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Hali Gives Student More When He Keeps Staring At The Floor
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 310.73 MB    View Sample
Hali's student has been offering to stay after school to help her with grading papers. Every time he works with her, she notices he hardly ever gets any work accomplished and he is always dropping is pen right next to her dangling heels and is always caught staring at her dangling more than his paperwork. Today, she finally calls him out on it and finally realizes he has a secret foot fetish and the only reason he offers to help her after school is to stare at her gorgeous feet dangling in her open toe sexy heels. Propping her heels up on her desk, she slips them off and informs him that since he loves her feet so much, she offers him to rub and kiss her sweaty bare feet. After a while, she demands that he start worshiping them! She downgrades him and tells him that she is going to give him even more while holding up a special pen right in front of his face. Standing up over him, Hali watches him shrink down to the tiny size of a bug and chases him with her big giant feet, warning him if he keeps trying to escape, she will easily squash him with her giant feet that he loves so much. Once he finally stops running, she picks him up and brings him back to her desk where she props her stinky bare feet right in front of his tiny body. Since he has decided to disobey her and try to run, he gets a new job of cleaning her feet again but this time between her enormous toes! She pushes his tiny body between each one and demands him to start cleaning out all the dirt, gunk, and toe jam out from between all of them! When she spots him trying to climb down her sole,she punishes him and shrinks him down to a microscopic speck. Now, instead of cleaning her feet, he will now be stuck between her toes, living with the rest of all the dirt and germs between them and also informs him this will be his new world from now on!
  $ 11.75  Add to Cart

Saige and Kat Shrink And Sandal Crush Coworkers'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 559.16 MB
Saige and Kat are sick of nasty co workers running there mouths about them at work so.... Today the girls made a plan on there lunch break and the followed through with it! That's right Saige and Kat shrunk there loud, rude and obnoxious co workers and brought them home to show them What its like to be picked on and tortured! Saige and Kat take turns pulling out crickmen and getting right in there faces, once they talk shit to them they crush them between there giant fingers then let them fall to there death, once they are on the ground they use there high heeled sandals to jamm them into the ground showing them they are nothing.... As Kat and Saige take turns torturing and destroying you get great views of them jamming some nasty problem co workers!'PC'
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Kat and Saige Stocking Crush Coworkers'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 580.28 MB
Saige and Kat have been hard at work torturing the loud mouth co workers that think they can talk s**t about them, Saige and Kat taunt the nasty co workers by jamming them between there giant fingers and letting them fall to there death, once they fall to the floor Kat and Saige Jamm them with there highly arched Stocking feet... Kat and Saige show no remorse for nasty Co workers!'PC'
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

Mants Invade Saiges Kitchen'PC'
Length: 28.00 min,     Size: 1.00 MB
The weather is terrible, saige is stuck in the house pacing back and forth in the kitchen wondering what she is going to do all day... As Saige paces she is unaware little mants have invaded her kitchen. The mants run around Saige's giant feet as she goes from one side of the kitchen to the other to look out the window at the snow. while saige paces back and forth she towers her foot around the tiny mants nearly jamming them with each step she takes! The tiny mants travel in every direction possible to get away from saige, her giant feet are no match for them. Eventually saige jamms right down on the tiny mants invading her kitchen! saige continues to find something to do... nothing she cant think of anything to do, she continues pacing and eventually notices the tiny mants that have taken over her house. Saige bends down to pick up a tiny mant and is disgusted she jamms him between her large fingers and lets him fall to the ground. Now saige has a mess to clean up, she uses her bare feet to stomp and jamm every tiny mant in her kitchen. Saige is going to get to the bottom of her problem to figure out how these mants got in her house and invaded her kitchen!
  $ 19.50  Add to Cart

Raven Stumbles Across Tiny Cheating Boyfriend
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 237.89 MB    View Sample
Raven once again, has received a text message from some random bitch informing her that her beloved boyfriend is cheating on her. While she's going through all her messages, she stumbles across something tiny crawling around on the floor. Thinking it's a bug, she raises her bare foot high into the air to crush it but suddenly realizes it's not a bug! Actually, it's her cheating boyfriend and he has been shrunken down to the size of a tiny bug! She decides to toy with him because she knows about his secret giantess fetishes and now they can actually become a reality! For being such a cheating bastard, she makes him devour and worship her sweaty, sore, stinky, bare feet and to suck out all the toe jam between her toes! Finally, she decides to keep him around for a while to serve out his punishment. She drops him in her stinky giant sock and then slides her feet back into her tall sweaty boots! Now he will get to continuously worship and smell her stinky, disgusting, hard working feet all day long!
  $ 10.00  Add to Cart

Makena Unaware Mants In The Kitchen 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 341.23 MB
Makena is waiting for her friend to stop by, as she waits she walks around in the kitchen. Makena is wearing her heels... as she walks around in the kitchen she slowly jamms a tiny mant that has invaded her kitchen. Makena continues to walk around and has no clue she is jamming them beneath her shoe... Makena soon kicks her heels off and walks around barefoot still unaware that every step she takes she is crushing a poor tiny mant under her wide sole! Makena finally notices the little mants all over her kitchen and picks one up, she observes him and them jamms him to death between her huge fingers!'PC'
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Its Breezys Lucky Day When Tiny Men Come Out To Play
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 341.50 MB    View Sample
Giantess Breezy spots three tiny men wondering around her giant bedroom. Immediately, she jumps up and towers above them, exclaiming that it's her lucky day to find three tiny men to step on! After raising her giant bare foot high into the air, she brings it down hard on top two of the tiny men, squashing them for good and ignoring their tiny screams of pain. The last tiny man wants to ask her three questions about being a giantess and Breezy surprisingly agrees! She admits that she stole a potion from her boyfriend which made her the giant size that she is and then stepped on him beneath her foot! She is then asked why she stepped on him and if she likes to step on tiny men bare foot. After answering all of the tiny mans questions, Breezy informs him that it is now his turn to be crushed! She kisses him good bye and steps on him over and over again with her bare giantess feet until he is dead just like his two tiny friends!
  $ 12.25  Add to Cart

Kat and Saige Finger Crush'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 249.31 MB
Kat and Saige are still fulfilling their little friends fantasy, this time they use there nice slender hands to jamm them as they run from them. As their little friend trys his hardest to get away saige and Kat quickly grab them up jamming them between their fingers... Kat and saige give each and every crickmen a chance to get as far away as possible before quickly slamming there hand down jamming it into the table and showing you whats left over from them jamming... Kat and saige even use there highly arched feet to jamm some of the crickmen that were quick to get away!'PC'
  $ 10.50  Add to Cart

Kookie Shrinks and Jamms'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 368.94 MB
Kookie has a giantess fetish and now that her best friend is over she wants to show him the shrinking device she got, since her bestie is the only person around she uses it on him shrinking him to the size of a bug.... but Kookie's device changed him into an actual bug and multiplied him! Kookie freaks out and panics she decides that she is going to have to find a way to hide the evidence! Kookie apologizes about all the trouble she has caused but soon starts to enjoy and indulges in her fantasy... Kookie begins to talk down to him and tell him how great it feels to have in jammed under her large size 10 in a half feet! Kookie quickly destroys all evidence while enjoying her self.... (mostly POV)
  $ 14.99  Add to Cart

Kat and Saige Glass Jamm 'PC'
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 486.99 MB
Kat and Saige jamm to fulfill there little friend Lelio's little crush fetish. They start off barefoot and above the glass to show him there wide Highly arched soles as they Jam there foot on him . The Girls Stomp and Chase him, giving him all the attention. They give him plenty of chances to run but he always seems to want to get jammed! The girls show Lelio they love his crush fetish!'PC'
  $ 15.50  Add to Cart

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New clips added
Today (1)
Last 7 Days (10)

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