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Babysitter Jane makes childs favorite game come true
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 673.14 MB    View Sample
Jane has returned to her favorite child's house to babysit him while his mother's working. She knows he has missed her and playing games with her. She also knows he has missed her feet. She surprises him by telling him the game they always play where he is shrunk, can finally come true because she has found a way to make it real. She holds up her charmed necklace and sways it back and forth, watching little Tommy get smaller and smaller. Once he's tiny, she starts teasing him with her feet. She would just love foot massage from her favorite pal! His body is beneath her giant feet and rubs him back and forth on the carpet. She puts him in between both feet, making him a foot sandwich. She drops Tommy in her shoe and tells him now he can see what she goes through all day. He looks like an ant compared to her huge white flat. Jane plays footsie with his tiny body and slides her foot in her flat with him still inside. She hears crunching noises and checks to make sure hes alright. She finally takes them off and decides to keep playing again with her bare stocking soles. She scrunches him with her feet and as time passes, she begins to turn more evil from all the power she's absorbing. She turns from sweet innocent babysitter Jane, to evil giantess babysitter Jane. She rubs Tommys tiny body harder and harder with her giant feet until she hears his tiny bones crack beneath her feet. She is so struck with power, she picks the little boy up with her toes and drops them from high above, to the ground. More of his bones break. She picks him up and tells him that this is what he has always wanted, but now that hes crushed into a million pieces she will have to dispose of him. She places him on the ground and begins to stomp with her heel on top of the little boy. She bashes his bones into a million more pieces and grinds him deep into the carpet until he is no more.
  $ 18.50  Add to Cart

Kat Tricks The Tiny Invaders
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 686.02 MB    View Sample
Josie is on a mission to receive a video that belongs to her, and she will do anything to get it back! Josie disguise's Herself as Kat. Josie rips off her robe and reveals to them who she truly is and they know all to well Kat is way nicer than Josie. Josie has them right where she wants them tiny, and she is in control. Josie unplugs their tiny ship and starts crushing it, She is going to get any kind of revenge she can. She Continues to crush every ship she sees and destroys all the little invaders. Josie Stomps and crushes the invaders with her ass, nice thighs and huge hands! She wants her video and that's what she's going to get! (Hidef)
  $ 16.25  Add to Cart

Hali teases her tiny pervs
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 364.57 MB
Hali is in the mood to teach her bucket full of pervs a lesson. She is absolutely disgusted by them. They are always trying to sneak a peek at her and have only one thing on their mind at all times. She has a little surprise for them to make them want to play with her too. She has her dirty colorful thong with her. She uses it to lure them in. She drops it down with the pervs and wiggles it around so they can smell it. Once one jumps onto it, she picks it off, and decides what she will do to it. She lets them look at her beautiful body first and then smashes some right in between her big juicy breasts. Some, she squishes right on top of her most prized possession between her legs. while showing off her body, sometimes the pervs end up on her ass, and she uses her fingers to flatten them right on top of it, leaving their juices behind. Hali then lights up a cig and blows clouds of smoke right in the tiny pervs face. She uses her lit end to burn their little bodies, showing them what a piece of shit they are. Each time, using her thong to catch them. Hali loves to kiss her tiny victims before she kills them. She likes to jam them between her fingers as well so she can feel all their juices explode all over her skin. She also likes to use her black flats to flatten their bodies like a sheet of paper. Hali has taught these pervs a lesson and is willing to do it again, anytime she feels the need. She has no time for pathetic little pervs.
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Holiday Unaware Flattens Antmen 'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 351.52 MB
Holiday walks back and fourth through her house, relaxing and enjoying her day. She suddenly hears crunching noises but thinks nothing of it and finishes smoking her cigarette. Holiday walks more and still hears the noises so she looks down to see very large ant men have taken over her favorite place. Holiday catches the nasty little suckers and jamms them with her big long sexy fingers. Holiday continues to jamm and stomp them with her hot sexy heels, she thinks she has jammed them all so she goes onto the kitchen to think about what she will be making her very picky family for dinner. Holiday walks around looking in the cabinets to see what she can make. Little does Holiday know Ant men have invaded her kitchen too, she has no clue that she is jamming theses little guys under her big bare soles.
  $ 13.25  Add to Cart

Patients Angie and Hali unaware of other puny patients
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 344.05 MB    View Sample
Angie and Hali have both been waiting for hours to get seen and get their prescription. They are dressed up with white heels and flats on. They light up a cig and strike up a conversation. They talk about how good it is they can smoke in the waiting room and how they get their pills each month. They wonder where everybody is though. They have seen people go in, but no one comes out. As they talk, they are unaware that the patience that have gone before them have come out, but they have been shrunk! The tiny patience are at Angie and Hali's feet screaming for help, but their yells go unnoticed because they are so small. The girls continue to talk, and their feet come in contact with the tiny people. Unknowingly, they shoes up and down on the carpet with the tiny bodies beneath them. They take off their shoes because they have had them on all day, and begin to rub their bare soles on them. Angie has stockings on, but Hali does not. We can see at times, the tiny people between the girls toes. Hali lifts up her leg, exposing a tiny person scrunch in her toes. They finally notice something hard on the ground and think that a kid must have left their toys behind. Angie thinks its a real person because she heard it say help me. Hali is doubtful. They continue to play with the toy. Hali puts it on top of her foot, while Angie puts her stocking foot on top of Halis, and then Hali puts her other foot on top of Angie's. They make a foot sandwich while still playing with the toy. Angie gets called in and leaves Hali by herself. Before she gets up, she drops the tiny toy in her shoe so she can play with it later. Hali sits alone and waits to be called. All the while, Angie has been shrunk too and stands right in front of Hali. Hali is unaware and begins to play with tiny Angie. She gets tired of waiting and decides to leave. But first, she scrunches Angie up beneath her toes and drops her in her heel. She walks away, still unaware that Angie is trapped inside. (HiDef).
  $ 13.50  Add to Cart

Holiday gives her boyrfriend a tiny surprise
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 663.53 MB    View Sample
Holiday knows her boyfriend is obsessed with her size ten and a half giant feet. She always knows that he has always dreamed of being tiny so that he can be near her giant soles. She has invited him over her house because she has a special surprise for him. She starts off by showing off her beautiful black flip flops,freshly painted toenails, and her new toe rings she wore just for him. She makes him get down on the floor and passionately kiss all over her toes and tops of her feet. He follows her into the living room where she tells him she has specially ordered a formula that will make him shrink down to an inch tall. She begins to pour it all over her boyfriend and watches as he gets smaller and smaller. When he finally level with her feet, she tells him now his fantasy has come true and he can do whatever he wants with her giant feet. Holiday paces around him, teasing him by stepping really close to him and then barely missing him. She relaxes and slowly takes her flip flops off, propping her bare soles on the coffee table. She tells her tiny man that she wants him to climb all the way up the soles of her feet. Don't fall off, she tells him, because its a long way down. Holiday knows that her boyfriend just loves her long toes, and wrinkled soles so this is the perfect way he can admire and worship them. Once at the top, she tells him to climb on her toes too. She teases him by wriggling them in his face, showing off those long suckers. She then picks him up and places him on the floor and tells him she has had a long day and wants to take a nap. She wants him climb back up on her soles and take a nap with her. She lays down on her belly, so that the tops of her feet are face down and her soles are facing up. Her boyfriend quickly runs over and starts climbing on her wrinkly, long feet, trying to find the perfect spot to relax and sleep with her.
  $ 20.99  Add to Cart

2 drunk bitches jamm brothers pets
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 291.99 MB
Angie and Hali have just come home from a night out of partying. They are super drunk and look for more when they get home. As they stand around drinking, Angie notices a bucket of crick men. Hali tells her those are her brothers pets and she fucking hates them. The girls get the idea that they should have a little fun with them. They start playing around with the tiny pets and Hali grabs one and throws it on the ground. Angie quickly towers above it with her white flats and brings her foot down, squishing the crick man. They continue to grab more and each time, teasing it in a different way. They love to hear the crunch noise they make beneath their soles. They decide to take off their white shoes, exposing their bare feet. They stumble around a bit, and Hali lights up a cig. She decides to burn the tiny creatures after giving them a kiss. Hali likes to blow large clouds of smoke in their face. Then they go back to jamming their bodies. As their bodies fall to the floor, the drunk girls fight over who gets to squish them first. They bash their giant feet on top of the pets bodies, jamming them at the same time. Their juices splashing all over both girls feet. They lock their toes together, making sure their victims are flattened to the max. They use their big toes to crush their victims as well, turning them from side to side to make sure their bodies are super flat. They have made such a mess and don't want to clean it up. They stand back, looking at their mess, while continuing to drink.
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Sassy Thinks He is Playing A Joke
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 475.61 MB    View Sample
Sassy got a text from and old friend to stop by his house since he was in town and home from college. Sassy finally gets to his house but cant seem to find anybody, she looks around ,his bags are sitting on the table,his phone is their but where is he? Sassy calls out Greg's Name and continues to look for him, she cant find him so she sits down and takes her shoes off. Sassy thinks that he is probably playing a joke just like he has always done. Little does sassy know Greg has tried and experiment and shrunk himself! sassy kicks her feet up to talk to a friend while she waits for Greg to stop playing his little games, she walks around for a little bit and unknowingly steps on him and he is now trapped on the bottom of her sock. Sassy is really starting to get upset that Greg is playing these little silly games, she goes to grab her food and wait for him while she eats. Sassy goes to sit in the living room with her food, she takes off her shoes and kicks her feet up and see's a big ol piece of tape on her sock, she rips it off not knowing that little Greg fell in to her food. Sassy again thinks that its just Greg playing one of his little games. She continue to eat her food and unknowingly eats Greg!(Hidef)
  $ 16.50  Add to Cart

Sassy Unaware Worm Crush 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 474.78 MB
Sassy talks on the phone to her friend while she trys to figure out what pair of shoes she is going to be wearing out to the club tonight. Little does she know she is stepping on wormen as she walks around, she has no clue that every step she takes she is jamming and torturing a wormen. Sassy talks and continues to walk around the kitchen. In the last 6 minutes she takes of her shoes and goes barefoot Wow!(Hidef)'PC'
  $ 16.25  Add to Cart

Lana is unaware of her tiny boss
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 233.66 MB    View Sample
Lana is at work dangling in her black heels. She's on the phone with a friend chit chatting about her boss. She hasn't seen him today at all. She doesn't really care for him that much because he's always asking her out and he's way older than she is. He's such a perv. He is always staring at everything but her eyes when he talks to her. Little does she know, her boss has been shrunk and is standing beneath her giant heels! Lana eventually takes them off, exposing her stocking feet. She arches them up right above her tiny boss still unaware of his condition. She rubs her big soles against the carpet and finally notices something hard beneath them. She slowly reaches down and picks it up. So odd, it looks just like her boss. He even has the same sweater that her boss always wears. Lana thinks nothing of it and believes it might be a toy. She continues to rub and caress her tiny boss with her giant heels, sliding her giant foot over his tiny body on the rough carpet. She picks him up with her toes and scrunches him between them. She finally drops him in her shoe and puts it back on, saying that he's coming home with her.
  $ 8.99  Add to Cart

Lana Has A Bug Problem 'PC'
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 276.35 MB
Lana just got home from work and starts her dishes so she can get them clean, and move on to making dinner. She finishes washing her dishes then turns around to see a nasty little critter running across her kitchen floor. Lana quickly runs over to that nasty little thing and slamms her big black heels on it. Lana quickly realizes there's not just one. She has an invasion, she quickly jamms her heel on everyone she sees.(Hidef)'PC'
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Joleen Makes Him Her Tiny Prisoner Pt. 3
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 227.27 MB
Joleen poses in front of her tiny prisoner, he slowly looks up at her while she teases him and tells him she is going to step on him. Joleen smiles at him and lets him know their is nothing he can do, Joleen's little tiny prisoner yells for help. Joleen lets him know no one is going to hear his little cry's for help. Joleen make's her tiny prisoner beg for his life. She goes over to scare him, after a while she decides to keep him so she puts him back in his cage and hides him for later(Hidef)(Tableview)
  $ 8.00  Add to Cart

Joleen makes Him Her Tiny Prisoner Pt. 2
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 222.78 MB
Now that Joleen has her prisoner right where she wants him, she sits in front of him and starts to take off her strappy heels. She knows how much her bare feet turn him on. Joleen Slides her foot out of her heel and asks her tiny prisoner is he is getting nervous. Joleen gets both shoes off and puts her perfect feel in front of him, she lets him know their is no escape now and he is going to step on him with her perfect toes. Joleen poses her soles in front of him and tells him how easy it will be to step on him. Joleen teases him about being so tiny and how easy it is to control him (Hidef)
  $ 8.00  Add to Cart

Joleen Makes Him Her Tiny Prisoner
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 225.09 MB    View Sample
Joleen shrunk her little friend and put him in a cage, she teases and taunts him with her big sexy feet. Joleen wants to play a game with him so she lets him out of his cage, she tells him to run if he can. As Joleen's little prisoner try's to run she walks toward him and poses her heels, she knows those big heels scare him. (Hidef)
  $ 8.00  Add to Cart

Kaya stripper brings home cheap customer
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 312.01 MB
Don't ever cheap-out on strippers at the local strip club because you might end up like this poor Devil! She abuses him by rubber banding him to her sweaty sole. She then stands and walks on him, trys to fit him in her shoe and has to shrinks him a little bit smaller to fit his body under her sweaty size 10 insole. Not a great way to be invited into the home of an exotic dancer!
  $ 12.50  Add to Cart

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