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Small Town Deli Has Six Legged Visitors 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 326.88 MB    View Sample
Riley and Sable are dressed in their sexy tight dresses and highest sexiest heels. Before they show it all of for the day, they stop to get a bite to eat at their favorite little deli. They sit down at their favorite table and are soon joined by their friends, Hali and Holiday, which are also workers at the deli. The girls sit and dangle in their flip flops and heels as they eat and chit chat. After a while, they soon notice a crickmen on the ground right near their feet. The girls jump in shock and Holiday immediately gets up and jams it beneath her flip flop, popping it like a zit. The girls can't believe what just happened. The store has never had a pest problem. To their surprise, the creatures keep coming one after the other without fail. Each time, the girls will take turns crushing and jamming them beneath their heels and flops. They knead the creatures into the hard floor and then raise their heel to see the remains of their crush. The pests are everywhere! Even by the drink fountain. The girls spot on at the same time and fight to flatten it. Hali even finishes crushing one with her bare foot! They have got to get an exterminator in the deli as soon as possible! The store has never been so infested and the girls aren't going to stop until they crush each and every one! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 12.99  Add to Cart

Raven Slow Cru Her Little Pets 'PC'
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 486.55 MB
Raven is in her kitchen, barefoot, and finds that all her little wormen and crickmen pets have gotten out. As she spots them one by one, she enjoys the process of eliminating them. Raven raises her bare soft sole high into the air and then slowly brings it down on top of their tiny bodies, holding it for a second, and then crushing them. Their tiny guts explode all over her clean soles and juices go flying. Sometimes she likes her victims completely vulnerable and exposed so she straps them down tightly with a piece of tape. This way, she can slowly pop them without having to chase them down at all. The ball of her foot is her favorite method of crushing but also uses her big toes and heel as well. 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 17.50  Add to Cart

Kat Makes Him Pay For Being So Damn Ugly
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 338.49 MB    View Sample
Kat is very upset that her date for the evening is absolutely one of the ugliest guys she has ever met. He should be punished for being so terrible looking. She confesses that the only reason she has brought him there today to be in her company is to shrink his ugly ass. With the swift point of her finger, Kat watches her ugly date shrink down to the size of an ant. She tells him that she is his giant goddess now and he is her personal foot slave. She demands he give her a full body massage. She lies back on the couch and relaxes as her tiny slave goes to work. After a while, she calls up a friend as tells her about what is going on. The friend says that she wants to join in the festivities next time. Kat lets him know that if he ever wants to be normal size again, he must to her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. He does as he is told and Kat then confesses that she has lied to him! She raises her giant goddess sole high over his tiny body and brings it down on top his ugly ass tiny body and wishes him farewell before crushing him. There's no way she was going to let an ugly ass man like him live another day on this earth.
  $ 12.99  Add to Cart

Micro Mants Invade Giantess Halis Porch 'PC'
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 305.66 MB    View Sample
Hali is an evil giantess that loves to crush things she finds in her yard, porch, or house. Today she has spotted some little mants running around on her porch freely. She has decided to have a little fun with them. She picks one out and slowly brings her giant finger down right on top of it, crushing it's tiny body with ease. She also uses her giant toe to jam them into the wooden deck. They look so delicious to her she wants to find out what they taste like. Hali pops a few of them in her giant mouth and sucks on their tiny body until they look like a speck of dirt and then swallows them. Her entire bare sole crushes over a dozen mants and she raises up her heel to show off the remains. Never again will these little pests invade an evil giantess' house! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 10.99  Add to Cart

Belle Takes Full Ownership Of Her Tiny Fiance
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 328.41 MB    View Sample
Belle is highly upset that her boyfriend of years and now fiance, has decided to leave her. She loves her boyfriend so much and isn't going to let him go anywhere, even if he has to be stuck to the bottom of her foot forever. He is hers and nobody else can have him. Belle has decided to do whatever it takes to make sure her man doesn't go anywhere. As soon as he arrives, she greets him with a great big kiss. Belle is pleased because she knows exactly what is about to happen. She watches as her man shrinks down to the size of a bug. She giggles and comments on how tiny he is and that she could crush him with her giant foot at any given time. She picks him up with her giant fingers and takes him over to the couch. She places him between her toes and decides he is the perfect fit. She scrunches her toes and holds her tiny fiance captive between her giant toes. She drops him back on the floor and he ends up getting stuck on a piece of stray tape. Belle giggles and sticks the tape along with her tiny fiance to the bottom of her sole and tells him now they are going to be together forever. Besides, who wants to be with him now that he's so tiny?
  $ 12.99  Add to Cart

Candice Jamms in Stockings 'PC'
Length: 28.00 min,     Size: 618.88 MB
Candice has three pairs of stockings on and has a kitchen full of "crickmen." She hops around and jamms them with her stockings! (HiDef) 'PC'
  $ 19.99  Add to Cart

Bree Shrinks Pervert Co-Worker
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 459.11 MB    View Sample
Bree has invited over her co-worker Eddy for a "date." He's been eyeballing her and making perverted comments since she began there and she's tired of it. She shrinks him down to the size of a tiny ant and starts teasing him! She laughs at him and tells him this is payback for being a pervert! She sets him down on the floor and hovers her foot over him as he screams for mercy! Bree puts him under her toe between her heel and tells him that's where she's going to keep him from now on! (HiDef)
  $ 16.99  Add to Cart

Bree Needs an Exterminator 'PC'
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 291.98 MB
Bree's standing at her sink, doing dishes and wearing a flowy summer dress and white mules. She sees something out of the corner of her eye and looks down to the floor. There's a "crickman" hopping around! She brings her shoe down on it hard and smashes it into the floor! She looks around and they are everywhere! She freaks out and starts stomping them frantically! Bree can't believe her house has been invaded! She definitely needs an exterminator! Bree stomps around and smashes them with her feet and hands! (HiDef) 'PC'
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Riley And Saige Lure The Pervs In 'PC'
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 472.60 MB
Riley and Saige have just come back from the bar, dressed in their cute dresses paired with their favorite heels. As soon as they walk in, they notice all the little perv crick men still caged up. They decide to have a little fun and take advantage of their drunken buzz. Riley knows the pervs wont be able to resist her worn thong so she slips it off and drops it into the cage. Once one bites, the girls snatch it up and tease it. They give the tiny pervs a tour of their sexy bodies and smash them right between their breasts. They lift up their dresses, showing off their private sexy areas and give their tiny victims a final death kiss. They use their favorite heels to crush some, watching their tiny bodies explode beneath them. They pop them like a zit and even use each others bodies to flatten the crick men like a sheet of paper. The girls know just what these pervs want but they'll have to pay the price to see it! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 15.75  Add to Cart

Riley Rolls And Jams 'PC'
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 484.78 MB
Riley is in the mood for some fun. She has all her little crick men pets in a cage and can't wait to entertain herself by doing what she does best. She wants to shake things up a bit this time and stray off from her regular under heel crushing. This time, she brought her special dice with her to let one roll of it decide their fate. Depending on what number is rolled, she ends their life in different ways. She enjoys lighting up a cig and exhaling large clouds of smoke before planting the fiery hot cherry right on top of the crick man's tiny body. She shows how large and juicy her breasts are by squeezing the life of her pet's with them. However, she loves when the dice tells her that she can crush them by slowly bringing her black high heel down right on top of them and letting them explode beneath them, flattening them like a sheet of paper. She enjoys having one in the center of her palm and then using her other hand to slap down as hard as she can, splattering their guts between her palms. Riley loves this new game and can't wait to get new pets to play it again! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 15.75  Add to Cart

Macey Unaware Kneads Tiny Men Into Carpet
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 273.07 MB    View Sample
Macey has just got home expecting to find her boyfriend and his best friend at home playing video games. However, to her surprise, she walks into an empty house. She calls out for them several times but gets no reply. Little does she know, they are both shrunk down to the size of bugs and are on the carpet near her booted feet. As she wanders around the living room, she steps directly right on top of one of their tiny bodies. She then takes a seat on the couch and removes her cowboy boots, exposing her bare soles. Her feet are extra sweaty and stinky from being smothered inside her thick hot boots all day. She rubs them on the rough carpet to soothe them and dry them out. Somehow one of the boys get caught in her path and she ends up becoming a sole sandwich. She mushes him between her soles and kneads his tiny body into the carpet. She looks down at her feet and sees his friend but thinks he is a tiny toy man. She scrunches him beneath her toes and presses him onto the floor with force. Finally she gets a text from her boyfriend telling her that she has killed his friend with her feet. He explains that they were shrunk and that they are on the floor beneath her. She gets even more aggravated and tells him to cut the bullshit, that's there's no way his story can be true. Macey happens to look down and spots her tiny boyfriend. She thinks he's a bug and grabs her boot immediately, smacking him with it several times. she lies back on the couch and wonders why he stopped texting. She is so tired and annoyed for waiting on him to text her and show up so she decides to keep the tiny "toy" beneath her and take him with her!
  $ 9.75  Add to Cart

Holiday Puts Her Itchy Stinky Feet On Her Puny Dad
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 341.43 MB    View Sample
Holiday has a little problem and needs her dad to take her to the doctor. Holiday walks in looking for her dad, holiday yells for him and then sits on the couch... Holiday patiently waits but is unaware her father has shrunken himself and is below her feet. As Holiday patiently waits she takes off her shoes and starts itching her stinky feet on her shoes and then starts rubbing them on the carpet to relieve them, Holiday is talking on the phone , she continues to rub her feet. Holiday is unaware she is rubbing her all over her dad, but that's the least of her worries its making her feel better. Holiday's tiny father continues to scream while she is on the phone with shaylee. The Screaming doesn't stop Holiday she continues to soothe her stinky itchy feet!(Hidef)
  $ 13.50  Add to Cart

Saige's Boyfriend Has A Sneaky Cru Fetish 'PC'
Length: 35.00 min,     Size: 760.92 MB
Saige is super excited for her best friend's wedding. She is almost ready and goes to check on the surprise she got for her friend. She bought her beautiful butterfly's for everyone to release after the wedding for good luck to the newlywed couple. To her surprise, they are missing! She thinks someone must have stolen them because they were very expensive. She immediately calls up another brides maid to see if she has noticed them anywhere. Little does she know, her boyfriend has an odd fetish of watching butterfly's being crushed beneath a girl's heel and has stolen every single one to do just that. As Saige frantically talks to her friend, her boyfriend sneaks in and waits until Saige raises her heel in her white high heels. As soon as she does, he places one of the stolen butterfly's directly beneath her heel. He watches as she brings it down firmly on top of it's body, crushing it slowly. He keeps placing them under her heel and watches as their bodies exert huge fountains of white, thick, creamy discharge. Her once white shoes now have dark stains on them and her heels are also black from the dust powder from the butterfly's wings. Saige unaware continues to flatten them like a sheet of paper and stains up her whole sole. Her boyfriend also places some goldies beneath her heel and watches in amazement as she pops them like a zit and watches their juices mix with all the butterfly juices. Finally Saige spots her boyfriend and figures out what he has been doing. She is furious that he let her crush all the butterfly's for the wedding! For payback, she is now going to crush him like he made her crush them. She raises her filthy sole high into the air with butterfly and goldie remains on it and slowly brings it down on top of him this time! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 25.25  Add to Cart

Saige Craw Jam Walkover 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 459.15 MB
Saige is outside enjoying the nice weather. She paces back and forth on her porch in her flip flops. As she walks, some unexpected creatures cross her path. She steps right over the craw men, jamming them unaware. She steps several times over them, crushing them and flattening them like a sheet of paper. She slowly walks, and steps directly over them, and then steps away, exposing their remains beneath her flip flop. After a while, she removes her flops and walks barefoot over them. As they explode beneath her bare soles, we see the juices drained from their bodies stained to the bottom of her wrinkly soles. Saige loves the feeling and sound they make when she slowly walks over them! 'PC' (HiDef)
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

Riley's Fussy Shrunk Brother Takes A Ride On The Pedal
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 645.88 MB    View Sample
Riley is busy on her computer and she is once again stuck babysitting her little brother. She hates watching after him because he's so annoying and he's really small because he has caught the shrinking virus. He keeps rudely interrupting her by tapping on her giant leg wanting something to eat. She finally reaches her long arm down and picks up his tiny body. She holds him directly in front of her face, disgusted and annoyed. She thinks he may need some foot sweat in his life. She places her little bro beneath her flip flop and presses down on his tiny body. She raises her toes up, showing off his head only. Riley suddenly gets the perfect idea. She knows her little bro is hungry and since he's always wanting to ride in the truck with her, she decides today is the perfect day for a ride along. She walks outside and hops in her old beat up truck. She straps her brother down with duct tape to her gas pedal and thinks how amazing it is that her little shrunken brother is just as long as the pedal itself. As she takes off driving, she presses firmly on the gas and crushes her tiny bro. She listens as he attempts to whine and moan. She switches quickly from the brake pedal to the gas while her brother takes in all the stinky aroma from her sweaty soles. They finally arrive back home and Riley, in a sweet voice, sarcastically asks if riding with her and her stinky feet was everything he ever imagined it would be.
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

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