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Lenore puts tiny man to good use (POV)
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 346.41 MB    View Sample
Lenore is at home when her friend stops by to give her the remains of the tiny prick they shrunk down and killed. When her friend leaves she goes to throw him but stops because she feels him move, she cant believe he's still alive and is determinant to kill him off for good! She lifts her foot with her cute sandals on and begins crushing his body into the ground. After a bit she gets an idea to put him to good use before she ends his life. Lenore sits down on the couch with him and gives him a kiss before running him down her body , to her nipples then down to her hot wet pussy! She rubs him all over making him eat her out then out of no where he bits her clit and she is pissed, she tells him now she's going to drowned him in her pussy juice so she shoves him far inside and enjoys the way his tiny helpless body feels in her hot wet pussy. Once he's made her cum she takes him and puts him on the floor again and takes her shoes off and begins crushing him with her dirty bare soles. Lenore even spits on him and laughs at him. Then once his body's completely crushed she takes him and flushes him down the toilet so she never has to see him again! (Nude) (Mostly POV)
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

Starving Tiny Man Eats Callus's Off Giant Girl's Feet
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 184.39 MB    View Sample
A very thin, tiny, starving man has made his way over to giant girl Kaya's wrinkly soles. He is in desperate need of food and end's up right in the middle of her toes. He will eat anything at this point and the only thing he can think of to survive at this point is chew off and devour the remaining dusty callus's off her toes and soles. He begins his feeding as the giantess is worshiping another giant girls feet. He knows she will be a while so he has enough time to get a decent amount of food for survival. He ends up working his way up to her hand where he hopes will be the remains of some dry callus's on her rough palms or fingers, and maybe even some hang nails!
  $ 6.99  Add to Cart

Saige Finds Tiny Boyfriend In Sock
Length: 36.00 min,     Size: 790.41 MB    View Sample
Saige comes home and call out for her boyfriend. No reply. She wonders where in the world he could be. She walks around the room trying to get a hold of him, unaware that he has been shrunk down to the size of a bug. Her sneakers come close several times to coming in contact with him. She sits down, takes off her shoes and calls up the neighbor to see if he could be there. Saige is disappointed to find out they haven't seen him. She gets finally gets on the phone with her boyfriend saying that he has been shrunken down and is on the floor. She looks around and doesn't see him. She thinks he is lying and gets irritated. While trying to flee from her giant feet, he gets stuck on a piece of tape on the carpet. While looking for him this time, she actually does step on him along with the tape and the phone goes dead. How odd. She sits back down wit his tiny body pressed firmly to the bottom of her sock. After a while, she decides to put her socks and shoes back on and go meet up with a friend thinking he will be there once she returns. Saige comes back home and sees that there is a text from him saying help bottom of foot. She dosen't quite know what that means but checks the bottom of her foot. Greg! He wasn't lying! How in the world did he get so tiny?! She peels the tape of with him strapped to it and holds him up sympathetically. She apologizes and tries to soothe him about his new size. She takes off her sock and compares him to her giant feet, telling him how perfectly he could fit between her toes. An idea sparks in her head. They should play a game of hide and seek. Saige counts to ten and then goes and looks for her tiny bug sized boyfriend. She thinks she made a mistake because she can't seem to find him anywhere and it doesn't help that he is so small. She slips her socks back on unaware that is was hiding in them. She goes and gets herself something to eat with the imprint of her boyfriend beneath her sole and sock. Feeling an itch beneath her foot, she laughs and realizes it's Greg. She found his hiding spot after all. She then gives him a kiss and asks if he's hungry. He ends up in her food. Eating around him, she becomes distracted on her phone and after a few more bits, she scoops her boyfriend up and we watch as he enters her giant mouth. Chewing and munching on his tiny bones and flesh, Saige thinks her food is starting to taste funny. Wait a minute.. She soon realizes it is her boyfriend! Oh well, she sits back and rubs her belly. At least he can always be a part of her now and leaves him there to suffer.
  $ 22.50  Add to Cart

Marie Jamms on Her Porch 'PC'
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 309.55 MB
Marie is sitting on her porch, enjoying the weather, when she looks down and she's bugs everywhere! She can't stand them and doesn't want her porch took over by them! Marie kicks her flip flops off and begins jamming them in her the wood! She uses her big toe to grind them to their death! While jamming her feet get filthy from the dirt on her porch but that doesn't stop her! (HiDef) 'PC'
  $ 12.50  Add to Cart

Kaya Gives Tiny Co Workers A Whiff Of Her Smelly Feet
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 200.78 MB    View Sample
Giant Kaya walks in the room filled with her new micro sized co workers. She asks them innocently if they like their new size and giggles. She tells them this is what they get for always being so rude and disrespectful to her. Always making fun of her big smelly feet. She is going to show them how it feels to be put down and belittled the way they make her feel on a daily basis. Since they love talking about her feet so much she is going to see how much they like them up close and personal. She paces around with her white flats on and slowly brings the ball of her foot right on top of their tiny bodies, killing them instantly. She takes off her shoes so she can feel their helpless puny bodies go lifeless beneath her giant wrinkly soles. As she slowly brings her heels and toes down on them, she continues walking showing off their micro bodies pressed firmly to the bottoms. They stay there permanently without moving with the help of her moist sweaty toe jam. Kaya feels better already knowing that she has demolished all her shit talking enemies. One more to go, she raises her giant foot high into the air and slowly brings it down giving them a final goodbye!
  $ 8.99  Add to Cart

Big Chrissy Makes Tiny Botfriend Worship Her Size 12 Feet
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 236.58 MB    View Sample
Chrissy's boyfriend, Trent, has just arrived at her house and she is very excited. She has missed him so much and immediately asks if he can rub her tired sore feet. After all, she knows he loves it. He is more than happy to do what he is asked and begins rubbing his girlfriends giant size 12 feet. As she watches him go to work, she tells him she is very appreciative that he is always going out of his way for her and she wants to do something for him. She asks him what his most desired fantasy would be. Very surprised, Chrissy tells her man that what he is asking for is very different and there is no coming back from being shrunken down. He wants to be the size of a speck of dirt so he can be near her feet and in her toejam. Blowing him a kiss is the only way she knows how to make his fantasy comes true. Giving it a try, she slowly blows him a passionate kiss. Chrissy giggles as she watches him slowly shrink down into his desired size. He's so small! He is the most appropriate size now to worship her giant feet. She rubs them on his tiny body and raises her foot above his head and slowly brings it down to show the size difference. Annoyingly, he seems to get scared and tries to flee. Chrissy is not going to let him go anywhere. Her big feet follow him around and block his attempt to escape. She blows him another kiss, turning him even smaller. The size of a grain of salt! She sticks him between her toes and comments on how much smaller he is now. She sits down and stretches her feet out in front of her with her tiny boyfriend mixed in with her toejam. She tells him this is what he wanted and now he can be with her forever.
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Stormy Gets Mad At a Toejac Customer 'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 358.88 MB
Stormy Loves Doing Custom Crush videos for Toejac fans and today Jack has invited over a Customer to the Toejac Studio so he can Watch Stormy Crush in person! Jack introduces the fan to stormy and he says he doesn't like her he would rather have Joleen. Stormy Says FUCK HIM And at the snap of her fingers she shrinks him and clones his ass! Stormy is going to show him just how good she can Jamm and Crush him! Stormy Grabs him up out of her holding cage and shows him just how she does things a toejac. She throws his worthless ass to the ground and towers her big giant foot over him as slowly flattens his whole body! Stormy continues to torture all his little clones by grinding and jamming them into the ground, she lets him know exactly how much she loves hearing his tiny body crunch and pop under her feet! Stormy calls herself the crush queen and if you don't like her Crushing the same might happen to you!(Hidef)'PC'
  $ 13.50  Add to Cart

Saige shows her hot wet mouth
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 128.17 MB
Saige shows you her big wet mouth! She rolls her wide tongue around showing off her uvula. Saige's mouth is so nice and wet and you get to see every inch of it!
  $ 5.99  Add to Cart

Lola Unaware Eats Her Bestfriend
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 192.46 MB    View Sample
Lola enters her best guy friend, Jackson's, house and calls out for him. She yells up the stairs and tells him to hurry up because they have reservations. Still, no reply. She yells to him that she is going to eat his chips while she waits. She takes a seat and props her feet up in front of her. She grabs the bowl of chips and begins munching away. While she munches, she is still unaware that her friend is the size of a bug down on the floor looking up at her. He scrambles over to her trying to get her attention but he is so tiny she can't hear or see him. Lola finally screams out that she is giving him five more minutes and if he's not ready then she's leaving without him. Meanwhile, tiny Jackson is trying his best to climb up to his friend hoping she might notice him. he reaches her face and loses his balance, falling straight into her tasty snack! Lola has no idea and is getting very irritated. She reaches into her bowl to grab the last remaining chip. Jackson is on top of it and has no time to jump off. Lola brings the chip along with her tiny friend up to her giant plump lips and crams it into her mouth. She munches and crunches very loudly as she cracks every tiny bone in his body, mixing it together with the chip and her saliva. She then makes a confused face, and says out loud how crunchy that last chip was. It was extra extra crunchy... How odd.. she sits back and wonders why in the world it was like that. And better yet, why in the world hasn't her friend Jackson come downstairs or replied to her yet??
  $ 7.99  Add to Cart

Tiny Son Loves Milf Mom And Sister's Panties
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 485.89 MB    View Sample
Hali can't wait for her mom to get home so she can explain why her son is so tiny. She can't wait to tell her what a pathetic little pervert he is and how he loves looking up girls skirts to see their panties. It's even his fault that he is so small because he couldn't look away from his own sister's panties! As of now, Hali has her tiny brother trapped beneath her giant ass and is bouncing up and down on him waiting for their mother. After a while, she doesn't feel him beneath her anymore. He has escaped somehow! She gets down on her knees and looks on the ground everywhere. She finally finds him hiding under the sofa. Once she hears the door slam, Hali quickly jumps back up on the couch begins telling her story. She urges her mom to look under the couch with her so she can see for herself. Both females gaze upon a tiny boy scared and ashamed. It doesn't surprise mom at all that her son is a perv. She never wanted a boy anyways, so it's totally OK with her that he's so tiny. She even threatens to crush him beneath her giant high heel. But first, she is curious to see if he can get any smaller. She wants him the size of an ant! She decided to lift up her skirt and sit right on top of him with her panties and nylons. She rubs her ass side to side but no luck. Even Hali's solo attempt doesn't do the trick. They decide to sandwich him between both their panties! They smush him between their asses and like a charm, he shrinks down to the perfect size. They taunt and tease him, lifting up their skirts, showing him their sexy panties while shoving their feet in his face calling him a pathetic panty boy perv. They discover the more turned on he gets, the smaller he gets! At last, they hover over his tiny body and tell him they are going to let him live, however, if they catch him trying to get a free show from any female that comes in the house ever again, they are going to crush his tiny body right then and there!
  $ 15.99  Add to Cart

Babysitter Raina Makes Child's Game Come True
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 681.96 MB    View Sample
Raina has come over to babysit her favorite little. It's been a while an she sees that he is staring at her feet like all the times before. She suggests they play a game with her feet. She shrinks him because she knows he has always fantasized about that. she watches him get smaller and smaller until he is level with her feet. She teases him and scrunches him up in them. She drops him in and out of her shoe and play with him some more. She knows he loves her beautiful feet and she loves how he feels beneath them. She crushes him beneath them so hard that she turns him into jam. She doesn't want to getting trouble so she takes him to the bathroom and flushes him down the toilet!
  $ 17.50  Add to Cart

Stormy Jamms Her Mant Exes 'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 251.36 MB
Stormy has rounded up all the men in her life that has pissed her off and turned them into Mants. She takes them out of the cage one by one and tells them exactly why they are there. She laughs as she jamms them between her fingers and they slowly die. She throws them on the floor and brings her big feet down on top of them! She grinds them into the floor as they scream for mercy from Stormy! But she feels no pity for them! They've all hurt her and now they're going to pay! (HiDef)
  $ 10.99  Add to Cart

Saige Unaware Toe Wrestles Tiny Boyfriend
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 281.21 MB    View Sample
Saige comes home hot and sweaty from a day at the beach. She takes a seat on the couch, flexing and slapping her flip flops. She wonders where her boyfriend, Jack, is and calls out his name several times with no reply. He was suppose to meet her at the beach but never showed up. She has no idea that her pathetic little boyfriend is actually the size of a but and is standing right in front of her feet! She flexes and toe spreads in her flops right in front of his face, coming very close to coming in contact with him. She slips out of her pale green flops and begins to rub her sweaty soles on the carpet. Unaware, she is also rubbing and kneading her boyfriend into the carpet, making his tiny body a sandwich between the two. She soon begins to feel something odd beneath her feet and reaches down to check it out. To her surprise, it's a tiny toy man that looks exactly like her boyfriend! He's even in his red swimming trunks! How odd. Saige giggles and says if it actually was her boyfriend she would be crushing him right now. She tosses the tiny toy back on the ground and continues wrestling it with her toes. She giggles to herself even more pretending that it is her boyfriend and demands the tiny toy figure to lick to sweat and filth from her hot wrinkly soles. She keeps pondering where in the world her cheating piece of shit boyfriend could be. He better not be at that neighbor bitches house getting his dick wet. On that thought, she scrunches up the little toy man with her toes that she has named "little Jack", and drops him into her flip flop. She slides her feet into them and walks away with the him beneath her sole telling him they are going to go find big Jack now.
  $ 10.99  Add to Cart

Raina Makes Him Her Tiny Slave For Life
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 320.50 MB    View Sample
Raina has been anxiously waiting for her boyfriend, Trent, to come over. When he arrives, she excitingly tells him that she has had a very long day on her feet. They are extremely sweaty and sore. She then tells him they are going to have so much fun together today and she has big plans for them. But first, she wants him to come kiss her feet to help soothe them. The more he kisses, the smaller he seems to get. She knows he is scared and tries his best to run but Raina is too big and powerful and easily stops him. Raina watches as he shrinks inch by inch until he is the size of a bug, level at her feet. She chases him around as he attempts to escape her, but she always finds him. She explains to him that she is only giving him what he wants, for them to be together forever and only have each other to depend on. She slowly begins pressing her giant foot over top his tiny body, kneading him into the carpet, telling him how good it feels. She puts him in the spaces between her toes as she gazes in amazement as he keeps getting smaller and smaller until he transforms from the size of a bug, to the size of an ant, and then until she can hardly even see him at all. Raina keeps him between her toe, slips her on her flip flops and tells him now they can be together forever and she can take with her everywhere she goes from now on.
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Babysitter turns boys giantess fantasy to life
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 674.24 MB    View Sample
Chrissy comes over Tommy's house to babysit him everyday after work for extra money. When she gets there she tells Tommy her feet are really killing her from standing in her flats all day and wants to rest for a bit. As she dangles her flats from her huge size 12s Tommy cant help but to stair at them. Chrissy knows Tommy loves her big feet and loves when she acts like a giant and steps on all his toys. Chrissy notices him staring and tells him she knows he wants to play but she has a new game she wants to show him. She stands up and points her shrink ray at him and tells him she really likes playing the giantess and today she's going to turn his fantasy into reality. Once he's shrunk to the size of a bug she picks him up and tells him how adorable he is, he is terrified but at the same time he kind of likes it because his favorite babysitter is playing his favorite game. Chrissy then takes him into the living room and without his permission tosses him on the carpet and tells him he's going to rub her huge stocking feet. She teases him and waves them over top of his tiny helpless body before gently rubbing him with her stinky soles. Chrissy tells Tommy how good he's making her feet feel as she puts him in between her soles and gives him a sole sandwich. After a bit she tells Tommy she's going to put him in her shoe and show him what it feels like for her all day at work. She drops him in and puts her shoe on then walks around with him, she can feels his bones begin to crack but by this point she's so into playing the giantess roll that she doesn't even care. Chrissy then dips her stinky foot in and out of her flats before walking back to the couch and dangling him in her shoe until he falls out then she begins rubbing his tiny into the carpet again but this time she is more ruff with him. She even stands up and stomps him, telling him how much she is loving feeling his tiny broken bones under her giant soles. Chrissy tells him the games must in and she doesn't want to leave him like this so she continues crushing him until little Tommy is know more.
  $ 17.50  Add to Cart

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