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Perv Cousin Gets Taught A Lesson After A Free Foot Session
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 449.93 MB    View Sample
Lee is fast asleep with her bare soles facing up. Her younger male cousin sneaks inside and finds her with her bare feet exposed and cant resist the urge to smell his cousins sexy soles. His loud sniffs awaken Lee and she immediately asks what in the world he is doing. She realizes that he must have a foot fetish and decides to play a little trick on him! Showing off her wrinkly bare soles right in front of his face, she offers him a chance to play and sniff them all he wants. Excitedly, her cousin goes to town on Lee's feet and presses them hard against his nose while moving into several positions. Unaware that he is getting smaller and smaller with each sniff, Lee finally laughs evilly when he is finally the size of a small bug! Since he loves her feet so much then he shouldn't mind if she tramples his tiny body beneath them! Lee raises her foot high into the air and pretends to crush him while watching him tremble violently. Even though he is scared his cousin might crush him, his cock is getting hard just staring at her beautiful giant feet! Once she's had her fun, she informs him that she's growing bored with this game and she is going to actually crush him this time like the pathetic little cockroach that he is!
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Ava Mistakes Tiny Son As An Ant
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 265.01 MB    View Sample
Ava is barefoot and outside attempting to do some yard work. Unfortunately, she realizes she won't be able to do the work alone, and wishes er son was at home to help her. Little does she know, her son is at home! He accidentally shrunk himself and is now the size of an ant crawling around on the porch trying to get his mothers attention! Being pissed off because she won't be able to finish her work, Ava decides to relax and wait for her boy to get home. As she makes her way to the chair, her tiny son gets in her path and becomes stuck to the bottom of his moms dirty bare sole! With her legs extended and her feet propped up in front of her, Ava downgrades her son for being so unreliable and irresponsible. Finally, she peers down at her dirty bare sole and sees what she thinks is a disgusting ant! She absolutely hates ants and with the thought of it crawling all over her foot, she stomps it hard onto the ground and kneads it as hard as she can. She has no idea she has just crushed her son and she heads back inside to wait on him, where there aren't any disgusting bugs!
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Ten Inch Hubby Cant Please Hali
Length: 7.00 min,     Size: 267.83 MB    View Sample
Hali is looking sexy as ever in her black panties and matching bra. Walking into the kitchen, she never notices her 10 inch hubby and comes close to stepping on him. Towering above him, she shows empathy for him ad admits that she is going on a date. Reaching down with her giant hands, she picks him up and clenches him between her fingers and informs him that since he became so small his cock size just can't please her anymore. However, she promises that she will still take care of him and try to satisfy his sexual needs as best as she can. After unzipping his pants, she forces his tiny cock between her toes, massaging it and rubbing it between them. Hali reminds him that she needs to finish getting ready for her date but promises that when she gets back she will finish him off!
  $ 7.25  Add to Cart

Addison Discovers Tiny Robber And Drenches Him In Her Slobber
Length: 21.00 min,     Size: 458.40 MB    View Sample
Addison arrives home and discovers that her shrinking ray is on the floor in the open. Little does she know, before she arrived home, a burglar broke into her home looking for valuables but ended up shrinking himself when he picked up the shrink ray. Addison knows that someone is in her house but she has no idea where they might be because they are now super tiny!Now on her knees, she searches every crack and corner in the room while the tiny burglar stares up at her giant ass, trying hard to stay behind her. To avoid getting crushed, he climbs up on the couch where Addison soon finds him. For punishment, she sits right on top his tiny fragile body and wiggles her ass into the couch. Reaching down to retrieve him, she notices he is still alive but she has other ideas that may speed up the process of killing him. Tossing him onto the floor, she raises her giant bare sole high into the air and brings it down several times right where he is standing. Still alive! One last punishment enters her mind and she informs him that she is going to eat him alive! After dabbing his tiny body onto her tongue to taste him, she throws him back into her mouth and swallows him whole! Now he gets to experience the horrors of being violently digested inside her intestines and she will get the pleasure of shitting him out like the piece of shit he is!
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Lee Rubs Down TIny Man
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 240.45 MB
Lee is all ready to give a rub down to that sexy little tiny man. She takes his vest off so she can see his whole sculpted out chest. She starts to rub on him than slowly works her way down and gives him the best massage he has ever had. She is ready to please and tease all day long. It turns her on to see him be turned on.
  $ 8.99  Add to Cart

Raven Eats Tiny Boy Friend
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 335.67 MB    View Sample
Raven is so excited when she gets home because her and her man have plans for the night. she hollers for him and says she is ready whenever he is, but gets no answer he is not even home. She tries to call him but it just rings and rings. At this point Raven is starting to get mad thinking he left with his buddy john. Not knowing that he was playing with her shrink ray and made himself the size of a little ant. he is at her feet trying to get her attention but she does not see him. she almost steps on him many times as he runs to dodge her big giant feet. He gets stuck in between her toes as she sits down to eat a yummy cupcake. She props her feet up on the table and he falls right into the icing on the cake and she picks it up to take a bite and still doesn't see him. She starts to take bites and ends up swallowing him whole and doesn't even notice as she wonders why her throat is hurting.
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Jane In Shoe Slipper Crush For Tiny Boyfriend 'PC'
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 277.46 MB    View Sample
Jane has just gotten home from work wearing her brown smelly slippers that she has worn all day long. Her feet are sore and need some pampering. Her boyfriend loves her sexy feet and she is looking forward to teasing her tiny shrunken man with his penis. The right slipper has ruined her right knee high so she has a brown nee high on her left foot and barefoot on the right. She has some of her little mans best friends that she can't wait to crush beneath her feet inside hr stinky slippers to release her aggression caused from ruining her new nylons. She asks them to beg before unleashing her weight on them. The tiny man gets to watch. She starts by stroking the tinies with her toes and wants them to rate the smell between her barefoot and nylon. She slides both feet in her slippers and reads a magazine standing forgetting they are even there with minimal shoe dipping. After a few minutes she stands on her tip toes and really crushes the slaves stuck in her heels applying all of her weight on one foot. At the end, she plays with the little mans penis giving him a foot job and lets him smell her feet as she lets him see the remains of his buddies stuck to the bottom of the feet. 'PC'(HiDef)
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Babysitter Devours Tiny Boy
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 383.85 MB    View Sample
Brooke has just arrived to babysit but she can't find the little rascal anywhere! Hoping he will finally come out of hiding, she lies back on he couch and is unaware that he has shrunk himself and is now climbing up her bare sweaty soles! Finally,she notices something small on the floor and realizes it's him! Brooke is very upset because she thinks that he made himself super tiny to get her in trouble with his parents! Placing her bare soles right in front of his tiny body, she tells him to walk backward but if he falls, she is going to crush him beneath her soles! Thinking he can escape his babysitters giant feet, he tries to quickly flee. Laughing, Brooke towers her big sweaty sole right over top him and slowly brings her foot down lightly on top his trembling body. Reaching down, she brings the tiny boy up next to her giant mouth and informs him that she is going o eat him for his punishment because no little boy should ever try to outsmart their babysitter and try to get them in trouble!
  $ 13.99  Add to Cart

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