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Young Girls Cru Worm Men In Bikinis Pt 1'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 380.19 MB
Hali and Raven slip into different pairs of sandals with good hard soles to do a little worm men crushing! They take turns walking back and forth over the tiny worm men and pop them like zits! Popping noises can be heard with every slow step and when they turn back around, they see how flat all their victims are as they lay lifeless on the glass. Their sandals all covered in a sticky mess but the girls keep adding to it as they continue splattering the worm mens slimy guts. Both girls look super sexy in their bikinis and neither one will stop until all the worm men are unrecognizable! 'PC'(HiDef)
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Young Girls Cru Worm Men In Bikinis Pt 2'PC'
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 244.78 MB
Hali and Raven are ready to get their bare feet covered in worm men juice and guts! Using their right foot, they slowly press directly on to the slimy pile of worm men and listen to them pop beneath their sweaty foot. Taking turns, they demolish each and every little worm man and look back over their shoulder to get a view of all the damage. Together, they use their rough thick heels to jam and knead the tiny men into goo! Then, they raise their heels to show off all their wrinkly shit stained soles! 'PC'(HiDef)
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Tiny Boss Tossed Between Secretaries Feet
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 255.82 MB    View Sample
Secretaries Cali and Saige, are both on break at work. While sitting at the employee break table, they both dangle their high heels off their stocking toes and chit chat about ho their boss is such a perv! Little do they know, he is the size of a tiny bug and is on the carpet right between both their giant dangling high heel feet! Soon, the girls slide out of their heels and slowly begin rubbing their stocking soles all over their poor tiny boss. They assume he is a toy that some little kid must have left and they footsie with him beneath the table. Finally, they slip their stocking off and use their bare toes to playfully fight over the tiny toy. They scrunch him between their toes and sandwich his tiny body between both their soles! Right before their break ends, Saige decides to drop the toy inside her heel so she can feel it massage her sole until she gets home but promises to let Cali borrow him the next day!
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Shaylee Twists Grinds Stomps And Splats The Kidnappers 'PC'
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 664.71 MB
Shaylee eliminated a group of kidnappers along time ago that attempted to break into her home. From that day on, she swore that if anyone ever tried doing it again, the same thing would happen to them! Apparently these pathetic dumb asses didn't listen and not only did they try kidnapping her, they also tried capturing some of her closest family members as well!. So just like before, she transformed them all into tiny crick men and plans to crush them all beneath her heels! Lucky for them, she has two par of shoes that are just right, on her sheer stocking feet, for splattering their guts! A pair of bright pink flats and then a pair of white open toe heels. To entertain herself and make her victims suffer, Shaylee uses many different methods to eliminate them all! After lighting up a cig, she uses the burning hot butt to singe and melt their skin and even uses her long bony fingers to pop them instantly! Both pairs of shoes are used the flatten the tiny cricks and when she's finished, she glances at the soles to see all the bloody messy remains of her pathetic dumb ass kidnappers! Next time surely no one will want to even THINK about trying to fuck with her ever again! 'PC'(HiDef)
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Riley Makes Principal Watch Her Flatten Crick Students 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 335.53 MB
Riley walks in exhausted from a long day at school dealing with bratty students, grading papers, and wearing her hot sweaty stockings and flats. Right away, she slips out of her flats into her comfy soft slippers. Peering down, she smiles evilly at all her bratty students that she transformed into tiny crick men so that she could teach them a lesson when it comes to behaving. Pulling them out one by one with her long fingers, she downgrades each and every one for how disrespectful they are right before dropping their tiny bodies into her worn out slippers. Before crushing them, she uses her stocking toes to tease them and torture them. Then, she drops her giant stocking heel down smack dob on their body, popping them instantly like a zit! After several students, we see just many guts and remains are left on her heel. For special students, she peels down her stockings and drops them down to her bare feet still alive. Then, she makes them rub and massage her sore bare feet before turning them into crick man soup! Finally, she remembers the school principal she had shrunk down to two inches earlier that day. Looking down, she sees him standing, watching her eliminate all her students one by one! Do you want to play too Mr. Principal? Riley asks sweetly. After removing her panty hose, Riley rubs his entire body with her big, stinky, bare sole and gets his cock hard with her bare crick man stained toes! A nice big fat raise would be amazing after dealing with all these bratty students on a day to day basis she informs him while she gives him the ultimate toe job! 'PC'(HiDef)
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Aunt Savannahs Sleeping Feet Are Nephews Favorite Treat
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 456.83 MB    View Sample
Savannah is lying on her stomach passed out sleeping on her bed. Her nephew sees this as the perfect opportunity to rape and molest his aunt's gorgeous sweaty feet. He has always had a foot fetish, wanted to be very tiny with a giant woman stepping on him, and has always loved his Aunt Savannah's feet more than anyone's he had ever seen! While attempting to sniff an worship her sleeping feet, Aunt Savannah soon wakes to find her nephew down at her feet with a scared look on his face. Instead of scolding him for having such a disgusting fetish, she offers him a private foot session with her! Standing up on the bed, she lowers her bare feet gently onto her nephews face and pinches his nose softly while making him sniff her sweaty soles as hard as he can. After a few minutes, Savannah begins laughing very evilly and watches as her nephew shrinks down to nothing more than a tiny bug! She explains to him that she already knew about his fetish for her feet and right before she went to sleep, she covered them both with a special shrinking potion lotion! Tossing his now very tiny body onto the floor, Savannah stands towering above her tiny nephew and uses her giant toes to step on him over and over again. in the middle of his torture, she also finds his tiny friend Victor and shrinks him as well so he can join in all the fun! Finally, she raises her foot high into the air and brings it down on top both their bodies over and over again until she finally stomps their bodies hard for the last time, killing two tiny victims in one day!
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