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Tiny Perv Cricks Must Pay With Their Lives 'PC'
Length: 17.00 min,     Size: 369.58 MB
Addison walks into the kitchen with a pair of her dirty hot pink panties dangling from her hand. Stopping in front of her cage of perv crick men, she decides to lure the tiny bastards out with the pair of used panties. One by one, the pervs latch on to her bait and she snatches them up. using different methods to end their pathetic lives, she humiliates and downgrades them before finishing them off! Since all her victims are pervs, she uses her most sexy assets off her body to tease them! She uses her crotch area, breasts, and ass to end their lives and gives them one last look of what they most desire before they die! Other times, she tosses them up in the air and explodes them between her hands! Addison doesn't stop until all the pervs are punished and get what they deserve! PC(HiDef)
  $ 14.25  Add to Cart

Riley Loves Jamming In Fuzzies Right Before Bed 'PC'
Length: 22.00 min,     Size: 472.68 MB
Riley has just got back home from a very long day and immediately wants to slip out of her moccasins into her fuzzy slippers. However, she assumes that her friend, Addison, has been wearing them when she's not around because there are tiny crushed cricks stuck to the soles of them. Instead of being mad, she actually thinks it looks like some fun and there are plenty of cricks that need to be stepped on! Grabbing cricks one after the other out of the cage, she places them inside her fuzzy slippers on top of the already crushed ones and slips her heel on top of its tiny body, flattening them like a pancake! Loving the sound they make once her heel comes into contact with them drives them nuts and she thinks it feels almost as good as a pedicure! Once all her crushing is complete, she sits and dangles in her slippers with the remains of her tiny crick victims still tuck to the soles! 'PC'(HiDef)
  $ 16.50  Add to Cart

Raven Has No Clue Cricks Are Sticking To Her Heel Like Glue 'PC'
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 265.33 MB
Raven has just arrived home from a very long tiring day at work. She has already slipped out of her hot sweaty sneakers ad is fumbling around her kitchen barefoot, looking for something good to eat. While she wanders around, she has no idea tiny cricks are surrounding her kitchen floor! All the while she is searching for food, she is crushing them one by one! She even calls up a friend to see if they want to meet up to grab a bite to eat while she continues to jam them unaware beneath her sweaty soles and toes! Finally, she brings her foot up to her face and realizes what she has been stepping on this whole time! They are everywhere! Now, she flattens every one she can find but this time she's on a hunt for them! 'PC'(HiDef)
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New clips added
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