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Hali Shrinks The Chinks And Makes Them Lick Her Stocking Stink
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 472.45 MB    View Sample
Hali has just shrunk a very famous Asian singer that also happened to be her ex best friend. Since she became famous, she has been treating Hali terrible and now Hali can't stand her or any Asian chinks that are part of her race. Now, Hali has her just the size she wants her along with several of her Asian friends and family members! Staring down at their tiny chink faces, Hali decides to let her little ex best friend watch while she forces her friends and family to lick and suck all the stink and sweat out of her stocking feet! Some of them don't do a very good job and Hali easily flicks them off the table with her toes or fingers. Throughout the entire vid, Hali downgrades them calling all of them gooks and disgusting chink bitches that she can't wait to press her giant sole down onto. She uses her big giant stocking soles to also slant their Asian eyes even more than they already are! Finally, after every family member has been disposed of, Hali moves on to her ex best friend who she especially saved for last! After slipping off her dark colored stocking, Hali drops her gook victim inside and slips her foot back inside. The spaces between her toes are perfect for a pathetic Asian chink because that's where they all belong! Inside a stinky soiled stocking between a pretty white girls stinky sweaty toes!
  $ 16.50  Add to Cart

Raven Offers Employee New Full Time Position
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 255.59 MB    View Sample
Raven is with a client in her office reviewing his request to transfer into another department. As they discuss his options, she props her dirty bare feet up on her desk and asks him to massage them while she reads over his resume. Soon after, Raven notices how much he enjoys running his fingers all over her toes and soles and an idea sparks in her mind. She inform him that she has the perfect job just for him! he will be her foot slave and worship her sweaty dirty feet every day As he starts to hesitate, Raven points her shrinking device at him and watches as he shrinks down to the size of a tiny ant! As he tries to run, Raven plants her giant feet directly in his way, blocking his path. Next, she wiggles her toes in front of him and makes him smell the stench coming from her feet until he passes out. Removing her toe ring, she places it around his tiny body using it as a cage to keep him from escaping while she finishes up her work. At the end of the day, she comes back into her office and snatches her new slave up and demands him to worship her sweaty dirty feet. His terrible job proves to Raven that he is useless and she decides she has no choice but to fire and dispose of him. Towering her foot high above him, she brings it down and breaks his puny body into several pieces, leaving nothing more than a small stain on the bottom of her sole!
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Giantess Breezy Licks City To Death To Make Them Confess
Length: 25.00 min,     Size: 549.40 MB    View Sample
Giantess Breezy is furious that she has almost destroyed an entire city and still hasn't found the ass hole that made her into a giant. No one in the city is giving him up and so far, she hasn't been able to find him in any of the buildings she has destroyed. Now, the cities entire army is after her and tries to bombard her with cars, men, and guns but nothing can keep an angry giantess down! After searching through a few more cars, she uses her giant tongue and spit to drown the army cars and their drivers. The rest of the squad gets beat into the ground with Breezy's giant fists and bare soles until someone gives up where her victim is!
  $ 16.99  Add to Cart

Raven Jamms Worm Men For Fun 'PC'
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 310.37 MB
Raven can't wait to crush and explode tiny wiggling worm men beneath her bare feet! Whenever she spots a pile of fresh squirming pathetic worm men, she instantly braces herself right before she presses her foot onto the pile, flattening and shooting their cold wet guts beneath her sole. Feeling and hearing their hard bodies pop and crack beneath her heels and soles is music to her hears. Before flattening them, she hovers her foot over them to give them time to kiss and worship her bare sweaty feet right before she ends them for good! feeling the coldness and sliminess between her toes turns Raven on and she can't help but to crush very pile she spots instantly! 'PC'(HiDef)
  $ 11.50  Add to Cart

Evas Private Island Of Foot Fun
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 673.58 MB    View Sample
Eva is a snobby rich bitch that invented a shrink ray and owns her own private island. A pathetic loser guy has offered her to star in a new reality show and she has chosen her private island to shoot it. However, things are going to go her way and not his. She informs him that he is going to be her new foot slave and will be licking, sucking, and kissing all over her bare sweaty soles whenever and anytime she wants! If he doesn't obey her rules, she will crush him like a bug and no one will ever know! If his family tries to find him, she will torture them right in front of him right before she stomps them out like cigarettes! More than anything, she wants to stomp and step on his man hood until it's flat and limp, hanging off his body! Eva tastes her victim and pretends he is a tiny man that can't resist her sloppy wet tongue or her gorgeous goddess feet! Eva gets what she wants and no one will get in her way or she will shrink, crush, and flatten them with her big giant feet!
  $ 18.99  Add to Cart

Little Bro Falls In Dip And Gets Scooped Up On Leenas Chip
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 184.29 MB
Leena's little brother has been throwing a fit all day to go to the mall with her. However, once she arrives home, he's nowhere to be seen. Leena decides he has until she finishes her chips and salsa to show himself or she's leaving without him. Little does she know, before she got there, he accidentally shrunk himself and is now making his way up her giant body to get her attention! As he climbs up his big sisters giant leg, he watches as she shoves the chips into her giant mouth and chews loudly. He makes his way all the way up to her face where he gets a close up view of her giant mouth chewing and sloshing her chips around in her warm saliva. Suddenly, he loses balance and falls directly into her salsa! Leena pays no attention to his screams for help because his voice is so tiny and far away. Leena takes one last scoop of salsa that her tiny bro is stuck in, and tosses the chip back into her giant mouth, chewing on the chip along with her tiny bro and sloshes them both around in her mouth in between bites! For some reason, the last bite seemed to sting her a bit. Paying no attention, Leena calls out one last time for her bro but gets no reply once again! She has no idea she just devoured his body and swallowed his remains down her throat where he will be digested soon!
  $ 8.25  Add to Cart

Leenas Big Feet Crush The Army Rats Flat
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 247.36 MB    View Sample
Leena walks into her dining room to find tons of tiny soldiers armed with guns along with their army trucks and plane. Leena assumes they have come to take her out because she is an evil giantess with a bad attitude that shows no remorse for anyone she comes in contact with. However, not even an entire trained army can take her out! Slowly, she walks over their camp and steps on several men and trucks that stick perfectly to her sweaty bare heel as she walks away. Raising her giant foot high into the air, she brings it down on top of whatever may come in it's path, crushing them indefinitely. Even their massive plane can't with stand the pressure of her big giant feet! Leena thinks up numerous ways to torture and kill her enemy's even going as far as shoving them between her giant breasts and breaking them in half! Leena is still the most powerful giant around and no one will ever be able to take her down!
  $ 9.99  Add to Cart

Breezy First Time Squish 'PC'
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 465.58 MB
Breezy has transformed all her pathetic ex boyfriends into tiny crick men and has them all cramped together in a tiny little cage. Now that she has all the bastards together, she can eliminate them so they can never hurt her ever again! She's never crushed anyone before and now is the perfect chance to exterminate not only one but every single ex boyfriend that has ever treated her bad! Picking them out one by one, she humiliates them and downgrades them for everything they've ever done to her right before tossing them on the floor and crushing them beneath the ball of her bare foot! She loves letting them think they have a chance to escape right before she raises her foot high into the air and slams it down right on top their tiny bodies, flattening them for good! Also, using her big rough heel feels amazing when she stomps it down hard and pops her exes wiggling bodies instantly! There's nothing better than getting revenge on dirty cheating exes but it's even better when you can eliminate them for good! 'PC'(HiDef)
  $ 11.75  Add to Cart

Paige Performs Boyfriends Ultimate Fantasy
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 647.92 MB    View Sample
Paige arrives home after work and immediately calls out for her husband. However, she gets no reply and wonders why he's not home because they had big plans today! He has been begging her for months to role play his giantess girlfriend while he plays her tiny boyfriend and she would do anything he wanted her to. Little does she know, right before she got home, he accidentally shrunk down to a tiny size and is now running around on the floor trying to get her attention. Finally, Paige steps on his tiny body and assumes it's a tiny toy her boyfriend left out for them to use in their role play. After a while, she begins to wonder what it would feel like beneath her stocking feet and sticks him right between them, rolling him around between her soles. she uses her foot to rub every part of his tiny body taunting and teasing him by wiggling her toes on his manhood getting into her role as a giantess. The tiny boyfriend is scared but enjoying every part of it at the same time especially when she starts to stomp and come more aggressive towards him. Then, she raises her foot high and stomps on top of him with all her might and grinds him with her stocking heel deep into the carpet. Paige plays her role so well that the tiny boyfriend can't help but to cum all over his girlfriends stockings toes and soles! Finally, she gives him a big kiss and licks his body with affection and informs him that she hopes that he loved it just as much as she did! In fact, for a minute she forgot she had been stomping on a toy and imagined it really was her tiny boyfriend!
  $ 19.99  Add to Cart

Riley Gives The Wormen What They Want 'PC'
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 746.79 MB
Riley comes in wearing her strappy white sandals. She is ready to have some fun with the wormen. Riley takes them out one by one and slowly steps on them. She teases them by hovering her big foot over there tiny body before she squishes them to there death. She even decides to taste one and let it squirm around in her mouth. She lines five wormen up in a row and steps down with both feet. Riley loves playing with the wormen and teasing them. She enjoys it every minute of it, it actually turns her on way more than it would most. Riley doesn't want it to end she would love to crush, stomp, and squish all day long. 'PC'(Hi-def)
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

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New clips added
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Last 7 Days (11)

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