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Where Did These Bad Students Come From! 'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 373.42 MB    View Sample
Roxi and Riley always had this thing going where they punish their bad students, but this time there's other students missing that their not to blame! As their standing in the kitchen discussing how stupid and hectic work is, they realize they feel something squishy in their slippers. Thinking its just sweat from their fuzzy slippers they go on with their conversation. When they start playing around with their slippers using their feet, they realize some bad students are squished under their feet! Confused as to how the bad students got into their slippers, they shrug it off thinking they must have followed them home and decided to squish themselves. Never would they think it was a GHOST! Then they realize their slippers are getting even more squishy, now they don't even care how the bad students got there, their to busy making out because of how good it feels! 'PC'
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Docter Ava!
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 1,156.08 MB    View Sample
Doctor Ava is trying a new experiment out for people that suffer from having a foot fetish. Her new patient is in today wanting to be cured of this. Doctor Ava has a theory that if she shrinks down the patients and put her big, stinky, sweaty bare soles in their face it'll make them so sick that they'll never want to see feet again! So after her first patient wakes up from being shrunken down, she immediately gets to work and shoves her big feet right in his face demanding him to take deep breathes of her stinking feet. That isn't working though. So she demands him to lick all the sweat and stink off, even between her toes, but thats not working either. Her plan didn't cure him. The only thing left to do since she cant fix him, is to exterminate him with no mercy! She puts her heels back on and stomps and squish him twisting her sole to make sure he is squished good! After the patient is squished good and hard, he is thrown into the trash where he belongs! MP4-VR
  $ 9.50  Add to Cart

Sisterly Love!!
Length: 24.00 min,     Size: 2,567.98 MB    View Sample
Erica has 2 brothers that always picked on her, until they fucked up and cause them to shrink themselves. Ever since, Erica has took that to her advantage. No, shes not mean, simply playful. Erica comes home and shows one of her brothers that the other brother has been stuck in her sock all day and decides to get him out so she can play with both oh them. Teasing them, and sticking them between her toes, doing whatever she pleases since they cant get hurt because their shrunken. Erica starts to get hungry and puts one of her brothers in a bowl of cereal and slurps him in and out of her mouth until deciding to swallow him whole. Making her brother watch the entire time, teasing him that hes next! MP4-VR
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Squirt For Me!
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 197.71 MB
Hottie Hali has a fun game to play today with her victims! She has kept them hostage for a few days now so she decides it's time to bring them out to play! She takes her victims out of the bucket one by one! Puts them on her glass table and crushes them with her perfect bare soles leaving them flat like a pancake! She then wants to hear her victims bones crushing good so puts her sandals on and squishes them! Her victims are so juicy! Squirt for sexy Hali!
  $ 9.50  Add to Cart

My Tiny Boyfriend Stuck In My Sock
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 353.30 MB    View Sample
Belles boyfriend Greg texts her and tells her that he needs her help and to come over immedetaly. She arrives and walks in and sees no one. She is completely unaware that Greg and his friends have shrunk down and that one is stuck in a chocolate candy bar and one is stuck on a piece of tape on the floor. She walks pass them hollering for him almost stepping on them. She sits down and decides to take off her shoes and text him to see where he's at. She sees the candy bar and decides to take couple bites out of it, not knowing she just ate his tiny friend! She gets up and starts to pace around looking for him and steps on the piece of tape so now he is stuck to the bottom of her socked foot. He texts her telling her to look at her foot so she takes off her sock to look at her foot and sees nothing! He ends up falling into her sock trapping him as she puts her sock back on. She feels something and wiggles her toes around but thinks nothing of it! She eventually gets tired of his games and gets tired of waiting for him so she puts her shoes back on and texts him to tell him if he's really stuck in her sock he better get used to it because he's not getting out anytime soon!
  $ 13.25  Add to Cart

Squish Squish On Miss Makena Body 'PC'
Length: 32.00 min,     Size: 1,167.46 MB
Makena has a cage full of crick men ready to destroy them all over her sexy body! She wants to tease and play with them first, letting them travel down her sexy body before crushing them with her fingers. She squishes each crick men one by one! She crushes them against her tits, her thighs and her long legs, in between her fingers and toes. Watch the sexy Makena have her fun destroying the innocent little crick men! 'PC'
  $ 24.99  Add to Cart

Shaylees Tiny Escapee!
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 749.80 MB    View Sample
The tiny escapee from the mental institution that has a foot fetish is on the loose again! This time they called Shaylee in for a foot fetish session. Knowing that she has the most perfect high arched, winkled soles, and an amazing toe point that she'll will get the job done in no time! Shaylee comes in the room and since the patient is so small she isn't able to see him anywhere. She sits done to enjoy herself while shes there and cant seem to stop scratching and touching her feet, when she feels something. The tiny man has made his way into her wrinkly soles. She decides to let him have his fun and talks nasty to him until the tiny man cums all over her beautiful feet!
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