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Hali Jamms The Convicts'PC'
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 328.10 MB
Hali just scored herself some of the baddest prisoners and she cant wait to end their pathetic lives... Hali has been itching to get her hands on them for the longest time and since shes got them she is going to destroy every single one of them. Hali yanks each prisoner out of its cage... Hali sits the nasty prisoner down and gives him a chance to run from her before she uses the ball of her foot to quickly end his life. Hali enjoys the job of ending disgusting prisoners life, watch as she uses her bare hands, ass and highly arched feet to jamm every single prisoner that's been sentenced to death!'PC'
  $ 13.99  Add to Cart

Jamie Finger glass Jamms'PC'
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 483.93 MB
Jamie is in the mood to destroy everything and since she has free time that's exactly what she is going to do.... Jamie pulls her cage of cricks out and yanks them up one by one crushing them between her fingers and using her finger to crush them on her highly arched feet.. watch as Jamie's destructive fingers demolish everything she has!!!'PC'
  $ 17.50  Add to Cart

Makena and Riley Play the Circle Crush Game'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 361.50 MB
Makena and Riley have a little fun, they play the circle crush game. Both girls are excited to see what their pervy little cricks like. As the girls play they throw little cricks down on their game board to see what circle they run to, once a crick lands picks a circle they use the body part that's in the circle to crush.... Looks like these crick pervs love a lot of ass! Watch and Makena and Riley have a little fun and destroy some very pervy cricks!'PC'
  $ 14.75  Add to Cart

Makena Teases and Jamms her little cricks 'PC'
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 365.88 MB
Makena's favorite fan has come over and he is more than ready to see what she has to offer... Makena talks to her fan and tells him exactly what she is going to do! Makena is going to jamm and tease victims.. while her fan watches she yanks each crick out one by one and uses her fingers to jam it... occasionally she sticks one between her boobs and squeezes them together or uses her nice round ass to jamm it as well! You get to watch as Makena pleases her fan and anyone else watching!'PC'
  $ 14.50  Add to Cart

Kat and Piper Tease The Tiny Guy
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 1000.00 MB    View Sample
Kat has her sister over today and she has something exciting she wants to show her, that's right Kat gets her tiny friend out.. Piper is very interested in the cage and while she looks inside kats tiny friend begs her not to show her sister how to tease him. Kat explains to her sister that since she has shrunken little Chris he cant move when he gets turned on... so when Chris tries to run from her she poses her highly arched feet right in his face and once he sees them he gets turned on and can't move! Kat shows Piper exactly what to do once they let him out of the cage! Kat and Piper take turns letting little Chris know they are going to step on him, and as Chris runs the girls pose their feet and just like that he cant move and gets weak at the knees! (VR)
  $ 6.50  Add to Cart

Kat and Piper Tease The Tiny Guy Pt.2
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 1000.00 MB
Kat puts the tiny man in the corner and they pose their feet right in front of the tiny mans face, both girls know its his weakness and he falls straight to the ground every time.Kat shows piper exactly how to make him stop... she poses her feet right in his face to make sure he isn't going to run! Piper watches Kat work her magic and then jumps in to try it out. While the girls are teasing and wiggling their toes in his face they talk about how much they want to step on him! (VR)
  $ 6.50  Add to Cart

Kat and Piper Tease The Tiny Guy Pt. 3
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 1000.00 MB    View Sample
Kat and Sister piper really want to show their little shrunken friend what they can do... they pull out a tiny toy man and put it right in front of his face.. as the tiny man helplessly watches from the corner Kat and piper take turns crushing the toy tiny man under their soft highly arched feet! Kat has been patiently waiting to destroy every part of the girls tiny friend, piper has other plans she takes the tiny man sticks him back in his cage ..... she cant wait to show you her high heels again! (VR)
  $ 6.50  Add to Cart

Riley takes care of her Boss and Kissasses 'PC'
Length: 26.00 min,     Size: 578.16 MB    View Sample
Riley has her Big boss and all his coworkers caged. All of them are at her mercy. She is wearing her worn stockings as she puts on her straw flip flops and comfy slippers. The now shrunken staff is put to the test as she puts her full weight on their tiny bodies saying how good it is to feel their bodies flatten under her full weight! She thanks them for massaging her sore heels, soles and toes! Riley even puts some in her stocking so they can taste her sweaty feet before being crushed! 'PC'
  $ 15.50  Add to Cart

Laney has nice stocking toes to grab 'PC'
Length: 19.00 min,     Size: 409.53 MB
Her Victims have no where to run as Laney Grabs and flattens them under her sheer nude nylon toes! Her prehensile toes are like a monkey's tail and can grab up their puny bodies then scrunch and SQUISH! You will see under-glass how their tiny bodies flatten! Hot Laney loves this fetish the best! 'PC'
  $ 15.25  Add to Cart

Jill and Hali slap crush all the exes'PC'
Length: 14.00 min,     Size: 298.01 MB
Hali waits for her Bestie Jill to arrive and when she does she gets the surprise of a lifetime.... Jill went out and caught all their nasty little exes, shrunk them, transformed them and then brought them over for Hali to check out! Hali is so surprised she got every single one... And now since they cant go anywhere the time has come for all of them to get pay back! Hali and Jill snatch each ex out of the cage one by one and start jamming each one talking trash to them and smashing them between their nice slender hands! Jill and Hali take all their anger out on them while jamming them at the same time!! Jill and Hali are the worst exes to piss off!
  $ 13.25  Add to Cart

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New clips added
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