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Saige clones and Jamms her older brother 'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 370.68 MB
She pulls him out of his tiny cage one by one and flattens them under her sweaty young feet! Nice POV angles and closeups of her giant toes and soles! 'PC' (HD)
  $ 14.50  Add to Cart

Raven Unaware Wormen Crush'PC'
Length: 27.00 min,     Size: 587.80 MB
Raven Just got home from work and is trying to get dinner started, she has to clean up the kitchen first. She washes dishes and calls a friend before she gets everything going. As raven paces back and forth through the kitchen she is unaware that wormen have invaded her kitchen floor. Raven is still wearing her nice sundress and heels, so as she steps across the floor her heels slowly crunch and smash wormen. Raven is so into her phone call with her friend she never notices they have invaded her kitchen. Raven continues to talk and then puts on her more comfortable shoes and still has no clue that wormen are all over her kitchen floor and she is jamming them as she walks around!(Hidef)
  $ 22.25  Add to Cart

Babysitter Sally Shows Shrunken boy What Its Like A Day In Her Shoes
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 659.34 MB    View Sample
Sally has arrived to her favorite babysitter's house for her daily babysitting gig. She has missed him so much! She tells him they are going to have lots of fun and she wants to play a special game with him. She is going to make him into a little person. She holds up her magic wand and watches him shrink down to the size of a bug at her feet. She realizes he's scared but as time passes, Sally gets more evil. She wiggles him between her toes and kneads him on the carpet beneath her stocking soles. She drops him into her white flat and tells him she wants him to know what it's like throughout her day. She slips her tan stocking sole into her flat and paces around the room with the tiny boy firmly beneath her heel. Finally, she slips off her shoe and drops him onto the carpet once again. Sally uses her high arch stocking feet to massage him between her soles and caress his tiny body. She teases him with her giant soles raising them high above his head and then bringing them down barely missing his tiny little body. Finally, evil babysitter Sally tells him he will surely be missed and brings her giant sole down on top of his trembling body, crushing him for good.
  $ 19.99  Add to Cart

Shaylee and Riley are Unaware Of Tiny Boss Under The Table
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 297.19 MB
Shaylee and Riley are taking a break and shaylee is pissed that her boss has been watching and hitting on her all day, he loves the dress she is wearing! Shaylee says she is never wearing that dress again. Both girls are disgusted with their boss, little do they know he has shrunken himself and is standing below their dangling heels. The ladies begin to play footsie and Riley grabs him up with her toes, unaware that they even have him. Riley and Shaylee continue to play footsie with their nasty perv boss jammed in between their feet. The boss is loving it hes getting just what he wanted. Shaylee and Riley continue to play footsie , then shaylee finally notices something rough on her feet she bends down to pick it up and its a little toy that looks like her boss! Shaylee laughs and throws him beneath Riley's feet and they start to grind his tiny body into the carpet and toe grab him! Guess this tiny boss shouldn't have shrunken himself around shaylee and Riley!
  $ 12.25  Add to Cart

Saige Gets Rid Of Past Memories By Crushing The Goldies 'PC'
Length: 32.00 min,     Size: 701.85 MB
Saige has all her little bastard boyfriends right where she wants them. She has transformed them all into tiny goldies and is going to show them who is in charge now. As she fishes out all her past exes, she reminisces a bit before placing them beneath her heel and popping them like a zit. She raises her heel up and brings it doen on their squirming little bodies and flattens them firmly like a sheet of paper. She changes into blue mules and continues her torture. She goes to light up a cig and exhales extremely large clouds of smoke in their tiny faces. Then, she brings the burning hot cig directly on top of their helpless bodies and watches as the pain gets too much for them to handle. Saige loves torturing all her exes and loves the sound they make when they explode beneath her giant heels! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 25.99  Add to Cart

Raven Follows The Tiny Chinks Home
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 358.58 MB    View Sample
Raven is a thief who makes a living from breaking into peoples homes, she fallows two chinks home one day to steal from them, however they start playing with their shrink ray and end up shrinking them selfs down to little micro chinks. Raven comes in their house and they panic as she takes her shoes off and starts walking towards them with her big giant feet. She accidentally steps on them and when she notices something under her bare feet she looks down and realizes it's the shrunken down chinks. She picks them up and begins humiliating them. Raven taunts and teases the two time chinks with her giant bare feet before making the girl friend live in her shoe forever and telling the tiny man the only thing he'll see from now on is her boyfriends huge cock!
  $ 13.50  Add to Cart

Hali Lets Her Shrunken Boss Live Out His Fantasy
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 317.25 MB    View Sample
Hali is new to the office position at toejac and she is in desperate new of some help. She calls out for her boss several times but gets no reply. After a while, she gets very irritated. He's always leaving her there by herself and expecting her to know how to do everything on her own. She walks around the office wondering where he could be. She glances at his chair and sees a tiny toy in her boss's chair. She bends down to get a closer look. It's not a toy, it's her boss! How did he get so tiny?! She reaches down and picks his tiny body up with her giant fingers and holds him high up in the air. She laughs in his face because this has always been his fantasy, to be tiny and to be wrestled by a giantesses sweaty soles! Well today is his lucky day! Hali brings him over to her desk and sticks him right between her sticky toes. She makes him a sole sandwich, kneading him into her soles. She tells him that she is an amazing employee because she is giving him what he has always wanted. Finally, she drops him in her flip flop and slips her foot into it. She goes back to work, with her heel raised in her flop, exposing her tiny naked boss stick firmly stuck to the inside.
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Chrissy Flattens 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 452.01 MB
Chrissy comes in and finds crickmen and crawmen all over her kitchen floor. She takes her large, bare feet and smashes them one by one! She than slips on her flip flops and smashes them between her shoes and her bare heel! All she needs is her massive feet to eliminate her bug problem! Her 280 lb weight makes sure they are as flat as pancakes!(HiDef) 'pc'
  $ 17.99  Add to Cart

Hali and Selena Torture Tiny Brother
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 398.06 MB    View Sample
Selena is standing over top of her big brother, Chris, laughing at him for catching the shrinking virus! Chris has always been a bully to her and her sister, Hali because he's bigger! Hali walks in and Selena tells her about what happen to Chris and why he's only waist tall! Both girls laugh and tell him he's screwed now! It's time for payback for all the hell he's put them through! The next day the girls check on Chris again and this time he's the size of a tiny bug! They threaten to squish Chris and grind him into the carpet for all the shit he's put them through! They raise their high heel above his head and pretend to stomp him and his tiny house! Chris runs into his tiny house and the girls can't get him to come out! She says she has an idea to get him to come out! She squats down over top the tiny house and tells Chris she's going to shit on his house if he doesn't come out! Hali is turned on by this and the girls begin making out and Hali squeezes on her sister's ass! Chris comes out and Hali picks him up! She pulls Selena bikini bottoms out and sticks tiny Chris up her ass! Selena wiggles around and says he feels good inside of her! The girls go to bed for the night and then Selena wakes up. She hasn't felt Chris move in a while and she's worried! She wakes Hali up and tells her she's worried. Hali lays her head on Selena's ass and tries to talk to Chris but he's not responding! Hali smacks on her ass and finally Chris begins moving again! Selena says she's so turned on by that and crawls on top of Hali. The girls begin making out as Chris squirms around in Selena's bikini! (HiDef)
  $ 15.50  Add to Cart

New Girl Raven Hunts Down The Crick Men 'PC'
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 201.46 MB
Raven has just come home from her new job at toejac still dressed up and in her black heels. She opens the fridge for a cold beverage and then stands for a minute to process her day. She is ready to relax and maybe even take a nap when something very unexpected happens. A disgusting crick scrambles past her but isn't quick enough. Without letting any time pass, she immediately crushes it beneath her pointy toe heel. She flattens it like a sheet of paper! When more approach her, she takes her heel off and pops them like a zit beneath her bare sole! Loving the way it feels when it explodes beneath her sweaty heel, she almost hopes more come along soon! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 9.25  Add to Cart

Grandma Poppy Uses Evil Powers To Torture Shrunken Grandson And Friends
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 343.38 MB    View Sample
Poppy's grandson, Juan, has come to visit her and also to meet up with his friends. She tells them they were there earlier but they left. He dosen't think anything of it and sits down on the sofa with his grandma. Her soles are directly in his face and he soon is right in them, sniffing and whiffing them as hard as he can. She notices how he loves her soles and she offers him a chance to be shrunken so she can rub her wrinkly soles all over his tiny body. He agrees and she works her magic, and watches him shrink down to the size of an ant. As he gets smaller and smaller, his grandma gets more evil. She soon reveals that she shrunk and killed all his friends before he got there. Now he is scared to death. His grandmother towers above him and rubs her giant soles all over his tiny body as hard as she can. He pleads for her to make him big again but she laughs evilly in his face. After a long while of torture, she waves him a final goodbye, raises her giant wrinkly sole up high and brings it down hard on his tiny helpless body, crushing him for the final time.
  $ 12.99  Add to Cart

Belle Unaware Enjoys Her Boyfriend As An Afternoon Snack
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 444.05 MB    View Sample
Belle has come to her boyfriend, Greg's, house to spend some quality time. She enters and calls out for him but no reply. She soon realizes he isn't there and decides to get more comfortable and take off her hot sweaty shoes. She reveals her sweaty moist socks, unaware that her boyfriend has been shrunk and is right in front of her feet! She paces around, wondering where in the world he could be and calls him several times with no answer. After a while, he surprisingly calls her and tells her he has been shrunken down and is on the floor and is stuck to a piece of tape beneath her. Belle is in disbelief and thinks he is playing a stupid prank of her. He sticks to his story so Belle humorously plays along with him and tells him since he's stuck on the floor, she is going to step on him and see how he likes it. She does so several times, kneading his tiny body into the carpet, when his phone goes dead. How odd. She decides to go home since he isn't there and is obviously trying to pull a stupid prank on her. Little does she know, the tape along with her boyfriend is still stuck beneath her heel. When she returns home, she is on the phone with a friend. She plops down on the couch and props her stinky socks in front of her, revealing her tiny boyfriend still stuck firmly to the bottom of her sole. She explains the whole story to her friend as she wanders into the kitchen to get a snack, showing glimpses of her tiny boyfriend as her heel raises. She sits back down with her snack and finally notices something stuck to her sock, pulls it off, and thinks it's just a piece of tape that somehow got stuck. When she ripped the tape off, her poor little man fell directly into her bowl of muffins. Belle gobbles them up one by one getting closer to her tiny man stuck in her yummy snack. She finally picks up the one he's in and receives a call from him. He tells her he's stuck and she is about to eat him. Belle doesn't believe him once again and she pops the muffin into her giant wet mouth. The phone dies again but Belle is not worried because he does it all the time. She chews and swishes her food around, crushing his tiny bones, and wonders what made this muffin so crunchy? She grabs the last one and hopes no crunchy things are in this one!
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

Saige Shits Out Her Shrunken Family
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 231.50 MB    View Sample
Saige returns home to find out that her whole family has been shrunken down the size of an ant! She immediately calls the doctor and finds out they have the shrinking virus and there is no cure. Saige is more than happy. Her tiny family members are now her slaves and she is going to get revenge on everything they have done to her. She scoops them up and puts them in her bra next to her heart. After a while, she gets hungry. She places her mom, dad, and two brothers on the couch and tells them she will see them when she returns. A while later, she walks back in with a bowl full of chips. She plops her fat juicy ass down on top of her whole family and enjoys her delicious chips. She warns them that the chips are giving her very bad gas and giggles as she farts on them continuously. Finishing her chips, shes still hungry. She scoops up her family and tells them they will be delicious. She swallows their tiny bodies whole and rubs her belly as she feels them seep down to her stomach. Now that she is satisfied and full, she lies down to take a nap. When she wakes up, her belly is very rumbly and she feels like she needs to take a huge shit. After an enormous shit, she feels much much better but is sad that her family isn't there to play with anymore.
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Saige Loves Her little sock boy
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 660.32 MB    View Sample
Saige went out for a little run and has to put her new tiny friend in her sock because she didn't have any pockets. Once she gets home she kicks her shoes off and apologizes to her tiny friend about putting him in her sock, she just didn't think she was ready to put him in her bra. Although saige feels bad about putting him in her sock, she did like the way he moved and wiggled in her sock. Saige then takes her socks off and is disgusted at how bad they smell, but she finds her tiny friend in between her toes. Once she picks him out she realizes he has a little tiny boner. saige then lets him in on a little secret..... She put a shrinking spell on him at the gym and when he gets turned on and cums all over her soles he will stay tiny for forever! Saige teases with all her might to see if she can get her little tiny friend to cum, She tortures and teases with her sweaty stinky feet. Saige is so happy to have her tiny man, she throws him in her shoe and goes back to work out!(Hidef)
  $ 19.99  Add to Cart

Saige unaware heel crush
Length: 28.00 min,     Size: 619.20 MB    View Sample
Saige is relaxing on her couch reading a magazine, she's unaware that she's stepped on two pill men and they are completely flattened to her heels. After a bit she gets up and puts her high heels on and heads to the kitchen, she looks at her favorite pet goldies and realizes some are missing and wonders where they could have went. She picks up the phone and calls her friend to tell her, as she talks to her she tells her how she knows her new fling Dr. Oliver loves seeing goldies crushed under pretty girls feet and wonders if he took them. All the while he is right behind her placing her own pet goldies and crick men under her powerful heels. He places worm men, crick men and her pets on her high heel making a graveyard of crushed pets under each of her sexy heels. She continues to talk to her friend and tells her he better not be taking them and putting them under another bitches feet and tells her she'll shrink him down like one of her tiny goldies and crush him like a bug! "PC" (HiDef)
  $ 22.75  Add to Cart

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