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Kat Gives The Tiny Pervs More Than They Want 'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 1,696.08 MB
Kat comes home to find out that her little crick friends are perv.... they found Kat's panties while she was gone and she is Mad! since they want to be perverts and take what doesn't belong to them Kat takes matters into her own hands! Kat yanks the cricks out of the cage one by one jamming them between her nice perky t*ts, on her ass, between her fingers and any other place she can jamm them! Kat doesn't hold back on bit.... enjoy as she demolishes and flattens little nasty pervs! MP4-VR 'PC'
  $ 13.99  Add to Cart

Jamie unaware Tiny Boss in Shoe
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 1,210.20 MB    View Sample
Her puny boss crawls on the floor to her giant High Heel pump to get a better look and falls in! He always was a pervert and this time he gets caught and trapped in her giant pump! You can see Giant Jamie's Huge sole and heel as she dangles and dips! Poor man will never Escape! VR360
  $ 10.00  Add to Cart

Tiny Son Makes A Run To Moms Sweaty Bare Soles
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 300.89 MB    View Sample
Stormy dips in and out of her black flips flops after returning to the house from doing yard work. She gazes out the window and wonders where in the world her lazy son that was suppose to be helping her could be. She props her sweaty dirty feet up on the table in front of her and makes a phone call to see if anyone has seen her son wandering around. Finally, after reaching down to massage her sweaty soles and toes, Stormy notices her son is stuck to one of her dirty disgusting soles and he is the size of a bug! Mamma Stormy makes him worship her soles and toes since he loves them so much! Instead of helping her finish to yard work like he was suppose to, he somehow shrunk himself and attached his tiny body to her sweaty grass covered sole. Now he has no choice but to be put to work not only today but from now on because Stormy has no idea how to change him back to normal size!
  $ 11.25  Add to Cart

Teddi Gets Ahold Of Tiny Eddy
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 1,733.31 MB    View Sample
Teddi is fed Up with her co worker always staring at her feet and legs.... even asking her out on dates! Teddi has even tried to get him fired nothing has worked..... Teddi takes matters into her own hands to eliminate him!! Teddi invites him over, he thinks he is going to get lucky but.... she shrinks him instead. Now that he is tiny Teddi has her way with hi. Teddi starts off by intimidating eddy, she walks over him and the poses her sexy heels to tease him. she mocks and humiliates him about how tiny he is... she bends down in front of his face and demands him to get down on his knees.... Teddi knows just how big Eddy's foot fetish is.... she uses his weakness and demolishes him like a tiny pest! MP4-VR
  $ 12.50  Add to Cart

Sable Strings up The Cricks 'PC'
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 269.71 MB
Sable has nothing to do today so she snatches up a few Crickmen and ties them up on a string... As Sable dangles them in her face she tells them exactly what she is going to do before acting out on them... Sable Burns and Pulls the legs off her little crick friends... she listens to them scream in pain while laughing and taunting them... Sable even ties a few Crick men to her ankle before flattening them under her Giant wrinkled soles!'PC'
  $ 11.50  Add to Cart

Hali Needle Jabs Him In The Heart'PC'
Length: 7.00 min,     Size: 166.54 MB
Hali is over being heart broken by her lover... Hali changes everything today, she shrinks and turns him into a Goldie... Hali yanks him up and lays him in front of her showing him how it feels to be stabbed in the heart! Hali shows no mercy! she Slowly jabs a needle into his heart, twisting and turning it giving him a taste of what it feels like to be stabbed in the heart and pulled around. Hali them holds him in the air where she can see through his tiny lifeless Goldie body! Hali then tosses him on the ground before flattening underneath her heels!'PC'
  $ 7.50  Add to Cart

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New clips added
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