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Phoebe Flattens Tiny Step Dad
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 737.22 MB    View Sample
Phoebe comes home to find her step dad shrunken again.... he must have made her mom Mad again! Phoebe cant believe how small he is and now she finally gets to see it, she takes full advantage of her time... She hovers her foot over her tiny step dad telling him she is going to flatten him like a bug. Phoebe taunts her tiny stepdad listening to his little tiny squeaks.... She then picks him up and sits down to call her friends to tell them her exciting news.... while she talks on the phone she places her step dad beneath her feet... she dangles her giant foot over him showing him how easy he would be to crush... phoebe continues top talk and taunt him before flattening him under her giant feet! MP4-VR
  $ 5.50  Add to Cart

Roxi Pearl Slippers Punish Goldies! "PC"
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 370.68 MB    View Sample
Roxi was given a fancy pair of slippers that have little pearls on them to wear around, shes excited about them because pearls are her absolute favorite!! Teacher Roxi, transfers her fellow students and other employees into goldies, her other favorite thing! There's nothing better in this world to Roxi, than having little goldies massage and kiss all over her feet. So Roxi thought that would be the perfect way to break in her new pearl slippers with her wonderful goldies!! "PC"
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Babysitter Laylas Stinky Feet Challenge
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 438.05 MB    View Sample
Babysitter Layla refuses to release the young shrunken boy she comes over everyday to babysit. He's been trapped on the floor with his limbs duct taped firmly. However, she agrees the let him go ONLY if he can complete her "stinky foot challenge". After removing her hot sweaty sneakers right by his face, she immediately starts spreading her long toes above his head so he will have no choice but to stare and admire her big stinky feet. She toe points and scrunches her toes right over his face and body and then spreads them as far apart s she can, forcing her new little foot slave to compete in her stinky foot challenge whether he wants to or not!
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

Sassy Unaware flattens her Family
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 386.12 MB    View Sample
Sassy and her family are getting ready for their annual Christmas party and forgot they needed wrapping paper... Sassy runs out to get some but comes back to an empty house. Little does she know her family has caught the shrinking virus. Sassy comes on in the house and kicks her shoes off while her family tries to get her attention... they have no luck and her dad gets trapped under her sock. Sassy calls out for her family over and over again but nothing.... She has herself a seat and scratches at her sweaty socks, sassy is very unaware her dad is dangling from her sock... she then peels them off, and then starts cleaning.. as she cleaning the living room she walks back and fourth not realizing she is crushing her family members... Once sassy is done cleaning she realizes something is stuck to her sock, she flicks it thinking its a nasty little pest.. but then she sees 3 other little pest running around... sassy lets the stomping fest begin she hates little pest more than anything... she also doesn't realize its her family screaming for help and running... after sassy kills what she thought were bugs she has a seat on the couch exhausted from stomping... Sassy's shrunken family's remains are all over the bottoms of her sole!
  $ 15.50  Add to Cart

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