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Lana Jamms Horrible Patients Pt.1'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 247.54 MB
Lana is the Nurse for the New Hot Doctor in the Hospital and he is sick of nasty patients that dont appreciate anything.... The Hot Doctor has Lana take care of that problem. Lana gets rid of each and everyone, she is sick of hearing about all their problems. Lana yanks each one up and gives them the finger before throwing them to their fate. Lana then uses her pretty feet to stomp each one. Lana eliminates the problem patients and family members one by one! (Hidef)'PC'
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Lana Jamms Horrible Patients Pt.2'PC'
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 232.87 MB
Lana is sick of dealing with ungrateful patients, they are bringing out the worst of her nasty attitude. Lana starts to become very angry so she snatches up each little nasty patient that's running their mouth and shoves them right in between her sexy feet. Lana jamms each and everyone with her big toes. After she is done torturing these nasty patients she looks at everyone she has jammed with her big toe and shows no mercy for them!(HIdef)'PC'
  $ 9.50  Add to Cart

Lana Jamms Horrible Patients Pt. 3 'PC'
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 246.23 MB
The Doctor is sick of having patients and friends of patients complain so he has his best nurse Lana take care of the problem. Lana is sick of dealing with these little nasty patients also, she gets them all together and crushes all of them under her filthy evil soles. Nurse Lana's Crushing and evilness really turns her hot doctor on! The Doctor shoots his big load all over Lana's Dangerous feet. After the hot Doctor Cums on Lana's feet, she sees that some patients are still alive and they saw the whole thing. Lana slowly jamms them with her big toe to make sure she gets rid of any snitches! Next time these nasty patients should learn not to mess with the Doctor and his Beautiful, Evil nurse!'PC'
  $ 9.50  Add to Cart

Babysitter Hali cant find the kids
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 223.55 MB    View Sample
Hali has showed up for her shift in babysitting. She walks in expecting the kiddos to be running rampid as usual but to her surprise the house is silent. She paces back and forth wondering if they are playing a trick on her. Hali has no idea that her life sized kids are now an inch tall! She spots one of the floor beneath her feet and is disgusted because she thinks it's a bug! Quickly, she drops her giant foot on top of its tiny body and kneads it into the carpet. She then walks into the next room to call the kids' mom. While on the phone, she drops her big ass right on top of another kid! She promises their mother she will find them and that they are probably playing a prank on her. As she is saying her goodbyes, she takes a bite out of a powdered doughnut unaware that one of the kids is trapped inside. She devours his tiny body, mixing his flesh and blood with the caked doughnut. Once off the phone, Hali walks into the kitchen to cut her freshly made pizza. As she stands cutting, she raises her foot, exposing the tiny body of one the kids that she has stepped on unaware. She thinks she sees another bug on the kitchen and instantly hammers it with her fist. She then disposes of it in the trash unaware that she has just crushed one of the shrunken kids. She sits back down and begins to eat her pizza wondering where in the world the little shits are. She props her feet up showing off the tiny body still firmly pressed to the bottom of her sole. She hopes they show up soon and prays to god nothing serious happened to them.
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Stripper finds peeping tom
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 275.60 MB    View Sample
Kaya is a stripper and after dancing all night she is so relived to get a break. She goes in the back and sits down thinking she's alone but unknown to her there's a tiny peeping tom right at her feet watching her. Kaya decides to get more comfortable and takes off her sweaty 7inch stripper shoes and ends up stepping right on the tiny man. She begins rubbing her foot on him thinking it's just a toy or something and continues to rubbing her tired soles on it. After a bit she looks down to see what it is and at first sight she thinks it's a big but when she picks it up she see's that it's the perv from earlier who didn't tip her. Kaya doesn't know how he got there or how he got so small but she's definitely going to take advantage. She talks shit to him as she rubs his tiny body all over hers, making sure she teases him really good before she kills him off. Kaya then takes him and puts him into her sweaty stinky heels and is going to give him a dance of a life time! She begins dancing around, squishing his tiny body against her sole with ever step. Kaya was hoping to smother him as she gives him his private dance but when it's her turn to go on stage again and he's still alive she tells him it's her turn and he's coming with her!
  $ 10.99  Add to Cart

Hali guesses a new flavor of jelly beans
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 353.58 MB    View Sample
Hali notices that someone left out a glass of jelly beans. She remembers playing a game when she was little where she would suck on one and try to guess the flavor. She is eager to see if she can still do this. She uses her long finger nail hands to snatch up a jelly bean and with her eyes closed, pops it into her mouth. She wiggles it around in her mouth, and sucks on it hard to get all the yummy juices out. She licks it several times as well. Once she thinks she has guessed the flavor, she chews it up and swallows like a piece of shredded meat. After a few jelly beans, she unaware grabs up a tiny man. Little does she knows, it's her friend Daniel that she has been looking for all day. Hali thinks this jelly bean is shaped and tastes weird but she does her best to guess. She sucks on the tiny man and floats him around in her giant mouth. She presses her giant finger on his tiny body and moves him up and down her wet tongue. All she knows is that it's the best tasting jelly bean she has ever tasted and just wants to keep sucking it. Finally after realizing she isn't going to guess this flavor, she swallows the tiny man. It tastes and feels so good going down to her belly!
  $ 13.50  Add to Cart

Hali follows new tiny rule of the house
Length: 33.00 min,     Size: 720.95 MB    View Sample
Hali has just showed up at her parents house to baby sit her little brother. She greets him and begins to tell him about the new rule mom made in the house. No men allowed in the house over an inch tall. Hali tells him that it's all because of him too. She tells him that her and their mom found sites on his computer that makes them suspicious. They found that he has a giantess fetish and wants to be tiny. To comply with what they saw, Hali begins to shrink her brother down to an inch tall. He's so tiny and her shrink ray also makes him attracted to his giantess which is his big sister. She begins chasing her little bro with her giant flats threatening to squash him like a bug if she catches him. She takes pics of his small size, telling him she is going to send them to everyone they know. She finally takes off her flats exposing her bare feet and towers them over his tiny body. Her feet are so sweaty that his ant size body sticks to them like glue. She props her feet up in front of her and teases him by making him a foot sandwich and even uses her giant finger nails to caress him. She puts him back down on the floor finally cornering him for her final crush. She brings her giant sole over top his tiny body and brings it down hard smooshing him like paste. Oops.
  $ 21.50  Add to Cart

Brynn transforms her high school enemies 'PC'
Length: 25.00 min,     Size: 558.58 MB
Brynn's high school reunion is coming up and instead of worrying about what outfit she is going to wear, she is cooking up ideas on how to torture all her former enemies. She borrowed a transformation gun from her friend and has easily altered the appearance of her fellow classmates into tiny icky crick men! She can't wait to tease them like they did her in school. She eyes them evilly as she watches them squirm and try to shy away from her. But she grasps them up one by one, showing some her sexy heels, and flattens them slowly with her giant heel. She loves the popping noise they make beneath them. She reminisces on their high school days as she plucks their legs off one by one before crushing them to their death. She lights up a cig and blows large clouds of smoke in their tiny faces, hoping the smoke chokes them to death. Brynn finally slips off her heels, revealing her bare soles only, so she can feel all their juices explode beneath her feet. She pops them like a zit and kneads them into the ground for all the pain they have caused her. Brynn is pleased and beyond happy with her sticky, filthy mess she has made. Now she knows just what to do the next time she gets fucked with. 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 18.99  Add to Cart

Kat gets paid to shrink customer
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 450.52 MB    View Sample
Kat is a prostitute but does other things beside sell her body. She has a customer coming over that has a special request from her. He wants to pay her to shrink him and tease him with her feet. Kat is very professional and business like and requires the money up front. Then, they begin their session. She waves a flashy emblem necklace in front of his face and watches as he shrinks down to an inch tall. Kat knows he loves her beautiful feet and nylons by the way he had been eyeing them since he walked through the door. She teases him by reminding him how small he is and how she could easily crush him at any time. She slips off her leopard print heels, revealing her thin sexy nylons. She points them directly in his face and encourages him to sniff them. She spreads her toes far apart in her stockings for him to get a better whiff. She uses her giant wrinkly soles to massage his entire body and scrunches him beneath her toes. She tells him she will be gentle with him, hoping he will come back for another session. Finally, she motions with her finger for him to come closer, picks him up, and goes in for a long, wet, giant kiss!
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Ava's son and friends get into her "special liquor"
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 380.95 MB    View Sample
Ava has just come home to pick up her step son and his friends and take them to the movies. She calls out for them but no response. They boys are nowhere to be seen. She finds a Victoria's Secret magazine on the floor and notices a tiny man near it. It's one of her son's friends! How in the world did he get so small? After a while of scratching her head, she realizes they must have gotten into her special liquor. Now, they will be shrunk forever, which is OK because Ava isn't that found of them anyways. As she searches and finds each tiny boy in hidden places, she creates different ideas on how to bring them to their death. She brings her big heeled foot down on some, crushing their tiny bodies beneath her giant heel. Others, she uses the bottom of her black nylon heel to stomp and knead their bones into the carpet. She twists her giant sole on some, crushing them into dust. Lastly, she finds her step son and tells him that after she disposes of him, she will tell his dad that he simply just disappeared. After that being said, Ava lifts her giant stockinged foot high into the air and drops it down hard onto her sons tiny body, crushing every bone and vessel he has.
  $ 14.50  Add to Cart

Pissed off bitch Storm punishes tiny man with her feet
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 255.30 MB    View Sample
Storm is highly pissed off because one of her top sellers for her business has been stealing money behind her back. She has pondered and pondered about how to get the perfect revenge on him. So, she decided to hire a woman to find him and shrink him to the size of a doll and then had him delivered right to her door! Storm now has her ex employee taped firmly to the floor, shirtless. She takes a seat right in front her victim, showing off he black high heel boots. She rubs the hard soles of them on his soft warm body, letting him know he is at her disposal now. After a while, she slips off he boots, exposing her bare feet. She uses her toes to pull out his tiny cock and begins rubbing the shaft with her wrinkly soles. She slides his cock in between her toes, giving him a foot job with the help of some lotion as lube. She uses her other foot to wrap her toes around his tiny neck, choking him while still stroking him! She arches her foot up high and brings it down on his mid section with the head of his cock still between her toes. She begs him to cum in between her toes and all over her wrinkly soles. With the snap of her fingers, Storm shrinks her enemy even smaller! He's the size of an ant now! Now she has to be really careful of she might really hurt him! She scrunches his tiny body beneath her toes, and stomps him with her giant heel. She just might save him and keep him forever!
  $ 8.50  Add to Cart

Kat doesen't want him to give up his fetish
Length: 33.00 min,     Size: 720.29 MB    View Sample
Kat heard that your new year's resolution is to give up your giant fetish that you love so much. She really wants to help you out, so she puts you in a trance and begins a therapy session with you. Once the session starts, therapist Kat notices a tiny man on the floor. She knows the right thing to do would be to carry him to safety and leave him unharmed but she knows that you would really like to see her step on him and knead his tiny body into the carpet. The second choice would be way more fun so she uses her beautiful toes to scrunch and grind him into tiny pieces. She searches for more tiny men to play with. As she finds more, her ideas on how to torture them become more creative. She crushes some by slapping them between her giant palms, stomps them until they are dust, and even uses her round plump ass to bounce up and down on their tiny helpless bodies. She knows she isn't coming any closer to helping you get over your fetish, but she also knows you are enjoying the show. As Kat seductively hunts more men down, she's hoping you will reconsider giving this fun fetish up.
  $ 17.99  Add to Cart

Evil Aunt Savannah tortures her favorite little boys
Length: 35.00 min,     Size: 765.06 MB    View Sample
"Sweet" Aunt Savannah has come home looking for her nephew and his friends. She slowly paces around the room asking them where they are. She confesses that she had given them a shrinking potion and she will now find all of them and squash them like the little bugs they are. She searches and finally finds one of her nephews friends. She starts to explain to him that she is going to flatten him like a sheet of paper beneath her giant mature soles. As she lifts her foot high into the air, she slowly brings it down on top of his tiny body. Aunt Savannah uses her giant soles to knead his skeleton into the carpet. When she finds the second friend, she teases him as well with her wrinkly soles and tramples his body onto the carpet. After a while, she picks him up and decides to devour him! She swallows him whole, laughing evilly the whole time as if giving her more energy. Next, she searches for her nephew. Once she found, she taunts him and wants to make him big so she can tread on his face even better. With the snap of her fingers, she transforms her nephew back to normal size. She rubs her mature sweaty soles all over his face and shoves them on top of his nose. He begs for mercy but his evil aunt shows none. She turns him back little so that she can swallow him like his last friend. They taste so good and she absolutely loves it. She opens her enormous mouth and munches on his tiny bones, cracking them within her mouth! Yummy!
  $ 20.99  Add to Cart

Selena discovers her tiny neighbor
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 202.96 MB    View Sample
Selena walks into the room and instantly notices a tiny man on the ground below her. She gets down on all fours to get a closer look. She sees that it's a boy from school that is also her neighbor. He must have accidentally shrunk himself and came to her house to spy on her. After all, he has always had a thing for her. Selena ponders for a while on what she is going to do with him. She just loves how small and adorable he is. She wants to be certain that he will never escape so she wraps tape around his tiny body to secure him in tightly. Now, it's time to play. She tells him to kiss her giant cheek and he does many many times for his beautiful giantess. Selena then presses him on her beautiful thighs and in between them to show off and tease him with her most sexy assets. She knows he loves it down there and he also loves how short her shorts are because they expose her satin smooth legs. Removing her flats, Selena places her tiny neighbor near her feet and coaxes him into kissing her giant soles. They are so soft and lovely so there is no way he can resist. She rubs her giant soles all over his tiny body and scrunches him beneath her toes. The tiny neighbor boy is now Selena's personal play toy and she will never let him go.
  $ 8.99  Add to Cart

Selena eats her tiny escapee boyfriend
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 446.18 MB    View Sample
Selena has just come home from an interesting day and wants to tell her boyfriend all about it. She looks for his tiny body in his test tube but he is nowhere to be found! He must have gotten out somehow and now he could be anywhere. Selena searches for him frantically and reminds him several times that her boots are awfully heavy and hard and could crush his tiny body if he came in contact with them. She towers above him with her giant boots, each time barely missing him. After a while, she takes her heavy boots off and keeps searching. She is getting highly aggravated at this point. Little does she know, her boyfriend has gotten stuck to a piece of stray tape on the floor. Selena unknowingly presses her foot right on top of her tiny man's body, causing the tape, along with him, to be stuck to her smelly sock. She sits on the couch, dangling her tiny man still stuck to the bottom of her sole and talks on the phone to a friend telling them she cannot find her boyfriend anywhere. At this point, she has to be somewhere and warns Greg that wherever he is, he better come out once she gets back. She takes off out the door with Greg still firmly pressed beneath her sole, in her boot. When she arrives back home, Greg is still nowhere to be found. Selena takes off her boots once again and decides to eat lunch. As she prances into the kitchen, we can see that Greg's poor helpless body is still in place beneath his giant girlfriends sole. She sits back and begins eating unaware that Greg has made his way to her food. She finally notices him but shows him no mercy. She tells him she isn't helping him out of this one and smears him in her ranch sauce only to devour his tiny body. She swallows him and finishes eating her sandwich. Her tiny tiny man feels so good in her tummy. Now he can be with her forever.
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

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