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Teddi Meets Tiny Chris Again
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 677.13 MB    View Sample
Teddi came back for a little more fun with Chris... she sees him standing across the room and walks right up to him raising her heel. she loves teasing him because she knows her feet turn him on so much! Teddi wants Chris to run from her so she can stop him right in his tracks! As Chris runs Teddi Poses her heel and watches him get hard! Teddi walks all around Chris giving him chance after chance to run from her, he never gets very far because Teddi is ready to tease! MP4-VR
  $ 4.50  Add to Cart

Teddi Meets Tiny Chris Again pt. 2
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 666.56 MB
Teddi has Chris in the corner and she takes her heels off right in front of him posing her bare feet! Teddi hears Chris say to take it easy but that doesn't stop teddi she gives him all shes got she brings him straight to his knees! Teddi tells Chris shes going to step on him and hes strapped! Teddi isn't going to stop for anything!MP4-VR
  $ 4.50  Add to Cart

Teddi Meets Tiny Chris Again Pt.3
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 739.15 MB    View Sample
Teddi doesn't want Chris to go anywhere so she puts him on the couch and corners him in with her Giant sexy Feet. Teddi threatens to step on Chris and Squeeze him with her giant toes. As Teddi slides her feet to Chris he falls to his knees she once again Turns Chris on! Teddi loves torturing Chris she loves hearing Chris beg to not be stepped on!MP4-VR
  $ 5.50  Add to Cart

Makena Casts Her Spell Pt.2 'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 378.68 MB
Makena doesn't stop casting her spell she moves to the kitchen and continues to Jamm and pop her victims! Watch as she Slams her foot over each victim giving them the fate they deserve! Makena uses a cruel evil spell on each victim being sure to let them know she is still in charge and they wont be going anywhere alive!'PC'
  $ 15.99  Add to Cart

Teddi teases Tiny Chris
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 681.35 MB    View Sample
Teddi has found Chris and she is ready to step on him with her high heels! Teddi walks toward Chris and raises her heels so he cant run! Teddi know Chris cant move when he is turned on, Teddi gives Chris the chance to run before tracking him down again!MP4-VR
  $ 5.50  Add to Cart

Teddi Teases Tiny Chris Pt. 2
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 680.91 MB
Teddi takes her shoes and stands close to Chris grinding her foot into into the ground. Teddi poses her heel right in front of him.... teddi tells Chris she is going to take off her shoes so she cant step on him, Teddi can hear Chris begging her to stop!!! Teddi isn't going to stop for anything.... she is just getting started! teddi continues to pose her soles in front of Chris tearing him to shreds!MP4-VR
  $ 5.50  Add to Cart

Teddi Teases Tiny Chris pt.3
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 886.62 MB    View Sample
Teddi pulls up a chair and has a seat right in front of Chris, she raises her heel and Points her toes right at him! Teddi gives Chris one last chance to run or she is going to step on him! While teddi has her heels raised and toes pointed right in front of Chris, she knows he cant move... Teddi Smiles at Chris telling him that she knows he cant resist her feet! Teddi poses her foot right over Chris and she can Hear him Scream... Teddi tells him to Beg,scream and yell all he wants because No one Can hear him ! Teddi has so much enjoyment working Chris up she decides to keep him so she can tease him whenever she wants!MP4-VR
  $ 7.50  Add to Cart

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