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Bobbie Finds Out Grandsons secret
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 296.05 MB    View Sample
Bobbie finds out her grandson has been fantasizing about liking her feet and wanting to be shrunken down down and kept as a little toy! She gets really mad about him trying to leave and starts yelling at him and is just flat out cruel. She can't take it anymore so she decided to shrink him to the size of a little bug by kissing him. He blacks out as soon as his body begins to shrink. as he is waking up, she is coming back into the room to look for him. she walks around slowly until she finds him between her feet. There is nothing she hates more than little bugs in her house so she tries to squish him. He is running around while she is stomping her giant foot onto the floor. She finally catches him by slamming her sandal down right in his pathway. She then steps on him until his bones starts to break than she decides she would rather keep him alive for as long as she can. She then starts to tell him how she use to torture bugs when she was a little girl than eat them! She doesn't think he will taste very good so she puts him on a recess cup and eats him chewing slowly so he can suffer just a little bit more before she gulps him down.
  $ 11.99  Add to Cart

Teacher Gives Tiny Students A Field Trip Inside Her Digestive System
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 390.65 MB    View Sample
Jill has shrunk her entire class and put them into a tiny pill capsule to take home with her. After she pisses out the capsule, she tells them that they are going to have a quick learning experience that they will enjoy especially because they get to see what the inside of a body looks like in real life. She drops it into her giant wet mouth and swallows her entire class whole! To help shit them out quicker, she plops down on the couch with her bare feet out in front of her and munches down on some greasy chips. After that, she sits down on the toilet and tries to shit them back out hoping they got to explore every part of her digestive tract!
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Shaylee Steals And Shrinks Walmart Security
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 261.05 MB    View Sample
Shaylee just got home from grocery shopping all day at Walmart. She hates even walking in that place because they are always so packed and hot so she has already stripped down to her bra and panties the first chance she got. Having been so stressed from just being in that hectic store, she goes to light up a cig and she suddenly remembers the tiny little security guard she shrunk and brought home with her. After watching him spy on her the entire time she was shopping, she finally devised a plan to teach him a lesson. Now, she has him in her possession and is going to torment the shit out of him. Lighting up her cig, she blow out a huge cloud of smoke right on his tiny face. Then, she rubs him between her soles and scrunches him between them. Sticking his puny body inside her toenail, she makes him smell of the stinky toe jam that lies beneath. When she's finally pleased, she places him in her panties and jumps off the bed to finish running the rest of her errands for the day!
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Skyler cant Find Hubby Only A Pesky Fly
Length: 27.00 min,     Size: 800.28 MB    View Sample
Skyler has just arrived home and can't wait to show her husband hr sexy new outfit she bought that shows off her juicy cleavage and big round ass. However, he's nowhere to be seen but his car is outside. Little does Skyler know, right before she got home, her husband shrunk himself so that he could get an up close view of his wife's incredible ass and big feet! Finally giving up on finding her husband, Skyler decides to clean their messy living room. Bending down to collect the garbage beneath the couch, her tiny hubby is making his way to her giant bare feet up to her exposed ass cheeks. To better amuse himself, he jumps on a nearby sitting fly, taking off in circles around the living room. His wife however, isn't amused and goes out of her way to try and kill the pesky fly that wont stay off her body still unaware her husband is on its back, guiding it towards her. Almost swallowing the fly, Skyler goes to get a drink to wash the nasty taste out of her mouth. Now sitting on the couch, her husband hops of the fly's back to crawl all over his sexy wife's body. Reaching her soft hair, he loses balance and falls directly into her glass of water with no way out. Skyler is busy trying to reach her husband on his cell to even notice the fall or that there is something swimming in her glass. She takes one last gulp, swallowing the water along with her tiny husband and lies back to take a nap. Waking up with a major belly ache, she stumbles into the bathroom to shit out whatever had made her stomach so irritable. Skyler wonders why her stomach all of a sudden got so upset but more importantly, why she still hasn't seen her husband!
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