firmly presses all her weight on Greg's tiny hidden body beneath her sole. As she sits back down to eat, she takes off her socks. She notices a piece of tape with something on it, taped to the bottom of one of her socks but thinks nothing of it. It must of came from Greg's place she thinks to herself. As she sits and eats, Greg gets free and gets stuck right in the middle of Candice's giant snack! after awhile of looking over her notes, Candice tosses back the last bit of her snack in the back of her throat. As she begins chewing, she notices something tastes funny and also notices that the toy that was stuck to the piece of tape from earlier is missing. Then it hits her. It must have been Greg! He had told her earlier he was as small as a toy and was stuck to a piece of tape. She tells him that she's sorry because she had no idea. Candice tries to throw him up but it ends up being a failed attempt, so she decides to wash Greg's tiny body down with a glass of water to rid of the nasty taste.
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Aunt Poppy turns evil and shrinks nephew
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 679.67 MB
Poppy is at home relaxing in her tight black dress and black flip flops propped up in front of her. Her favorite nephew has come to visit her. As they begin chit chatting, the conversation quickly leads into more serious matters. Poppy's nephew confesses to his aunt that he has always had a foot fetish with her feet and has always also wanted to be tiny. Poppy thinks this is interesting and begins to flaunt her beautiful feet in front of him. She tells him that he should massage them. He is very pleased to hear this. He just loves his Aunt Poppy. Poppy thinks she can make his fantasy come true. She stands up and towers above him, rubbing her wrinkly soles all over his face. She raises them high above him and laughs evilly as she watches him shrink down. She asks him if this is what he wanted. She picks him up and tells him that she is about to pay him back for all the crap she has had to put up with from him over the years. As they reach the bedroom, she lies back and smothers her nephew with her mighty soles. She wants him to be all up in those wrinkles and love on them the way he has always wanted. She ends up falling asleep but quickly wakes up when she notices that he is trying to escape! Poppy gets pissed and tells him she is definitely going to squish him like a bug now! She raises her giant heels over him and rubs them all over his tiny body. He will never escape Aunt Poppy mighty feet ever again!
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Selena and Lenore Crush Brother
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 333.61 MB
Lenore and her cousin, Selena are waiting for Lenore's parents to get home with the new car. The girls are so excited about getting to drive the brand new car! They're talking about it when Lenore's brother walks in, saying he's going to drive the car first! They begin to argue and he pushes Lenore! Both girls are screaming at him, telling him he's not going to be first! Finally the girls are tired of arguing and tell him they have something for him! Lenore pulls out her phone and activates her shrinking app! Her brother begins shrinking right in front of her! The girls laugh as they look down at his toy sized body! He tries to run but the girls are to big and fast! Lenore grabs him and runs him over her shoe, demanding he begin licking them clean! Selena wants a turn! She's been wearing her riding boots all day and they're covered with mud and horse shit! She forces her cousin to lick them clean! Than the girls decide they're going to play a game with him! They set him on the floor and tell him if he can get away, they'll restore to orginal size! But he has no chance! As they search for him, Selena accidentally steps on his tiny body with her big boots! They pick him up and throw him in Selena's boot as Lenore's parents pull up in the new car! (HiDef)
  $ 12.99  Add to Cart

Vampire Poppy yearns for power 'PC'
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 394.62 MB
Poppy is a vampire from another planet, and has come to Earth to turn humans into goldies. Once she has transformed them, she kills them and feeds off their energy, to make herself more powerful. She uses her giant heels to flatten their tiny bodies as thin as a sheet of paper. She loves when the goldies squirt their juices all over her feet. She loves the sound, the popping noise they make when her heel comes in contact with their tiny bodies. She absolutely loves the feeling of them beneath her feet. She feels powerful and feeds off of their energy, making her an ultimate vampire who will stop at nothing to continue gaining power. 'PC' (HiDef)
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Candice unaware waits for husband in waiting room
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 247.02 MB    View Sample
Candice is at the doctors office, on the phone, waiting for her husband to come out of surgery. He's having liposuction and Candice has been there for hours. She 's getting very tired and aggravated. While she waits, she is seen dangling in her silver heels. She spreads her toes evenly in them as they dangle off her foot. After a while more of waiting, the doctor tells her that they are almost finished with her husband and also to be careful of bugs. They have been having bug problems so he tells her to make sure she doesn't see any on the floor. As he walks out, Candice begins to notice something tiny on the floor. She thinks it may be a toy a kid left. It is actually her husband. He is shrunk! She slides her stocking feet out of her heels and begins playing with it. Still thinking its a small toy, she easily picks up the her toes. She scrunches it in between all her pretty little toes and squeezes it with them. She even puts the tiny man in between both her soles, making a sandwich. She rubs her stocking feet all over her husband tiny body, covering every inch of him. She eventually picks the toy back up again with her toes and drops him in her heels. She slides her feet back into them and decides she is done waiting. She will come back later to pick up her husband. She walks away with her tiny husband still in her heel, and still unknowing that he's there.
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Destiny Hates Her Patients Pt.3'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 238.01 MB
Destiny's Doctor gave her a task to get done and she is completing it just as he ask. Friends and parents of the nasty patients are complaining about the treatment she is giving them so the doctor orders her to take care of them too. Destiny gets her soles really dirty, she stomps and slamms her foot on each and every one. Destiny gets so violent with the people its starts to turn the doctor on he cums all over her dirty deadly feet!(Hidef)'PC'
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Destiny Hates Her Patients Pt.2 'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 236.66 MB
Destiny isn't done torturing her ungrateful patients yet. Destiny puts on her favorite music and stomps and jamms all over them, Once shes got her dancing in, she takes pictures to humiliate every single one! She is sick of them being so ungrateful.(Hidef)'PC'
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Destiny Hates Her Patients 'PC'
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 290.94 MB
Destiny is upset with all of her dirty patients, she is sick of them yelling at her and demanding everything. Destiny is so sick of the insignificant patients, she decides to get rid of them one by one. Destiny talks down to each and every horrible patient before putting them out of their misery. She flips them off and throws them to the ground jamming them with her big feet! (Hidef)'PC'
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Misty and Hali get revenge on cheating boyfriend
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 266.23 MB    View Sample
Misty has shrunken her boyfriend down to an inch. She is so mad at him for all the horrible things he has done to her and for cheating on her. She wants to pop him like a zit for doing all those things! Hali walks in and Misty asks if she remembers her boyfriend Matt. Hali does of course and goes on to tell Misty that he has been hitting on her for months. Misty already knows and says that he has been hitting on a lot of her friends. They decide to have a little fun with the tiny man. Since Matt has always wanted his cock sucked by Hali the girls decide to give him a little taste of that. Misty dangles Matt over Hali's giant mouth dipping him in and out, letting Hali do her thing, then finally drops his whole body in her mouth. Hali plays with him a bit and then decides they should sandwich him between their giant feet. both girls hold their feet up and drop the tiny man between them. They scuffle and play around with him, knowing there is no way he can ever get free. Misty gets her boots which she has been wearing all day and knows they are sweaty and stinky. She decides to drop Matt of in one of them so his tiny body can be beneath her soles all day long. She asks him if he likes the smell and toe jam in her boots, laughing, knowing he can never get away or cheat on her ever again.
  $ 10.99  Add to Cart

Naka clones and teases her pesty brother 'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 380.38 MB
Naka is at home in the kitchen. Her annoying brother has once again pranked her by putting a crick man down her shirt. She wants to get him back and the best way she knows how is clone him into one since he likes them so much! Naka is fed up with his pranks and decides to show him what its like to be helpless and pathetic as a tiny crick man. She brings her giant foot down over top of his tiny body and crushes him with ease. She loves feeling her brother's juices beneath her sole. She lights up a cig and blows large clouds of smoke right in his face. She tells him that she's in charge from now on and he has no power over her any longer. Watch Naka crush, crunch, squish, and tease her helpess brother over and over again!'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

Selena Crushes His Nerdy Toys
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 399.29 MB    View Sample
Selena is at an office Christmas party when she discovers her co-worker has left his office unlocked! She can't stand this guy and how he's always going on about his stupid Star Wars toys! Selena has had a few drinks tonight and is feeling like being a bitch! She grabs his precious toys and leaves to go home! She gets home and throws his toys on the counter. He always taking about how the value is all in the packaging! Selena rips open the toy and laughs at the fact that the toys are worthless now! She throws the toy laser gun on the floor and jumps up and down on them in her black mules. Pieces fly off of it as she stomps it on the floor. She grabs the second toy, a spaceship and throws it on the floor. She takes the heel of her mule and stabs it in the card board and rips it to shreds! She takes the pieces out and stomps them with the sole of her mule! She gets a hammer from under her sink and begins beating on the toy gun again! Selena is determined to destroy every single piece of his toys! She smashes it to bits with her hammer as she laughs! She can't wait to see this nerd's reaction! She bags up every piece of the toy and the packages. Monday morning she'll put the bag on his desk and wait to see his reaction! (HiDef)
  $ 9.25  Add to Cart

Candice Jamms The Goldie Convicts 'PC'
Length: 29.00 min,     Size: 634.31 MB
Candice is in charge of getting rid of all the old Convict Goldie's. Candice has to make room for all the new Goldie Convict's, Candice is here for mass execution she has no mercy for her old goldies and has put up with there criticism and wrongful actions far to long. Candice removes each goldie from their prison bowl and verbally humiliates it, She then throws them to the ground and jamms them with her sexy red heels. Candice shows no mercy , she executes one after another and up until the end they continue to give her a hard time. Some little Convict goldies fight they know Candice is tough and she never backs down on her punishments (Hidef) 'PC'
  $ 20.25  Add to Cart

Naka Shrinks Her Ugly Date
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 440.41 MB    View Sample
Naka's Best friend set her up on a blind date and she was very excited until she meets him. Naka is disappointed he is not anything like she thought. Naka knows she is way too pretty for him. Naka agrees to go out with him on one condition, she gets to use her magic powers and shrink him. Naka's ugly date agrees, once she shrinks him she makes him follow her around. Naka makes her ugly date kiss and and worship her giant feet , and worship her beautiful legs. Naka gives her ugly date a tiny kiss, if he wants a big kiss hes going to have to worship her feet alot more, she takes her shoes off and relaxes on the couch. She calls her friend and tells her that she will never let her set her up for a blind date again she picked an ugly little fucker! (Hidef)
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Kat Gets Revenge On Tiny Man Trying to Tie Her Up (Full Version)
Length: 32.00 min,     Size: 703.06 MB    View Sample
Several tiny men are trying to capture the gorgeous giantess Kat. They sneak in while she's sleeping and begins to tie her up. As she sleeps she swats a few away not knowing that there tiny men. Once Kat wakes up she notices all of them and begins punishing them for trying to capture her. She kills one with her giant ass and another with her hand before using her sexy giant bare feet to crush them into the ground. Kat cant believe they actually tried to get her and now she's out to find them all and torture them for what they have done!(Full Version)
  $ 16.99  Add to Cart

Rose tortures ex boyfriends "PC"
Length: 27.00 min,     Size: 597.58 MB
Rose has all her shitty ex boyfriends all in one bowl. Now what is she going to do with them? She decides to pay them back for all the shit they have put her through and how badly they use to treat her. She tortures them in numerous ways. Rose towers slowly above them and slowly brings her big foot down firmly pressing on their tiny bodies. Rose lights up a cig and continues to tease them. She exhales large clouds of white smoke into their tiny eyes in hopes that it chokes them. She even uses their flattened bodies to put her cig butt out! Making them feel every bit of heat from it. Watch Rose, flatten, crush, squish, and burn all her ex boyfriends, showing them they never should have messed with her. "PC" (HiDef)
  $ 22.99  Add to Cart

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